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15615 5615Trackselect2019-04-24Mushroom Mountain v1 (Ferv) [r13,2laps]
25614 3675Trackselect2019-04-24Peach's Ruined Castle v1 (YoRemco+Oh ok) [r84,2laps]
35613 5613Arenaselect2019-04-24Space Battle 3 x0.7 v1 (Retrostyle12) [arena]
45612 2501Trackselect2019-04-23Volcanic Valley v2.5 (MEGAKart69) [r34,1lap,Zachruff]
55611 5611457Trackselect2019-04-22GCN Mushroom City v1 (Tock) [r42]
65610 4973Trackselect2019-04-22Trek of Shapes v3 (Yosh) [r44]
75609 4811Trackselect2019-04-22Bumper's Roundabout v2 (JαmεςH) [r71]
85608 5059222Trackfreeze2019-04-22GBA Peach Circuit RC2a (Bri) [r81,freeze]
95607 5059222Trackfreeze2019-04-21GBA Peach Circuit RC2 (Bri) [r81,freeze]
105606 4169143Trackselect2019-04-20GCN Luigi Circuit v1.4 (Tock) [r11,m11]
115605 56052Trackselect2019-04-21SNES Rainbow Road v1 (xBlue98) [r44]
125604 3864Trackselect2019-04-20Rainbow Ray Road v1.2 (Skipper93653+Nanoman6666) [r44]
135603 5262Trackselect2019-04-20Cherry Blossom Garden v2 (Renegade Ciara+ChaosShadow23) [r82]
145602 13181238Trackselect2019-04-13GBA Broken Pier v4.1.1 (ChaosShadow23) [r53]
155601 46794679Trackselect2019-04-20Grassy Plains v3 (ZPL Gaming) [r32]
165600 5206Trackstock2019-04-19Sahara Hideout {nether} v2 [r34,2laps]
175599 1511Trackselect2019-04-17Horror Mansion v2.4.1b (xBlue98) [r53,2laps]
185598 5598Trackbad2019-04-17Waterslide Park v0.1 (TheNeemo) [r11,bad=no minimap]
195597 3945Trackselect2019-04-17Rockslide Heights v1.2 (SpyKid) [r13]
205596 55962885Trackselect2019-04-17Universe Sandsoil v1 (ZPL Gaming+MysterE99) [r24]
215595 5595Trackselect2019-04-14RV Rooftops Alpha (MK Mier) [r21,2laps]
225594 55942599Trackfreeze2019-04-13Sandy Strait v1 (Putinas+TheNeemo) [r31,freeze]
235593 5591Trackselect2019-04-13Neon Dimension v0.1.hf (Caron) [r44]
245592 5591Trackstock2019-04-12Neon Dimension v0.1b (Caron) [r44]
255591 5591Trackstock2019-04-12Neon Dimension v0.1a (Caron) [r44,2laps]
265590 4883270Trackselect2019-04-11DS Mario Circuit v2.6 (ZPL Gaming) [r54]
275589 3684Trackselect2019-04-11Unnamed v2 (Maurice6912) [r41]
285588 5588Arenaselect2019-04-11Space Battle 2 x0.7 v1 (Retrostyle12) [arena]
295587 5587Arenaselect2019-04-11Space Battle 1 x0.7 v1 (Retrostyle12) [arena]
305586 5586Trackselect2019-04-09Choco Island 3 x0.7 v1 (Retrostyle12) [r81]
315585 5585Trackselect2019-04-09Frigid Waterfalls v1 (Fatality 94+ZPL Gaming) [r61]
325584 236236Trackselect2019-04-08Lavaflow Volcano v1 (metaknight2550,IEF Spyro) [r34]
335583 5053Trackselect2019-04-06The Elfin v3 (ANoob) [62,5laps]
345582 4070Trackselect2019-04-06Underground Ruins v1.12 (SpartaYoshi) [r41,2laps,ANoob]
355581 1874Trackselect2019-04-06Nivurbia v1.2 (SpyKid) [r23,lag]
365580 4117783Trackselect2019-04-053DS Rosalina's Ice World v1 (MysterE99+Skipper93653) [r61]
375579 41Trackselect2019-04-05Fishdom Island v7.2 (BigOto2,Rinorocks+Bladestorm227) [r32]
385577 55744545Arenaselect2019-04-04GCN Pipe Plaza Alpha2 (RexMK8) [a24]
395576 55763090Arenaselect2019-04-04DS GCN Block City x0.7 v1 (Retrostyle12) [arena]
405575 5507276Trackselect2019-04-03DS Wario Stadium v1b (Skipper93653) [r64]
415574 55744545Arenafail2019-04-03GCN Pipe Plaza Alpha1 (RexMK8) [a24,fail=no coins]
425573 31023102Arenaselect2019-04-02GBA Battle Course 1 RC1 (Mariovariable3410) [arena]
435572 1739Trackstock2019-04-01April 1: Cannon Run v1 (Yosh) [r81]
445571 4544Arenaselect2019-04-013DS Honeybee Hive Alpha2 (Skipper93653) [a25,Wiimm]
455570 5570Trackstock2019-04-01April 1: Mushroom Heights v1 (Yoshi888) [r13]
465569 597Trackstock2019-04-01April 1: Kevin Street v1 (NinYoda1+Toxic Prime) [r33]
475568 2898Trackstock2019-04-01April 1: Muk Stadium v1.monday (EdwardJW+KantoEpic) [r64,2laps]
485567 1674Trackstock2019-04-01April 1: Oof-side Circuit v1 (MysterE99+Quajeek99) [31]
495566 2147Trackstock2019-04-01April 1: Madness 2019 v1.0.monday (Sucht93a) [r11,ma11,2laps,KantoEpic]
505565 77Trackselect2019-04-01SNES Bowser Castle 2 v1.5 (MKDasher) [r43,ZPL Gaming+IEF Spyro]


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