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500 recent uploads

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18050 1471Trackselect2020-09-29Volcano Canyon v1.1 (Multimariokartds) [r34]
28049 1194Trackselect2020-09-29N.I.S.W.O.E. Desert v1.2 (Multimariokartds) [r41]
38048 8048Trackselect2020-09-29KAR Top Ride Grass v1 (EmmanuelBoom) [r52,5laps]
48047 8047Trackselect2020-09-29Frost Festival Beta (CrystalMoonKittyCat) [r23,lag]
58046 8046Trackselect2020-09-28Mystical Mountain v1 (KartoffelKorps) [r32,bad=ktpt+routes]
68045 8045Trackbad2020-09-28Shy Guy Pass v1 (CrisDark64) [61,2laps,bad=routes]
78044 8044Trackselect2020-09-28Forest Park v1 (CrisDark64+Warwick92xD) [r11]
88043 2634Trackselect2020-09-28Garden Raceway v2 (NikoPlays) [r54]
98042 8042Trackselect2020-09-28Upstream Wasteway RC1 (BillyNoodles) [r14]
108041 1676919Trackselect2020-09-28GBA Sunset Wilds v1.1b (ChaosShadow23) [r71,Huili]
118040 8040Trackselect2020-09-28Moomoo Island RC1 (NinYoda1) [r44,issue=too narrow]
128039 7258Trackselect2020-09-28Aspertia City v2.1 (EmmanuelBoom) [r82]
138038 8038Trackselect2020-09-26RMX Rainbow Road 1 v1 (Noia+Toxic Prime) [r44]
148037 4796271Trackselect2020-09-28Pipe Underworld v2.04 (MegaKart69) [r84,2ktpt]
158036 8036157Trackselect2020-09-28SNES Bowser Castle 1 v1 (Bruh de la Boi) [r72]
168035 8004Trackselect2020-09-27Jungle Glade v1.1 (Citrus) [r73]
178034 8004Trackselect2020-09-27Jungle Glade v1.1 (Citrus) [r73]_d
188033 8033Trackselect2020-09-28Wet Grass Tundra v1 (Potatoman44) [r11]
198032 8012Trackselect2020-09-28Seaway v1.01 (Okin) [r32]
208031 59902Trackselect2020-09-28SNES Rainbow Road v2.6 (Bear+ZPL) [r44,Zachruff,Cotni]
218030 8026Trackselect2020-09-28Shiver Lake v1.03 (Potatoman44) [r23]
228029 8026Trackstock2020-09-28Shiver Lake v1.02 (Potatoman44) [r23]
238028 8026Trackstock2020-09-28Shiver Lake v1.01.fix (Potatoman44) [r23]
248027 8026Trackfail2020-09-28Shiver Lake v1.01 (Potatoman44) [r23,fail=lap count]
258026 8026Trackfail2020-09-28Shiver Lake v1 (Potatoman44) [r23,fail=lap count+minimap]
268025 8024Trackselect2020-09-28Toad Valley v1.1 (CrisDark64) [r73,1lap,issue=cannon]
278024 8024Trackstock2020-09-27Toad Valley v1 (CrisDark64) [r73,2laps,issue=cannon]
288023 8022Trackselect2020-09-27Hotel Madness v1.1 (CrisDark64+Warwick92xD) [r22]
298022 8022Trackbad2020-09-27Hotel Madness v1 (CrisDark64+Warwick92xD) [r22,bad=minimap]
308021 788485Trackselect2020-09-25SNES Donut Plains 2 v1.2 (Noia)
318020 8020Arenaselect2020-09-27WS Tennis Court B v1 (JimmyKaz) [a22]
328019 8019Trackfreeze2020-09-26Lavastone Circuit RC1 (TokukuMKW) [freeze]
338018 8017Trackselect2020-09-25Castletree Circuit v1.01 (JimmyKaz) [r21]
348017 8017Trackbad2020-09-25Castletree Circuit v1 (JimmyKaz) [r21,bad=minimap]
358016 8016Trackselect2020-09-24SHR Level 1 Bonus v1 (EmmanuelBoom) [r71]
368015 3030Trackselect2020-09-24Space Road RC5 (kHacker35000vr) [r42,KantoEpic]
378014 3030Trackstock2020-09-24Space Road RC3.alt (kHacker35000vr) [r42,2laps,Octanevinny]
388013 8006Trackselect2020-09-24Rainbow Mountain Fortress v1.fix (Potatoman44) [r44,warn=self-it,lag+]
398012 8012Trackstock2020-09-24Seaway v1 (Okin) [r32,issue=bullet bill]
408011 80101016Trackselect2020-09-24GBA Bowser Castle 2 v1.alt (Natani) [r72]
418010 80101016Trackselect2020-09-24GBA Bowser Castle 2 v1 (Natani) [r72]
428009 7472Trackselect2020-09-24Sarasa Kingdom v1.2 (NintenYoshi) [31]
438008 3030Trackstock2014-12-30Space Road RC4.wp (kHacker35000vr) [r42,Keiichi1996]
448007 1702Trackstock2020-09-23SM64 Cool, Cool Mountain Slide v1.3.1 (YellowYoshi,Wiimm) [r23,2ktpt,lex,Silverr]
458006 8006Trackfreeze2020-09-23Rainbow Mountain Fortress v1 (Potatoman44) [r44,freeze,warn=self-it,lag+]
468005 8004Trackstock2020-09-21Jungle Glade v1 (Citrus) [r73,issue=halfpipe]_d
478004 8004Trackstock2020-09-21Jungle Glade v1 (Citrus) [r73,issue=halfpipe]
488003 8001Trackstock2020-09-22Alatric Territory v1.ctj (varemi) [r23]
498002 8002Trackselect2020-09-22Carpet Spires v1 (Toxic Prime) [r84]
508001 8001Trackselect2020-09-22Alatric Territory v1 (varemi) [r23]


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