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18695 8668Trackselect2021-02-23CT Cemetery Alpha (Riidefi) [r84,lag+]
28694 7174Trackselect2021-02-23Coin Runner Circuit v1,1 (Justin) [r11,MarkAlbertsma03]
38693 7669947Trackselect2021-02-22SNES Koopa Beach 2 v1.3 (Noia) [r51]
48692 86924543Arenaselect2021-02-23DS Palm Shore v1 (Retrostyle12) [arena]
58691 8691Trackselect2021-02-22Tropical Storm of the Great Grapefruit v1 (KartoffelKorps+Toxic Prime) [r72,issue=ktpt]
68690 59902Trackstock2021-02-21SNES Rainbow Road v2.7 (Bear+ZPL) [r44]
78689 59902Trackselect2021-02-21SNES Rainbow Road v2.7.fix (Bear+ZPL) [r44]
88688 7485Trackselect2021-02-21Sundown Streets v1.02 (SpyKid) [r42,m31,SpyKid]
98687 86878171Trackselect2021-02-21A Small Course 2 Beta (KiwiPowerGreen) [r52]
108686 7985Trackselect2021-02-21Flooded Mario Circuit v1.1 (tZ) [r81,Octanevinny]
118685 63815319Trackselect2021-02-21Saltwater Lake v1.11 (Bear) [r73]
128684 63815319Trackstock2021-02-21Saltwater Lake v1.1 (Bear) [r73]
138683 5703911Trackselect2021-02-21Water Village v3.71 (Bear) [r63]
148682 5703911Trackstock2021-02-21Water Village v3.7 (Bear) [r63]
158681 8564475Trackselect2021-02-16N64 Frappe Snowland v1.1 (NintenYoshi) [61]
168680 7472Trackselect2021-02-16Sarasa Kingdom v1.6 (NintenYoshi) [31]
178679 4568Trackselect2021-02-14Cliffside Circuit v2.1 (NintenYoshi) [r13]
188678 7258Trackselect2021-02-21Aspertia City v2.3 (EmmanuelBoom) [r82,lag]
198677 7258Trackstock2021-02-21Aspertia City v2.2 (EmmanuelBoom) [r82,lag]
208676 8676Trackselect2021-02-21Polar Park Beta (Elemental) [r23]
218675 8334Trackselect2021-02-21Pianta Shore v1.2.5 (NateFox) [r51]
228674 8334Trackstock2021-02-21Pianta Shore v1.2 (NateFox) [r51]
238673 8645144Trackselect2021-02-21GBA Riverside Park v1.fix (Toxic Prime) [r73]
248672 8453Trackselect2021-02-21Medieval Castlegrounds v1.1b (JorisMKW+kHacker35000vr)
258671 8671595Trackselect2021-02-18SNES Koopa Beach 1 v1 (Noia) [r51,m62]
268670 8578Trackfreeze2021-02-17Koopa's Botanical Garden v1.1.beta (KiwiPowerGreen) [r82,2laps,2ktpt,freeze,MarkAlbertsma03]
278669 7168Trackstock2021-02-17Coin Soup Pot vJam (Toxic Prime) [r34,nodl]
288668 8668Trackstock2021-02-17CT Cemetery vJam (Riidefi) [r84,nodl]
298667 8453Trackstock2021-02-17Medieval Castlegrounds vJam (JorisMKW+kHacker35000vr) [r84,nodl]
308666 994Trackstock2021-02-17Heart of China v2.0.3.mkf (Wingcapman) [r13,arena,2ktpt]
318665 8004Trackselect2021-02-17Jungle Glade v1.2.fix (Citrus) [r73]
328664 7485Trackstock2021-02-17Sundown Streets v1.01 (SpyKid) [r42,m31,SpyKid]
338663 8663Trackfail2021-02-16Canyon Road Alpha (Luigi Story) [r24,2laps,fail=posbug+lapcount,warn=self-it]
348662 8662Trackselect2021-02-16Sonoran Canyon Alpha (FunkyDude15) [r41]
358661 8661Trackselect2021-02-16Autumn Mountain Ascension v1 (Toxic Prime) [r33,1lap,4lc]
368660 8660Trackselect2021-02-16Wario's Commodity Chase RC1 (DryBowser) [r54]
378659 8659Trackselect2021-02-16Constellation Cliffs v1.1 (bugsy) [r44]
388658 8451Trackselect2021-02-16Fungal Jungle v1.2 (TacoJosh) [r73]
398657 8004Trackstock2021-02-16Jungle Glade v1.2 (Citrus) [r73]
408656 8656Trackselect2021-02-16Jack-o-Goomba Boardwalk v1 (Potatoman44) [r53]
418655 8653Trackselect2021-02-16Rainbow Floating Island v1.2 (Potatoman44) [r44,5laps]
428654 8653Trackstock2021-02-16Rainbow Floating Island v1.1 (Potatoman44) [r44]
438653 8653Trackbad2021-02-16Rainbow Floating Island v1 (Potatoman44) [r44,bad=minimap]
448652 8652Trackselect2021-02-16Sky Circuit v1 (KiwiPowerGreen) [r54]
458651 64122323Trackselect2021-02-163DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon v2 (ZPL) [r32,lag]
468650 86508648Trackselect2021-02-08Canyon Arena v1 (Bri911) [r64]
478649 5369Arenaselect2021-02-16SM64 Bob-omb Battlefield v1.1 (Bri911) [a21,xpf]
488648 86488648Arenaselect2021-02-13Canyon Arena v1 (Bri911) [a13]
498647 8647Trackfail2021-02-16Bouncy Bourough v1 (Dimcat) [r11,fail=lapcount+minimap,warn=self-it]
508646 8646115Trackselect2021-02-16GCN Baby Park v1 (Bruh de la Boi) [r31,ma24,7laps]


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