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15419 5419Trackincome2019-02-17100km Raceway v12 (Yosh) [r11,1lap]
25418 5337Trackincome2019-02-17Wild Canyon 3 v1.05.alt (Retrostyle12) [r83,YoshTaku]
35417 5216Trackincome2019-02-17Yellow Brick Road v1 (ANoob) [2laps]
45416 31231097Trackincome2019-02-17SNES Vanilla Lake 1 v2.2a (Retrostyle12) [r61,5laps]
55415 5415519Trackfreeze2019-02-16Green Loop v1 (Retrostyle12) [r44,freeze]
65414 31231097Trackselect2019-02-16SNES Vanilla Lake 1 v2.2 (Retrostyle12) [r61]
75413 5310Trackselect2019-02-16Paradise Gardens v1.1 (Aidan190903+ANoob) [r82,1lap]
85412 5412Trackselect2019-02-15Nocturnal Coast v1 (Yoshivert99) [r42,1lap]
95411 5411Trackselect2019-02-15Rainbow Beach v1 (Jay089) [r44]
105410 3198Trackselect2019-02-14Fireworks Race v1.3 (NinYoda1) [Huili]
115409 516Trackselect2019-02-14Petite Park v1.2.1 (Baoulettes+Worldsboss+Tock,Wiimm) [r11,Huili]
125408 4968Trackselect2019-02-14Hollend's Track 1 v1.1 (Hollend) [r44]
135407 5407Trackselect2019-02-14Pac-Track Beta (ANoob) [r32,2laps]
145406 4852212Trackselect2019-02-14Sunset Bridge {MT} v1.1b (ChisSilver64+Tpointer56) [r31,MT skybox]
155405 4852212Trackstock2019-02-14Sunset Bridge {custom} v1.1a (ChisSilver64+Tpointer56) [r31,custom skybox]
165404 5128Trackselect2019-02-14Kingdom of Ghosts v2.1 (ChisSilver64) [r34]
175403 1544103Trackselect2019-02-13N64 Choco Mountain v2.1 (Yoshidude4+FunkyDude15) [r83]
185402 4968Trackbad2019-02-12Hollend's Track 1 v1 (Hollend) [r44,bad=wrong minimap]
195401 54011383Trackselect2019-02-11Blue Loop v1 (9Paran)
205400 5312Trackselect2019-02-11Lakeside Grove v1.2.hf (Ferv) [r11,hotfix]
215399 137Trackselect2019-02-11Lunar Speedway x1.4 v2.1 (BigOto2) [r44,ZPL Gaming,IEF Spyro]
225398 137Trackfreeze2019-02-11Lunar Speedway x1.4 v2 (BigOto2) [r44,ZPL Gaming,IEF Spyro,freeze]
235397 78Trackselect2019-02-11Bowser's Dark Castle RC4 (WP Twister) [r72,2laps,tZ]
245396 3634Trackbad2019-02-11TROLOL Memes Circuit Beta2 (4IT-Lecce) [r21,bad,tZ]
255395 5395Trackselect2019-02-11Toy Story Beta (ANoob) [2laps]
265394 5312Trackfreeze2019-02-10Lakeside Grove v1.2 (Ferv) [r11,freeze]
275393 236236Trackselect2019-02-11Lavaflow Volcano RC2 (metaknight2550) [r34,MrSkopelos27]
285392 4968Trackfreeze2019-02-10Hollend's Track 1 Beta (Hollend) [r44,freeze]
295391 1055Trackstock2019-02-09Rockside River v2.1 (Ermelber) [r82,SpyKid]
305390 539071Trackselect2019-02-08Bowser's Castle 1 v1 (Retrostyle12) [r43]
315389 5365Trackselect2019-02-08Excitebike Adventure v1.2 (Seeky) [r64]
325388 5343Trackselect2019-02-08Surfing Road v1.1 (Yoshivert99) [r13,1lap]
335387 1468Trackselect2019-02-08Magnetic City RC4 (xBlue98) [r11,1lap,ZPL Gaming]
345386 5262Trackselect2019-02-07Cherry Blossom Garden v1.2 (Renegade Ciara+ChaosShadow23) [r82]
355385 1704Trackselect2019-02-07Daisy Gardens v2.1 (xBlue98) [r82]
365384 5337Trackselect2019-02-07Wild Canyon 3 v1.05 (Retrostyle12) [r83]
375383 51342867Trackselect2019-02-07Orange Loop v2.25 (Retrostyle12) [r72]
385382 51441386Trackselect2019-02-07Yellow Loop v1.15 (Retrostyle12) [r72]
395381 5292Trackselect2019-02-07Entei Castle 1 v1.1 (Retrostyle12) [r72]
405380 5365Trackfreeze2019-02-07Excitebike Adventure v1.2.pre1 (Seeky) [r64,freeze]
415379 240Trackselect2019-02-07Stony House RC2 (SuperFunkyKong) [Bri]
425378 51342867Trackfreeze2019-02-07Orange Loop v2.2 (Retrostyle12) [r72,freeze]
435377 48381383Trackselect2019-02-07Blue Loop v2.1 (Retrostyle12) [r51]
445376 51441386Trackfreeze2019-02-07Yellow Loop v1.1 (Retrostyle12) [r72,freeze]
455375 5326497Trackselect2019-02-06Hellado Mountain v1.2 (ChaosShadow23+Renegade Ciara) [r34]
465374 3075Trackselect2019-02-05Final Grounds v2.2 (MEGAKart69) [r43,2laps,JorisMKW]
475373 53733179Trackselect2019-02-04Mushroom Mountain Oasis v2.pre4 (varemi) [r13]
485372 3953Trackselect2019-02-04Unknown Dungeon v1.0.2 (varemi) [r73]
495371 4636Trackselect2019-02-04Desert Course v1 (tZ) [r71]
505370 4411Trackselect2019-02-04Speeding Street II x2.6 v1.2.1 (varemi) [r54]


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