CT-Wiiki: List of unmanaged distributions

There are 2 bots that provide information about distributions in the CT-Wiiki to this website. See »The distributions bots« for details. Among other things, the bots recognizes which distributions are not managed by it. And these distributions are shown here.

The following table is based on data from 2024-04-14 06:07 CEST. Click the reference count to list all references.

List of 57 unmanaged distributions
Distribution name with Wiiki link Num of
3DS Pack1
4tbMyles8110vr's CT Pack20
AaronMKWFan's Texture Pack24
AaronTheSilverGamer's Texture & Music Pack32
André's Retro Texture & Music Pack15
André's Texture & Music Pack24
Blue Link's Music & Track Distribution5
Cederic's MKW Custom Texture and Music Pack13
CTGP Classic Pack128
CTGP Revolution96
CTGP Revolution v1.031
CtocKartWii 3.033
Custom Texture Grand Prix20
Darky Kart Wii68
Hover! Pack5
Jari Kart Wii42
Jimmy Dean Kart Wii44
JTG Texture Pack42
Kozakura's Texture and Music Pack32
Krystal's Texture and Music Pack1
KZ Random Texture Distribution1
Legacy Kart Wii2
Legend's Awesome CT Pack34
Luma's CT Pack174
Man-O-Wii Kart32
Mario Kart 64 Wii15
Mario Kart 7 Wii37
Mario Kart Awesomeness15
Mario Kart Black33
Mario Kart Mix4
Mario Kart Times5
Mario Kart Wii High Quality Remaster5
Mario Kart Wii-HD-Remaster41
Miles5x5's CT Pack32
Miscellaneous Texture Pack30
Mizy's Texture Pack33
NadeSky CT Pack1
Nevesqq's Texture n' Music Pack32
Nintendo Remasters39
Northgical's Textures and Music Pack32
Project S19
Rookie's Texture & Music Pack42
Ryder's Exciting Texture & Music Pack32
Ryder's Moody Texture Pack32
Soarin's CT Pack X17
Spade's Custom Track Pack13
Spyro's Texture Pack44
Stickboy Kart Wii30
SuperOnion64's Custom Track Collection23
TAS Rhys' Course Collection12
Thin Tracks2
Toxic's Texture and Music Pack2
Trent Kart Wii33
Winter Texture Pack32
Yosh's Track Pack21
Zef Kart Wii32