The distributions bots

There are 2 bots that run every 30 minutes. The first bot runs on the server of the website CT-Wiiki and the second on this server.

CT-Wiiki uses macros of type {{Distrib-ref|...}} to declare distributions that included at least one track of a track family. The bot will scan the track pages for the references and more (details). So we have bidirectional links between CT-Wiiki and this website.

The list is exported from CT-Wiiki as JSON file (4.6 MB). It is also available as bzip2 compressed JSON file (228 kB).

The bot on this server scans the exported data and saves it in the database so that various evaluations can be displayed at this website. At the moment, data in version v2.02 from 2024-05-22 01:07 CEST is used.

Bot to edit CT-Wiiki pages

There is another bot that can automatically edit the CT-Wiiki pages. It is started by Wiimm when necessary and mainly corrects the list of distributions. The bot can correct errors that are marked with the icon on page »Incorrect distribution references«.

Special Icons

The following icons appear again and again on the pages with the evaluations: , and . These icons are aids for editing the CT-Wiiki pages.

Click to copy the Wiiki text to the clipboard. Click on to copy references, that are either missing or only numerically defined to the clipboard.

Click on to copy all references to the clipboard. The list created in this way can completely replace an existing reference list including the section header in the CT-Wiiki. The edit-bot uses exactly this text to replace the respective text excerpt in the CT-Wiiki.

If you click one of the icons while holding down the CTRL or SHIFT key, then the associated Wiiki page will open automatically in a new browser window or tab. If the SHIFT key is held down, the same window/tab will be used for subsequent calls.