Missing tracks and links at CT-Wiiki

These are 8 track families with unknown CT-Wiiki page.

The page should help to complete the »|wbz-id=« entries in an easy way. There are 2 bots that provide information about tracks and distributions in the CT-Wiiki to this website. So we have bidirectional links between this website and CT-Wiiki. See »The distributions bots« for details.

It would be nice if you could help.


  1. Click »|wbz-id=« to copy the string to the clipboard.
  2. Click link to open a page in a new tab/window.
  3. Select the correct track page if not already found.
  4. Edit or create the page.
  5. If created: Edit the page as usual and restart with step 1.
  6. Search the first download link in the »misc-info« part.
  7. Press »CTRL-V« to paste wbz-id before the first download link.
  8. Fix formating and store result.
  9. Select next entry (begin with step 1).

The following table is based on data from 2024-07-13 08:11 CEST.

8 missing links
(click to copy)
Type Hack Search link to CT-Wiiki F
|wbz-id= 1240TrackWaterway, FloMaster35000vr,xBlue98
|wbz-id= 9244TrackSunset Ridge, ZPL
|wbz-id= 10947TrackWinter Circuit, FunkyRacer
|wbz-id= 12525TrackDS Bowser Castle, ZPL
|wbz-id= 15406TrackGCN Mushroom City, ZPL
|wbz-id= 15407TrackGCN Wario Colosseum, ZPL
|wbz-id= 15604TrackDelfino Island, ZPL
|wbz-id= 15830Track3DS Wario Shipyard, ZPL