CT-Wiiki: Incorrect distribution references

There are 2 bots that provide information about distributions in the CT-Wiiki to this website. See »The distributions bots« for details. The icon is also explained there.

This page displays defects that the bots have discovered. The main list means the usual list of references. Very few Wiiki pages still support a second list to differentiate between versus tracks and battle arenas. The missing name references also available here, divided into distributions.

Icon shows whether Wiimm's edit-bot will correct the error. If so, manual correction is not necessary.


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The following table is based on data from 2023-12-06 06:37 CET.

27 failures
Wiiki page Family Synopsis Subject
1st Circuit Empty |wbz-id=
Almost Freezing Circuit Empty |wbz-id=
Autumn Tropics Empty |wbz-id=
Canyon Track Empty |wbz-id=
Castle Gorge (TheGamingBram) Missing |wbz-id=
Emma's Rainbow Road 1 (Rainbow Road Texture) Missing |wbz-id=
Engine Factory Empty |wbz-id=
Experiment (Luigi Circuit Edit) Empty |wbz-id=
FGKR Doki-Doki Tunnel Missing |wbz-id=
FGKR Snowy Slopes Missing |wbz-id=
FGKR Solid Lake Missing |wbz-id=
Forsaken Funfair Empty |wbz-id=
GBA Battle Course 2 (ZPL) Empty |wbz-id=
GBA Battle Course 4 (ZPL) Empty |wbz-id=
Kawase's Closed Mind Missing |wbz-id=
Koopa's Paper Castle Empty |wbz-id=
Letter C Skyway Empty |wbz-id=
LTR Boom Boom Fortress 1 Empty |wbz-id=
Luigi Shortcuit (Luigi Circuit Edit) Missing |wbz-id=
Moo Meadows (Moo Moo Meadows Edit) Empty |wbz-id=
MPDS Toadette's Music Room Missing |wbz-id=
Petey's Piping Hot Plant Empty |wbz-id=
Piss Track Empty |wbz-id=
S&SASR Jump Parade Empty |wbz-id=
SNES Donut Plains 1 (King Boo Gaming) Missing |wbz-id=
SNES Koopa Beach (GBA Shy Guy Beach Texture) Missing |wbz-id=
Unrecalled Universe Empty |wbz-id=

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