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15209 660660Trackselect2018-12-16White Garden v2.5 (SpyKid+riidefi) [r82]
25208 5208409Trackselect2018-12-15N64 Kalimari Desert v1 (Sniki) [r42]
35207 5207Trackfreeze2018-12-16Space Odyssey v1 (Yoshivert99) [r44,1lap,freeze]
45206 5206Trackselect2018-12-14Sahara Hideout v1 (ZPL Gaming+IEF Spyro) [r41,2laps]
55205 558Trackselect2018-12-14Bowser Land beta3 (HackSizer) [r43,2laps,Huili+ANoob]
65204 3572Trackselect2018-12-14Toxic Labs v1.2 (BillyNoodles+Riidefi) [r22,1lap,ANoob]
75203 3172Trackselect2018-12-14Simply Retroway Beta2 (NEGATEN) [r81]
85202 5128Trackselect2018-12-14Kingdom of Ghosts v2 (ChisSilver64) [r34]
95201 505Trackselect2018-12-14Christmas Dream v2.3 (iNelom+Scalene) [r23,Mark MK]
105200 4379Trackselect2018-12-12Christmas Court (Like Chandler) [r61,T]
115199 4568Trackselect2018-12-05Cliffside Circuit v1.5 (NintenYoshi) [r13]
125198 5198Trackselect2018-12-11Koretato Circuit v1 (Rosalina Speedruns) [r21,1lap]
135197 3847Trackselect2018-12-09Varemi's Garden beta3 (varemi) [r31,2laps]
145196 4840Trackselect2018-12-09Containers Raceway v1 (Hollend) [r51]
155195 4177Trackselect2018-12-09Ziggurat Bay v1.2 (NinYoda1) [r84,ANoob]
165194 2154Trackselect2018-12-08Bowser's Lava Base v3.3 (4IT-Lecce) [r34,ANoob]
175193 4158Trackselect2018-12-08Evening Harbor v4.5 (Jiyuu) [31,2laps]
185192 4143Trackselect2018-12-07Dragon Burying Grounds v2.1 (Multimariokartds) [r84,2laps]
195191 2265Trackselect2018-12-07Autumn Treeway v1.alpha (Odie5776+MaxiLuci77) [r33]
205190 3651Trackselect2018-12-06Alphina RC2.1 (Maurice6912) [r12,Ok ok]
215189 5174Arenaselect2018-12-06Maze 3 v1.1 (MrTamkis) [a23]
225188 5173Arenaselect2018-12-06Maze 2 v1.1 (MrTamkis) [a22]
235187 5172Arenaselect2018-12-06Maze 1 v1.1 (MrTamkis) [a21]
245186 5175Arenaselect2018-12-06Hover Credits v1.1 (MrTamkis) [a24]
255185 5176Arenaselect2018-12-06Arena Rumble v1.1 (MrTamkis) [a25]
265184 3192Trackstock2018-12-05Narshe Circuit beta (NinYoda1) [r23]
275183 4840Trackfail2018-12-02Containers Raceway beta25.1 (Hollend) [r11,fail]
285182 5077Trackstock2018-12-02Conveyor Conundrum v1 (Bri911) [r14,no snd.trig]
295181 5077Trackselect2018-12-02Conveyor Conundrum v1 (Bri911) [r14]
305180 41Trackstock2018-12-02Fishdom Island v7.1nc (BigOto2,IEF Spyro+Bladestorm227) [r32,no cannon]
315179 41Trackstock2018-12-02Fishdom Island v7.1 (BigOto2,IEF Spyro+Bladestorm227) [r32]
325178 41Trackstock2018-12-02Fishdom Island v7 (BigOto2,IEF Spyro+Bladestorm227) [r32]
335177 5045Trackselect2018-11-30Shrouded Cloudway v0.15 (Ayoraster) [r33]
345176 5176Arenaselect2018-12-01Arena Rumble v1 (MrTamkis) [a25]
355175 5175Arenaselect2018-11-30Hover Credits v1 (MrTamkis) [a24]
365174 5174Arenaselect2018-11-30Maze 3 v1 (MrTamkis) [a23]
375173 5173Arenaselect2018-11-30Maze 2 v1 (MrTamkis) [a22]
385172 5172Arenaselect2018-11-30Maze 1 v1 (MrTamkis) [a21]
395171 1489Trackselect2018-11-30Nebula Lava Factory v2 (SpyKid+WiiLuigi+Florian) [r43]
405170 5170293Trackselect2018-11-25DS Figure-8 Circuit v1 (Quajeek99+Sniki) [r11]
415169 5016138Trackselect2018-11-10GCN Bowser's Castle v1.1 (Tock) [r43]
425168 5016138Trackstock2018-11-10GCN Bowser's Castle v1.1 (Tock) [r43,offline]
435167 660660Trackstock2018-11-29White Garden v2.4-test1 (SpyKid+riidefi) [r82]
445166 4840Trackfail2018-11-29Containers Raceway beta16 (Hollend) [r11,fail]
455165 5165Trackselect2018-11-24Park Cruise v1 (EdwardJW) [r82]
465164 3234821Trackselect2018-11-283DS Piranha Plant Slide v1.3 (Atlas) [r32,SpyKid,Cotni]
475163 5163Trackselect2018-11-27Petite Town v1 (ZPL Gaming+Toxic Prime) [r31]
485162 5162Trackselect2018-11-25Sky Highway v1 (tZ) [r11]
495161 1897Trackselect2018-11-25Canary Bay v3.1c (NinYoda1) [31,KantoEpic]
505160 3993Trackselect2018-11-25GK7 Rainbow Road v1.2 (Kinopiokuppa) [r44,1lap]


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