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The last 10 published distributions

ReleaseName of distributionVersionSeriesArenasTracks
2021-02-07Potatoman44's Transformed Tracksv1.132
2021-02-06Random Races 2v1.020
2021-02-04Potatoman44's Transformed Tracksv1.032
2021-01-25Random Races 1v1.016
2021-01-23100cc-F Packv1.032
2021-01-23100cc-S Packv1.032
2021-01-07ATG's CT PackBeta 132
2020-12-31s☆Ris CT Packv1.010192
2020-12-23Mario Kart Wii: Battle Royale (MKWBR)v1.6battle-royale16
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