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15806 5216Trackincome2019-06-24Yellow Brick Road v2.2 (ANoob) [2laps]
25805 137Trackselect2019-06-23Lunar Speedway x1.4 v2.5 (BigOto2) [r44,ZPL Gaming,IEF Spyro]
35804 58035745Arenaselect2019-06-23GCN Luigis Mansion v1+ (Tock) [arena]
45803 58035745Arenastock2019-06-23GCN Luigis Mansion v1 (Tock) [arena,lag]
55802 58023090Arenaselect2019-06-23GCN Block City v1 (Tock) [arena]
65801 58014545Arenaselect2019-06-23GCN Pipe Plaza v1 (Tock) [arena]
75800 58003104Arenaselect2019-06-23GCN Nintendo Gamecube v1 (Tock) [arena]
85799 57994572Arenaselect2019-06-23GCN Tilt-a-Kart v1 (Tock) [arena]
95798 815103Trackselect2019-06-23N64 Choco Mountain v1.1.fix (Baoulettes+igorseabra4) [r83]
105797 1284563Trackselect2019-06-23GBA Boo Lake v3.3 (ChaosShadow23) [r53,MEGAKart69]
115796 2325Trackstock2019-06-23The Rabbit Hole RC1.alt (Sucht93a) [r83,m33,2laps]
125795 53321Trackstock2019-06-23N64 Wario Stadium v1.1.kcl (C.Kwark+Wiimm+Tock,Torran) [r64]
135794 1695368Trackstock2014-08-06GBA Ribbon Road v1.2.ctgp (ChaosShadow23) [r31]
145793 4923Trackselect2019-06-23Sky High Bash x1.1 v3a (Retrostyle12) [r44]
155792 5206Trackselect2019-06-23Sahara Hideout {nether} v2.18 [r34,2laps,Ferv,Golden RS]
165791 5789Arenaselect2019-06-23SMB1 Midsummer Jungle Square v1.fix (Retrostyle12) [arena]
175790 410Trackselect2019-06-22Calidae Desert RC6 (Björn) [r41,SpyKid]
185789 5789Arenabad2019-06-22SMB1 Midsummer Jungle Square v1 (Retrostyle12) [arena,lag,bad=coin respawn]
195788 3152Trackselect2019-06-21Minecrafteer3 Oval Beta2 (Minecrafteer3) [r11,Oh ok]
205787 3150Trackselect2019-06-21IuCat03's Road v1.3 (RoxMC) [r11,Oh ok]
215786 5753254Trackselect2019-06-20SNES Donut Plains 3 {night} v1d (Bearably+ZPL Gaming) [r81,tZ]
225785 5753254Trackselect2019-06-20SNES Donut Plains 3 v1d (Bearably+ZPL Gaming) [r81]
235784 3015Trackselect2019-06-20Lava Lake v2.2 (JorisMKW) [r34]
245783 1874Trackselect2019-06-20Nivurbia v1.31 (SpyKid) [r23]
255782 1892Trackselect2019-06-19Undiscovered Offlimit v1.4 (Keiichi1996) [r44,1lap,IEF Spyro,ZPL Gaming]
265781 4883270Trackselect2019-06-19DS Mario Circuit v3 (ZPL Gaming) [r54]
275780 5535Trackselect2019-06-19Yoshi's Woolly Raceway v1 (Aidan190903+ANoob) [r82]
285779 41Trackselect2019-06-19Fishdom Island {N} v7.2 (BigOto2,Rinorocks+Bladestorm227) [r32,night,tZ]
295778 5206Trackstock2019-06-18Sahara Hideout {nether} v2.16 [r34,2laps,ForgottenIce]
305777 5753254Trackstock2019-06-18SNES Donut Plains 3 v1c (Bearably+ZPL Gaming) [r81]
315776 77Trackselect2019-06-17SNES Bowser Castle 2 v1.7 (MKDasher) [r43,ZPL Gaming+IEF Spyro]
325775 5758Trackselect2019-06-17Brain Age Circuit v1.2 (PokéJoe) [r53]
335774 5774Trackselect2019-06-16Puzzle Plank Pass v1 (NintenYoshi) [r21]
345773 4616Trackselect2019-06-17Mushroom Prison v1.2c (MK Realm) [r13,KantoEpic]
355772 1892Trackstock2019-06-17Undiscovered Offlimit v1.3 (Keiichi1996) [r44,1lap,IEF Spyro,ZPL Gaming]
365771 4923Trackfreeze2019-06-17Sky High Bash x1.1 v3 (Retrostyle12) [r44,freeze]
375770 5758Trackstock2019-06-17Brain Age Circuit v1.1b (PokéJoe) [r53]
385769 5637Trackselect2019-06-16Flooded Cavern v1.2 (Teamuge) [r73]
395768 5758Trackfreeze2019-06-16Brain Age Circuit v1.1 (PokéJoe) [r53,freeze]
405767 5412Trackselect2019-06-15Nocturnal Coast v1.2 (Yoshivert99) [r42,1lap]
415766 57314544Arenafreeze2019-06-153DS Honeybee Hive Pre (Atlas) [a24,freeze]
425765 1970Trackselect2019-06-15Desert Castle Raceway v1.7.fix (lgmb) [71,2laps]
435764 5753254Trackstock2019-06-15SNES Donut Plains 3 v1b (Bearably+ZPL Gaming) [r81]
445763 5466Trackselect2019-06-15Suzuka Circuit {east,fun} x1.4 v1.1.fix (lgmb) [r54]
455762 5466Trackstock2019-06-15Suzuka Circuit {all,fun} x1.4 v1.1.fix (lgmb) [r54,2laps]
465761 5466Trackstock2019-06-15Suzuka Circuit {east} x1.4 v1.1.fix (lgmb) [r54]
475760 5466Trackstock2019-06-15Suzuka Circuit {all} x1.4 v1.1.fix (lgmb) [r54,2laps]
485759 5759Trackselect2019-06-15SMB1 Frozen Highway x2 v1 (Retrostyle12) [2laps]
495758 5758Trackstock2019-06-15Brain Age Circuit v1 (PokéJoe) [r53]
505757 5753254Trackstock2019-06-15SNES Donut Plains 3 v1.fix (Bearably+ZPL Gaming) [r81]


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