Missed tracks and links at CT-Wiiki

This is a random selection of 200 track families (385 total) with unknown CT-Wiiki page.

The page should help to complete the »|wbz-id=« entries in an easy way. A bot will scan the track pages of CT-Wiiki for the wbz-id entries every hour and updates the database of this website. So we have biderectional links between this website and CT-Wiiki. The list exported from the wiki is here.

The bot ignores pages when the last action was a page move (renaming). In this case MediaWiki uses other pathes to find the page content by the page id. The solution is to edit a page after moving/renaming it.

It would be nice if you could help.

  1. Click »|wbz-id=« to copy the string to the clipboard.
  2. Click link to open a page in a new tab/window.
  3. Select the correct track page if not already found.
  4. Edit or create the page.
  5. If created: Edit the page as usual and restart with step 1.
  6. Search the first download link in the »misc-info« part.
  7. Press »CTRL-V« to paste wbz-id before the first download link.
  8. Fix formating and store result.
  9. Select next entry (begin with step 1).

The following table is based on data from 2022-09-26 12:07 UTC.

First 200 of 385 missed links
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Type Hack Search link to CT-Wiiki F
|wbz-id= 13208TrackRRGod Rainbow Road (Rainbow Road Texture), crisismk6
|wbz-id= 13310TrackgBC3Heaven Bowser Castle 3 (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Texture), crisismk6
|wbz-id= 13628TracknBCPurple Bowser's Castle (N64 Bowser's Castle Texture), Caron
|wbz-id= 13629TrackgDKMPumpkin Hill (GCN DK Mountain Texture), ShadowLuigi-NG-
|wbz-id= 13630TrackRRPucci Road (Rainbow Road Texture), Tombwarrior
|wbz-id= 13631TrackRRPurple Cosmicway (Rainbow Road Texture), Zef
|wbz-id= 13632TrackRRPurple Cosmo Road (Rainbow Road Texture), LeonStu
|wbz-id= 13633TracksGV2Pac-Zone 256 (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), highman00111
|wbz-id= 13634TracksGV2Paradise Valley (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), sCre3n
|wbz-id= 13635TracksGV2Pink Valley (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), The Flame Runner
|wbz-id= 13636TracksGV2Purple Bridge (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), Zef
|wbz-id= 13637TrackdDSPink Town (DS Delfino Square Texture), SpyKid
|wbz-id= 13638TrackdDSPucci Town (DS Delfino Square Texture), Pucci95
|wbz-id= 13639TrackdDHParadize's Désert (DS Desert Hills Texture), Coralia
|wbz-id= 13640TrackdDHPokémon Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture), Dxrk
|wbz-id= 13641TrackdDHPumpkin Hill (DS Desert Hills Texture), Retrostyle12
|wbz-id= 13642TracknSLPiplup Palace (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13643TrackdPGPeppermint Palace (DS Peach Gardens Texture), Nato
|wbz-id= 13645TrackdPGPoison Garden (DS Peach Gardens Texture), Rz
|wbz-id= 13646TracknMRPink Sky Raceway (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), Pucci
|wbz-id= 13647TrackgBC3Patrick Castle (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Texture), Bruh de la Boi
|wbz-id= 13649TrackgBC3Purplelized GBA Bowser Castle 3 (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Texture), Mikeypr98
|wbz-id= 13650TracknDKJPPiranha Creeper Creek (N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Texture), Natani
|wbz-id= 13653TrackDDRPurple Face's Ruins (Dry Dry Ruins Texture), Christian Wallace560
|wbz-id= 13654TrackgPBPeach Paradise (GCN Peach Beach Texture), ZPL
|wbz-id= 13655TracksMC3Pepto Circuit 3 (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture), You
|wbz-id= 13656TrackdPGPalm Tree Gardens (DS Peach Gardens Texture), GranthamMKW
|wbz-id= 13657TrackgMCPetalburg (GCN Mario Circuit Texture), Krash
|wbz-id= 13658TracknMRPuke Raceway (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), Me
|wbz-id= 13659TrackRRPride Rainbow Road (Rainbow Road Texture), Primm
|wbz-id= 13660TrackBCPolyamorous Bowser's Castle (Bowser's Castle Texture), Primm
|wbz-id= 13661TrackMTPansexual Maple Treeway (Maple Treeway Texture), Primm
|wbz-id= 13662TrackBCPurple Castle (Bowser's Castle Texture), Ugotowned35000vr
|wbz-id= 13668TrackgWSPhil Collins Stadium (GCN Waluigi Stadium Texture), Me
|wbz-id= 13669TrackdYFPepto Falls (DS Yoshi Falls Texture), You
|wbz-id= 13670TrackdDHPico's Desert Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture), Christian Wallace560
|wbz-id= 13671TrackdYFQuag Falls (DS Yoshi Falls Texture), IronDragonNet
|wbz-id= 13672TracksGV2Quag Valley 2 (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), IronDragonNet
|wbz-id= 13673TrackRRQuestion Block Galaxy (Rainbow Road Texture), Cats4Life
|wbz-id= 13674TrackgBC3Ruined Castle (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Texture), Blastero6 Z
|wbz-id= 13675TracksMC3Rarity's Boutique (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture), Metaljaripower
|wbz-id= 13676TracknBCRetro Bowser's Castle (N64 Bowser's Castle Texture), AltairYoshi
|wbz-id= 13677TrackGVRed Yoshi's Fiery Volcano (Grumble Volcano Texture), PurpleYoshiFanSpence1998
|wbz-id= 13678TrackgMCRoyal Circuit (GCN Mario Circuit Texture), musicperson543
|wbz-id= 13679TrackDDRRuin Ruin Path (Dry Dry Ruins Texture), Supershyguy
|wbz-id= 13680TrackMHRetrowave Highway (Moonview Highway Texture), Cats4Life
|wbz-id= 13681TrackMHRobotic Derby (Moonview Highway Texture), Betelrama
|wbz-id= 13682TrackBCRadioactive Castle (Bowser's Castle Texture), Cyb,Flare1
|wbz-id= 13683TrackBCRed Yoshi's Main Castle (Bowser's Castle Texture), PurpleYoshiFanSpence1998
|wbz-id= 13684TrackBCReshiram Palace (Bowser's Castle Texture), SpyKid
|wbz-id= 13685TrackBCRosalina's Abandoned Castle (Bowser's Castle Texture), ThePrimalYoshi
|wbz-id= 13686TrackgPBRemastered Peach Beach (GCN Peach Beach Texture), FalconXFalcon
|wbz-id= 13687TrackdYFRocky Falls (DS Yoshi Falls Texture), CrazyManRick
|wbz-id= 13688TrackgDKMRed Mountain (GCN DK Mountain Texture), DarkyBenji
|wbz-id= 13689TrackgDKMRetrowave Mountain (GCN DK Mountain Texture), Cats4Life
|wbz-id= 13690TrackRRRainbow Penguin (Rainbow Road Texture), That Mario Kart Pro
|wbz-id= 13691TrackRRRetro Road (Rainbow Road Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13692TrackRRRoyal Road (Rainbow Road Texture), Judge81
|wbz-id= 13693TracksGV2Rainbow Valley (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), masterkirbyxd
|wbz-id= 13694TracksGV2Red Darkness Valley (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), Rachy
|wbz-id= 13695TrackdDSRooftop Run (DS Delfino Square Texture), DarkyBenji
|wbz-id= 13697TracknSLRainbowRavenz Road (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), NeRDb0y100
|wbz-id= 13698TracknSLRed Canyon (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), Cyb
|wbz-id= 13699TracknSLRedIce (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), Ozelot
|wbz-id= 13700TrackdPGRose Gardens (DS Peach Gardens Texture), Jasperr
|wbz-id= 13701TracknMRRed Planet (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), Judge81
|wbz-id= 13702TracknMRRed Raceway (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), MarioPower55
|wbz-id= 13704TracknMRRetrogrid Circuit (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), FalconXFalcon
|wbz-id= 13705TracknMRRibbon Raceway (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13706TracksMC3Radical Highway (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture), turbotim33
|wbz-id= 13707TracksMC3Roo's Rollin Raceway (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture), Roobitz
|wbz-id= 13708TracksMC3Running Race (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture), Kowbi
|wbz-id= 13709TracknDKJPResort Island (N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Texture), Venom45000VR
|wbz-id= 13710TracknDKJPRetrowave Parkway (N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Texture), Cats4Life
|wbz-id= 13711TrackdDSRuined City (DS Delfino Square Texture), Cats4Life
|wbz-id= 13712TrackgSGBRoad Beach (GBA Shy Guy Beach Texture), Judge81
|wbz-id= 13713TrackDDRRevamped Barren (Dry Dry Ruins Texture), Bloshi 6
|wbz-id= 13714TrackgBC3Rainbow Castle 3 (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Texture), MrHax35555VR
|wbz-id= 13715TracknBCRainy N64 Bowser's Castle (N64 Bowser's Castle Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13716TrackgDKMRainy GCN DK Mountain (GCN DK Mountain Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13717TrackdPGRainy DS Peach Gardens (DS Peach Gardens Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13718TracksMC3Rainy SNES Mario Circuit 3 (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13719TrackgMCRainy GCN Mario Circuit (GCN Mario Circuit Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13720TracknDKJPRainy N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13721TrackgBC3Rainy GBA Bowser Castle 3 (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13722TrackdDHRainy DS Desert Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13723TrackgWSRainy GCN Waluigi Stadium (GCN Waluigi Stadium Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13724TrackdDSRainy DS Delfino Square (DS Delfino Square Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13725TrackgSGBRainy GBA Shy Guy Beach (GBA Shy Guy Beach Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13726TracknSLRainy N64 Sherbet Land (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13727TracknMRRainy N64 Mario Raceway (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13728TrackdYFRainy DS Yoshi Falls (DS Yoshi Falls Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13729TrackgPBRainy GCN Peach Beach (GCN Peach Beach Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13730TrackRRRainy Rainbow Road (Rainbow Road Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13731TrackBCRainy Bowser's Castle (Bowser's Castle Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13732TrackMHRainy Moonview Highway (Moonview Highway Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13733TrackDDRRainy Dry Dry Ruins (Dry Dry Ruins Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13734TrackGVRainy Grumble Volcano (Grumble Volcano Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13735TrackMTRainy Maple Treeway (Maple Treeway Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13736TracksGV2Rally 3D (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), mircojanisch
|wbz-id= 13737TracksMC3Rally 3D (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture), mircojanisch
|wbz-id= 13739TracksGV2Rainy SNES Ghost Valley 2 (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), Dxrk,Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13741TrackBCRandom's House (Bowser's Castle Texture), Me
|wbz-id= 13742TrackRRRainbow Road HD (Rainbow Road Texture), koolkreate
|wbz-id= 13744TrackgDKMRuv's Mountain Church (GCN DK Mountain Texture), Christian Wallace560
|wbz-id= 13748TrackgWSWaluigi Stadium (GCN Waluigi Stadium Texture), Yoshidude4
|wbz-id= 13749TrackMHDeathview Hellway (Moonview Highway Texture), crisismk6
|wbz-id= 13753TrackRRSilver Spaceway (Rainbow Road Texture), Betelrama
|wbz-id= 13754TracknSLSherbet Volcano (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), DarkyBenji
|wbz-id= 13755TrackgWSStarlight Carnival 2 (GCN Waluigi Stadium Texture), DarkyBenji
|wbz-id= 13756TracknBCSpongeBob Castle (N64 Bowser's Castle Texture), FunX1337
|wbz-id= 13757TrackdDHSnow of Night (DS Desert Hills Texture), DarkyBenji
|wbz-id= 13758TracknSLSunset Ice (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), Bri
|wbz-id= 13759TracksMC3Sadness Circuit (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture), Supershyguy
|wbz-id= 13761TrackgBC3Shadow Bowser Castle 3 (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Texture), Ro
|wbz-id= 13764TrackdPGSakura Garden (DS Peach Gardens Texture), MrLGamer
|wbz-id= 13765TrackdDSSteenee's Festival (DS Delfino Square Texture), Metaljaripower
|wbz-id= 13767TrackgBC3Siberian Castle (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Texture), PurpleYoshiFanSpence1998
|wbz-id= 13768TrackMTSakura Blossom Treeway (Maple Treeway Texture), PurpleYoshiFanSpence1998
|wbz-id= 13769TrackRRSky High Road (Rainbow Road Texture), Neptune777
|wbz-id= 13770TracknMRSunset Raceway (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), PurpleYoshiFanSpence1998
|wbz-id= 13771TrackMTSacred Forest (Maple Treeway Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13772TrackMTSakura Sierra (Maple Treeway Texture), Jasperr
|wbz-id= 13773TrackMTSnow Treeway (Maple Treeway Texture), CrazyManRick
|wbz-id= 13775TrackMTSummer Treeway (Maple Treeway Texture), MalkX
|wbz-id= 13777TracknMRSketched Circuit (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), TheMostOGName
|wbz-id= 13778TrackgMCSky Garden Circuit (GCN Mario Circuit Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13779TrackDDRSand Ocean (Dry Dry Ruins Texture), DarkyBenji
|wbz-id= 13781TrackDDRSnow Ruins (Dry Dry Ruins Texture), DarkyBenji
|wbz-id= 13783TrackDDRSpace Desert (Dry Dry Ruins Texture), Metaljaripower
|wbz-id= 13784TrackgMCSM64 Style GCN Mario Circuit (GCN Mario Circuit Texture), ShadowLuigi-NG-
|wbz-id= 13785TrackDDRSunset Ruins (Dry Dry Ruins Texture), ALPHAMARIOX
|wbz-id= 13786TrackDDRSuper Mario Jungle (Dry Dry Ruins Texture), Grapes
|wbz-id= 13787TrackMHSingularity Turnpike (Moonview Highway Texture), lenohal
|wbz-id= 13789TrackMHSnowview Highway (Moonview Highway Texture), AltairYoshi
|wbz-id= 13791TrackMHSpeed Highway (Moonview Highway Texture), DarkyBenji
|wbz-id= 13792TrackBCShadow Bowser Castle (Bowser's Castle Texture), Caron
|wbz-id= 13793TrackBCSiberian Chateau 2 (Bowser's Castle Texture), Cats4Life
|wbz-id= 13794TracksMC3Sylveon Circuit (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture), Metaljaripower
|wbz-id= 13795TrackgPBSeaside Hill (GCN Peach Beach Texture), Venom45000VR
|wbz-id= 13797TrackgPBSirena Beach (GCN Peach Beach Texture), Sankyu
|wbz-id= 13798TrackgPBSunset Peach Beach (GCN Peach Beach Texture), Saiveeon
|wbz-id= 13799TracknBCSatan Castle (N64 Bowser's Castle Texture), DarkyBenji
|wbz-id= 13800TracknBCSci-Fi Castle (N64 Bowser's Castle Texture), GranthamMKW
|wbz-id= 13801TracknBCSiberian Manor (N64 Bowser's Castle Texture), Dxrk
|wbz-id= 13802TracknBCStarlight Castle (N64 Bowser's Castle Texture), JorisMKW
|wbz-id= 13803TrackdYFSoda Jungle (DS Yoshi Falls Texture), Liquidry
|wbz-id= 13804TrackdYFSquidward Falls (DS Yoshi Falls Texture), ZYoshi.
|wbz-id= 13805TrackdYFStone Jungle (DS Yoshi Falls Texture), Saiveeon
|wbz-id= 13806TrackdYFStone Resort (DS Yoshi Falls Texture), Pucci95
|wbz-id= 13807TrackgDKMSK Volcano (GCN DK Mountain Texture), Saiveeon
|wbz-id= 13809TrackRRShadow Road (Rainbow Road Texture), Sankyu
|wbz-id= 13811TrackRRSky Paradise (Rainbow Road Texture), Dxrk
|wbz-id= 13812TrackRRSpaceway Raceway (Rainbow Road Texture), Kowbi
|wbz-id= 13814TrackRRStarlight Carnival (Rainbow Road Texture), Miku MK
|wbz-id= 13815TracksGV2SNES Ghost House (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), CrazyGuySmash
|wbz-id= 13816TracksGV2SNES Ghost Penguin 2 (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), That Mario Kart Pro
|wbz-id= 13817TracksGV2SNES Ghost Valley 2 HD (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), Cats4Life
|wbz-id= 13818TracksGV2SNES Inverted Valley (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), HackerCop
|wbz-id= 13819TracksGV2Sandopolis Zone (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), turbotim33
|wbz-id= 13820TracksGV2Scary Valley (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), MrKoeikoei
|wbz-id= 13821TracksGV2Shaded Valley (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), Pucci95
|wbz-id= 13822TracksGV2Sky Platform (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13823TracksGV2Sky Valley (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), Dxrk
|wbz-id= 13824TracksGV2Space Colony (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), Retrostyle12
|wbz-id= 13825TracksGV2SNES Tetris Valley (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture), ARM1
|wbz-id= 13826TrackgSGBSea-Breeze Sorbet (GBA Shy Guy Beach Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13827TrackgSGBShy Guy Town (GBA Shy Guy Beach Texture), UgotHacked
|wbz-id= 13828TrackgSGBShy Guy's Toxic Beach (GBA Shy Guy Beach Texture), Nyan man 310
|wbz-id= 13830TrackgSGBSunset Beach (GBA Shy Guy Beach Texture), CrazyManRick
|wbz-id= 13831TrackgSGBSunset Beach (GBA Shy Guy Beach Texture), Rachy
|wbz-id= 13832TrackgSGBSwamp Beach (GBA Shy Guy Beach Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13833TrackdDSSherbet Square (DS Delfino Square Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13834TrackdDSShibuya Square (DS Delfino Square Texture), Demonz
|wbz-id= 13835TrackdDSSpring Delfino Square (DS Delfino Square Texture), leafxrii
|wbz-id= 13836TrackdDSSpringtime Square (DS Delfino Square Texture), Betelrama
|wbz-id= 13838TrackdDSSunset Galaxy Town (DS Delfino Square Texture), wiimaster35000vr
|wbz-id= 13839TrackgWSSand Stadium (GCN Waluigi Stadium Texture), SpyKid
|wbz-id= 13840TrackgWSSiicky Stoned Waluigi Stadium (GCN Waluigi Stadium Texture), Siick
|wbz-id= 13841TrackgWSSpace Dome (GCN Waluigi Stadium Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13842TrackgWSStadium Royale (GCN Waluigi Stadium Texture), highman00111
|wbz-id= 13843TrackgWSSuper Stadium (GCN Waluigi Stadium Texture), Judge81
|wbz-id= 13844TrackdDHSnowy Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture), Gir
|wbz-id= 13845TrackdDHSnowy Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture), JorisMKW
|wbz-id= 13847TrackdDHSwamp Creek (DS Desert Hills Texture), Darkmario957
|wbz-id= 13848TracknSLSherbet Atlantis (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), GomerMKW
|wbz-id= 13849TracknSLSherbet Land (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), Sankyu
|wbz-id= 13851TracknSLSherbet Night (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), Judge81
|wbz-id= 13852TracknSLSpace Ice Land (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), Caron
|wbz-id= 13853TracknSLSunset Valley (N64 Sherbet Land Texture), JorisMKW
|wbz-id= 13855TrackdPGSakura Sanctuary Garden Galaxy (DS Peach Gardens Texture), MrHax35555VR
|wbz-id= 13856TrackdPGSanctuary Gardens (DS Peach Gardens Texture), André
|wbz-id= 13857TrackdPGSpace Gardens (DS Peach Gardens Texture), Roobitz
|wbz-id= 13858TrackdPGSteam Gardens (DS Peach Gardens Texture), Kozakura
|wbz-id= 13859TrackdPGSunset Gardens (DS Peach Gardens Texture), SpeedieEddie
|wbz-id= 13860TrackdPGSunset Peach Gardens (DS Peach Gardens Texture), leafxrii
|wbz-id= 13861TracknMRShayash Raceway (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), SpyKid
|wbz-id= 13862TracknMRStorm Circuit (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), masterkirbyxd
|wbz-id= 13863TracknMRSuperman Raceway (N64 Mario Raceway Texture), Sharkidevast
|wbz-id= 13864TracksMC3SNES Bowser Circuit 3 (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture), MkMaestro