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Hell Pyramid v1 (SpyKid) [r34,id=01792,mod=b]
Type, Class and Id:Track / stock / 1792
Track name and version:Hell Pyramid v1
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Created by:SpyKid
Family info:11 public + 1 private files
Record created:2017-10-20 16:18:52
Last update of record:2024-02-07 13:37:24
SZS file date and size:2014-09-25 22:17:08 / 1508712
Size of alternative formats:BZ2 86%, LZMA 64%, YBZ 86%, YLZ 64%, WBZ 75%, WLZ 56%
SHA1 checksum:e0880f832557a229df82dd80be568f841139adab
SHA1 alias:d9100fbdd55be69508a34958d19a223cbf7d5913
CKPT lap counters:1
STGI lap multiplier:3
STGI speed factor:1.000
Slot info:−4.2   −6.1   −6.2
Recommended slots:Property slot 3.4 (GV) / Music index 139 (T34, GV)
ENPT+ITPT range:−2473..74223 / 3112..10944 / 3953..68038
Download (WBZ):
Used by 31 distributions:Wiimms MKW-History 2021 (v2)
OptPack Custom Track Pack (v4.0 Beta)
OptPack Custom Track Pack (v3.1)
OptPack Custom Track Pack (v3.0)
Wiimms MKW-Fun 2016-02 (v3)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1036 (v1.03.1036)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1034 (v1.03.1034)
Wiimms MKW-Fun 2015-12 (v2)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1032 (v1.03.1032)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1030 (v1.03.1030)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1028 (v1.03.1028)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1026 (v1.03.1026)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1024 (v1.03.1024)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1022 (v1.03.1022)
MKW Hack Pack (v2.5)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1020 (v1.03.1020)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1018 (v1.03.1018)
Wiimms MKW-Fun 2015-08 (v2)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1016 (v1.03.1016)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1014 (v1.03.1014)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1012 (v1.03.1012)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1010 (v1.03.1010)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1008 (v1.03.1008)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1006 (v1.03.1006)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1004 (v1.03.1004)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1002 (v1.03.1002)
CTGP Revolution v1.03.1000 (v1.03.1000)
MKW Hack Pack (v1.0)
Wiimms MKW-Fun 2015-03 (v3)
Wine's CT Pack (v4.0)
Wiimms MKW-Fun 2014-11 (v2)
Translations:cs: Pekelná Pyramida
da: Helvedespyramide
de: Höllenfeuer-Pyramide
el: Πυραμίδα της Κόλασης
es: Pirámide Infernal
fi: Helvetin pyramidi
fr: Pyramide Infernale
it: Piramide Infernale
ja: ヘルピラミッド
ko: 헬 피라미드
nl: Helse Piramide
pl: Piekielna Piramida
pt: Pirâmide Infernal
ru: Адская пирамида
sv: Helvetespyramiden
us: Hell Pyramid

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Family 1777
11777 1777TrackCustomstock2014-08-26Hell Pyramid Beta (SpyKid) [r34,mod=b]
21792 1777TrackCustomstock2014-09-25Hell Pyramid v1 (SpyKid) [r34,mod=b]
32478 1777TrackCustomstock2016-03-02Hell Pyramid v1.1 (SpyKid) [r34,mod=b]
49727 1777TrackCustomstock2021-08-31Hell Pyramid v1.9 (SpyKid) [r34,mod=2bk]
510848 1777TrackCustomstock2022-04-18Hell Pyramid v1.9.mkd (SpyKid,,FJRoyet) [r34,mod=2bk]
611014 1777TrackCustomstock2022-05-21Hell Pyramid v2 (SpyKid) [r34,mod=b]
711123 1777TrackCustomstock2022-06-06Hell Pyramid v2.1 (SpyKid) [r34,mod=b]
811455 1777TrackCustomstock2022-07-25Hell Pyramid v2.2 (SpyKid) [r34,mod=b]
911649 1777TrackCustomstock2022-08-26Hell Pyramid v2.3 (SpyKid) [r34,mod=b]
1014705 1777TrackCustomselect2022-12-27Hell Pyramid v2.31 (SpyKid) [r34,mod=b]
1119312 1777TrackCustomincome2024-02-16Hell Pyramid v2.31.mkd (SpyKid,,FJRoyet) [r34,mod=b]

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