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19177 59902Trackselect2021-05-12SNES Rainbow Road v2.8 (Bear+ZPL) [r44]
29176 1065185Trackselect2021-05-12SNES Choco Island 2 v1.21 (zilly) [r74]
39175 6429Trackselect2021-05-12Sky High Island v1.04 (Jasperr) [r32,2laps]
49174 5723535Trackselect2021-05-12DS DK Pass v2.2b (ZPL) [r23]
59173 7775Trackselect2021-05-12Dark Matter Fortress v1.7.2 (Justin) [r84]
69172 8633Trackfail2021-05-12Moe's Path v1 (Elemental) [r44,fail=endless BulletBill]
79171 9059Trackfreeze2021-05-12Lake Bridge v1.2.1 (Kowbi) [freeze,r14Fynn93]
89170 9139Trackselect2021-05-12Simple Circle v1.2 (Fynn93) [r11,lex,issue=opencam,Trainiax]
99169 9139Trackbad2021-05-12Simple Circle v1.1 (Fynn93) [r11,bad=minimap+opencam,warn=itempos]
109168 469956Trackselect2021-05-11GCN Yoshi Circuit v1.1 (Tock) [r74]
119167 9167Trackselect2021-05-11Painted Way Beta1 (Doumdoum)
129166 9166Trackselect2021-05-11Unfortunate Disaster Lake v1 (Potatoman44) [r34]
139165 8004Trackselect2021-05-11Jungle Glade v1.4 (Citrus) [r73,Citrus,CobaltYoshi27]
149164 91633454Trackbad2021-05-11Wii Mushroom Gorge v1.1 (TL) [r13,bad=minimap]
159163 91633454Trackbad2021-05-11Wii Mushroom Gorge v1 (TL) [r13,bad=minimap]
169162 4701Trackselect2021-05-11Motocross Circuit v1b (MK Mier) [r64,FJRoyet]
179161 4204120Trackselect2021-05-10DS Waluigi Pinball Beta Beta v1 (Yoshidude4+Gericom+Ermelber+Turbo Yoshi) [r64,MarkAlbertsma03]
189160 91603452Trackselect2021-05-11Wii Moonview Highway Beta1 (KiwiPowerGreen) [r42,cheat,M]
199159 91592Trackselect2021-05-11SNES Rainbow Road Beta (Luigi Story) [r44]
209158 3657Trackselect2021-05-11Acid Factory v1.4 (BillyNoodles) [r84,Octanevinny]
219157 84333849Trackselect2021-05-11Frosty Mountains v1.1b (Toxic Prime) [r23,FJRoyet]
229156 8390Trackselect2021-05-11Solstice Tundra v1b (Toxic Prime) [r33,FJRoyet]
239155 829552Trackselect2021-05-11Kartwood Creek v1b (Toxic Prime) [r12,FJRoyet]
249154 9154Trackselect2021-05-11Wacker's Rainbow Road Alpha (Wacker) [r44,2laps,issue=posbug]
259153 9153Trackfail2021-05-11Lake Lamode v0.1.alpha (SPT) [fail=routes+minimap+respawn]
269152 8748Trackselect2021-05-11Acrobatic Diving v2 (Doumdoum+Kaysad-Mz) [2laps]
279151 4069Trackselect2021-05-11Jungle Jives v1.opt (ValcorMKW) [r73,Optllizer]
289150 9150Trackselect2021-05-11Concrete Raceway v1 (KiwiPowerGreen+SeaPowerBlue) [r74]
299149 3679Trackselect2021-05-11Midnight Starway v2.2 (BillyNoodles) [r43,2ktpt,Octanevinny]
309148 8251Trackselect2021-05-11Cybernetic Crescent v1.1b (Sheale+Toxic Prime) [r14,FJRoyet]
319147 8867Trackselect2021-05-11Riparian Paradise v1.2 (SPT) [r83,FJRoyet]
329146 4069Trackselect2021-05-06Jungle Jives v1 (ValcorMKW) [r73,MarkAlbertsma03]
339145 9095Trackselect2021-05-11FZ Port Town II v1b (Retrostyle12) [r81,2laps,FJRoyet]
349144 90913215Trackselect2021-05-11FZ Port Town I v1b (Retrostyle12) [r11,FJRoyet]
359143 1024244Trackselect2021-05-05DS Nokonoko Beach v2.2 (Ermelber+Yoshidude4+Turbo Yoshi) [62,MarkAlbertsma03]
369142 1024244Trackselect2021-05-05DS Nokonoko Beach v2.2 (Ermelber+Yoshidude4+Turbo Yoshi) [r51,MarkAlbertsma03]
379141 77781064Trackselect2021-05-05SMS Delfino Plaza Alpha3 (ChisSilver64+ANoob) [r11,2ktpt,lag,Octanevinny]
389140 4883270Trackstock2021-05-05DS Mario Circuit {night} v4.5 (ZPL) [r54,Optllizer]
399139 9139Trackbad2021-05-05Simple Circle v1 (Fynn93) [bad=minimap+opencam,warn=itempos]
409138 4883270Trackselect2021-05-04DS Mario Circuit v5 (ZPL) [r54]
419137 4883270Trackselect2021-05-04DS Mario Circuit {night} v5 (ZPL) [r54]
429136 91363097Arenaselect2021-05-05DS Tart Top v1 (Man-O-Wii) [a24]
439135 9059Trackselect2021-05-04Lake Bridge v1.2 (Kowbi) [r14,issue=cameras]
449134 9134Trackselect2021-05-04Techno Traverse v1 (Coffee Toffee) [r11]
459133 9133695Trackselect2021-05-04Coral Cape v1 (Terron) [r32]
469132 9008Trackfreeze2021-05-04CTR Coco Park Beta2 (Bruh de la Boi) [r11,freeze,FJRoyet]
479131 9131222Trackselect2021-05-04GBA Peach Circuit v1 (ZPL) [r82]
489130 9130Trackselect2021-05-04GCN Waluigi Stadium Beta (Bruh de la Boi) [r64]
499129 91293422Trackbad2021-05-04Wii Bowser's Castle v1 (Potatoman44) [r43,bad=minimap]
509128 9128Trackfail2021-05-04SM64 Bowser in the Dark World Alpha (KiwiPowerGreen) [r84,fail=minimap+lapcount]


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