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MKW Hack Pack
First release:2015-09-09
Current version:v2.5
Predecessor:▲ MKW Hack Pack v1.0
Current:► MKW Hack Pack v2.5
Successor: ▼ MKW Hack Pack v3.14
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Versus tracks (216 files total)

CupCup 1StatusTasks
1.1Abe Abbott Raceway
1.2Twin Peaks RC1.1 (Sucht93a)
1.3Purple Peaks Beta (lgmb)
1.4Subspace Factory
CupCup 2StatusTasks
2.1Galaxy Base v2 (SpyKid)
2.2Slot Circuit v1.11 (Jefe)
2.3DS DK Pass v1 (Quajeek99,Yoshidude4)
2.4Pipeland Sewer v1 (Pepo2000)
CupCup 3StatusTasks
3.1GBA Peach Circuit v1.1 (ChaosShadow23)
3.2CBFD Underworld
3.3Autumn Forest
3.4Melting Magma Melee
CupCup 4StatusTasks
4.1Sand Speedway
4.2DKR Star City v1 (Mewtwo2000)
4.3Castle of Darkness v1.2 (MEGAKart69)
4.4Color Wonderland v1.1 (SpyKid)
CupCup 5StatusTasks
5.1Sandcastle Park v1.1 (SpyKid)
5.2Volcano Beach 3 v1 (Ermelber)
5.3Ibuki Luigi's Mansion
5.4Retro Raceway RC2 (wiimaster35000vr,Björn,LuigiM)
CupCup 6StatusTasks
6.1Winter Paradise v1.3 (SpyKid,WiiLuigi)
6.2Sandcastle Beach v1 (wabajeffy)
6.3Birthday Party
6.4DS Waluigi Pinball
CupCup 7StatusTasks
7.1Desert Fort v1.1 (JorisMKW)
7.2GBA Bowser Castle 4 v4.1 (ChaosShadow23)
7.3DK Jungle Tour
7.4SM64 Castle Grounds Beta2 (zilly)
CupCup 8StatusTasks
8.1SNES Mario Circuit 2 v1.4 (NiAlBlack,,Wiimm)
8.2Citro's Wedding Altar
8.3DKR Haunted Woods RC1b (Nodrazir,,Ermelber)
8.4Temple Bay
CupCup 9StatusTasks
9.1Desert Night Sky v1.2b (JerryMKW)
9.2The End v1 (wg93589)
9.3Thwomp Loop Beta (Thed0ra7z)
9.4Bowser's Gravity Road v1 (NinYoda1)
CupCup 10StatusTasks
10.1Blue Ruin Labyrinth v1 (Caron)
10.2Athletic Raceway RC1.boost (SpyKid,,PhillyG)
10.3Boost - GCN Luigi Circuit
10.4Halogen Highway v0.2f.boost (BigOto2,,PhillyG)
CupCup 11StatusTasks
11.1Delfino Village v1.boost (WiiLuigi,,PhillyG)
11.2Headlong Skyway v2.2 (MEGAKart69,ChaosShadow23)
11.3N64 Rainbow Road v1.1.boost (Torran,,PhillyG)
11.4District 65 v1 (Strobenz)
CupCup 12StatusTasks
12.1Boost - Moonlight Downtown
12.2Boost - Glaced Valley
12.3Love Circuit v3.1 (FunkyDude15)
12.4Putt Putt Raceway v1.1.boost (MRbuttCHINSx11T7,,PhillyG)
CupCup 13StatusTasks
13.1Rapid Street v3.1.boost (NinYoda1,,PhillyG)
13.2Rockside River v2.boost (Ermelber,,PhillyG)
13.3Rooster Island v1.boost (Jefe,,PhillyG)
13.4SADX Twinkle Circuit v2.boost (igorseabra4,,PhillyG)
CupCup 14StatusTasks
14.1Sunset Raceway v3.boost1 (Ermelber,,PhillyG)
14.2Bouncy Farm II v2 (4TLPati)
14.3Super Kinoko Cave v1.boost (Mayro,,PhillyG)
14.4Raceway District Alpha.boost (Thed0ra7z)
CupCup 15StatusTasks
15.1Yoshi Jungle v1.2.1 (Keiichi1996)
15.2Sky Beach RC5.hp1 (Caron,,PhillyG)
15.3Bouncy Farm v1 (4TLPati)
15.4GCN Terracotta Circuit
CupCup 16StatusTasks
16.1Fishdom Island
16.2Boost - Ice Cave
16.3Glacial Pics v3.2 (NinYoda1)
16.4Glacial Bay RC4.hp (NinYoda1,,PhillyG)
CupCup 17StatusTasks
17.1Autumn Leavesway v1 (SpyKid)
17.2Autumn Raceway v1.beta1.wp (iNelom)
17.3Toxic Forest v1 (xBlue98,FloMaster35000vr)
17.4Lost Island v1.1 (Styler00Dollar,,Keiichi1996)
CupCup 18StatusTasks
18.13DS Bowser's Castle RC2.1 (MysterE99,,Keiichi1996)
18.23DS Neo Bowser City v0.4 (Atlas)
18.33DS Toad Circuit v1 (SKmaric)
18.4Wuhu Island Loop
CupCup 19StatusTasks
19.13DS Rainbow Road v1b (BigOto2,,Krash)
19.2DS Dokan Course
19.3DS Tick-Tock Clock: Neo Edition
19.4DS Tick-Tock Clock Beta (maczkopeti)
CupCup 20StatusTasks
20.1GBA Cheese Land v2 (ChaosShadow23)
20.2GBA Lakeside Park v3 (ChaosShadow23)
20.3GBA Riverside Park v2.1 (ChaosShadow23)
20.4GBA Sunset Wilds v1.1 (ChaosShadow23)
CupCup 21StatusTasks
21.1GCN Dino Dino Jungle RC1.wp (MRbuttCHINSx11T7)
21.2GBA Yoshi Desert RC2 (MysterE99)
21.3SNES Bowser Castle 3 v1 (Omonimo747)
21.4SNES Donut Plains 3 v1 (Yoshidude4)
CupCup 22StatusTasks
22.1Candy Mountains v1 (DJ Lowgey,Mewtwo2000,MrKoeikoei)
22.2Bayside Boulevard v1 (SpyKid)
22.3Celestial Ruins v1.wp (ChaosShadow23)
CupCup 23StatusTasks
23.1Cookie Village v1 (SpyKid,WiiLuigi)
23.2Daisy Gardens v1.2.1 (xBlue98)
23.3Disco Fever v3.3 {SNSD} (xBlue98)
23.4Powerpuff Funpark v1.1 (Syce,SpyKid)
CupCup 24StatusTasks
24.1Concord China Town v1 (NinYoda1)
24.2Divine Temple
24.3Comet Starway
24.4Wolf Castlegrounds v1 (SpyKid)
CupCup 25StatusTasks
25.1Skyline Avenue v1.1 (SpyKid)
25.2Windmill Village v3.1 (ChaosShadow23)
25.3Space City
25.4Spacy Space Race Beta1.1 (Sucht93a)
CupCup 26StatusTasks
26.1Horror Mansion v2.4.1 (xBlue98)
26.2Luigi's Ghost Castle
26.3Ghostly Mansion v1 (WiiLuigi)
26.4King Boo's Area RC2 (NinYoda1,,Keiichi1996)
CupCup 27StatusTasks
27.1Volcanic Wasteland RC3.wp (ChaosShadow23,,Keiichi1996)
27.2Volcano Bay RC3 (NinYoda1,,Keiichi1996)
27.3Volcano Canyon Beta.wp (Multimariokartds,,Keiichi1996)
27.4Volcano Island v1 (Rukasudo90,VitorS)
CupCup 28StatusTasks
28.1Zelda WW Outset Island v1.wp (WhiteMEX,Rukasudo90,,Keiichi1996)
28.2Castle Island v2 (NinYoda1)
28.3Castle Raceway
28.4Teknik's Incendia Castle RC1 (Teknik Kart Wii Team)
CupCup 29StatusTasks
29.18-Bit Road
29.2Compact Highway v2.4 (MKWLH1000,,Keiichi1996)
29.3Downtown Underground
29.4Mushroom Fort
CupCup 30StatusTasks
30.1Darky Cliff RC1.hp (kHacker35000vr,,PhillyG)
30.3Mushroom Peaks
30.4Magnetic City RC2b (xBlue98,,Keiichi1996)
CupCup 31StatusTasks
31.1Alpha Boost Road v1.1 (Rukasudo90,JerryMKW,Gaburido90,,Keiichi1996)
31.2Blue Sky Beach Beta2+ (WiiLuigi,,SpyKid)
31.3SM64 Cool, Cool Mountain Slide v1.1.wp (YellowYoshi,,Keiichi1996)
31.4Eclipse Cove Alpha (SpyKid)
CupCup 32StatusTasks
32.1Green Hill Zone 2
32.2Herbae Field RC1.fix.hp (NewSuperMoiWii,,PhillyG)
32.3Hillside Circuit v1.1.wp (MysterE99,Quajeek99,,Keiichi1996)
32.4Rural Raceway
CupCup 33StatusTasks
33.1Bowser's Lair
33.2Concrete Road v1 (moviesino)
33.3Pipe Underworld v2.3 (ChaosShadow23)
33.4Nostalgic Bowser's Castle v2.1b (Omonimo747,,Tock,Wiimm)
CupCup 34StatusTasks
34.1Canary Bay v1.1.hp1 (NinYoda1,,PhillyG)
34.2Volcanic Skyway 3
34.3Canyon Run Beta2.hp1 (GredMega,,PhillyG)
34.4Desert Raceway v2.wp (JorisMKW)
CupCup 35StatusTasks
35.1Blood Fire Sky Beta (Thed0ra7z)
35.2Fire Palace
35.3Hell Pyramid v1 (SpyKid)
35.4Item Fireland v1.1a (Keiichi1996)
CupCup 36StatusTasks
36.1Cannon City II v1.2 (kHacker35000vr)
36.2Wheel Rock v1 (Keiichi1996)
36.3Rocky Hillside
36.4River of Dreams v1.3.5 (xBlue98)
CupCup 37StatusTasks
37.1Rosalina's Starlight Coaster v1.1 (xBlue98,,maczkopeti)
37.2Gate of Dreams v1 (SpyKid)
37.3Rainbow Slide v1.1 (Thed0ra7z)
37.4Fireworks Race
CupCup 38StatusTasks
38.1The Haunted Mansion
38.2Mrs. Flynn's Desert Oasis
38.3Poison Lagoon v1 (moviesino)
38.4Top City
CupCup 39StatusTasks
39.1Narshe Circuit
39.2Toad Town
39.3Sunset Island v2+.wp (Super-Daisy55,,Keiichi1996)
39.4Seaside Drome v1.pre (NinYoda1)
CupCup 40StatusTasks
40.1Lava Castle Road
40.2Lava Holes Beta2.1 (Keiichi1996)
40.3Ibuki Bowser Valley v1.wp (Dao Ibuki,,Keiichi1996)
40.4Jungle Ruins RC1.wp (MysterE99,,Keiichi1996)
CupCup 41StatusTasks
41.1Yoshi's Pyramid v1 (Thed0ra7z,,Keiichi1996)
41.2Desert Castle Raceway
41.3Sunset Rocks v2.1b (JorisMKW,,Keiichi1996)
41.4Sphynx Road
CupCup 42StatusTasks
42.1Weegee Race
42.2Water Wood v1 (Lemon,Thed0ra7z)
42.3Underground Mine Alpha (Thed0ra7z)
42.4Lunar Spaceway
CupCup 43StatusTasks
43.1Vulcan Mine v1 (NinYoda1)
43.2Snore Circuit v1 (Thed0ra7z)
43.3SMS Sirena Beach v1.hp (Super-Daisy55,,PhillyG)
43.4Shining Town v1.2.5.hp1 (MKWLH1000)
CupCup 44StatusTasks
44.1ExciteBike Arena: MKW Inspiration
44.2Ruin Factory RC1 (NinYoda1)
44.3River Bridge Beta.wp (Quajeek99,FunkyDude15,,Keiichi1996)
44.4Rampart Road
CupCup 45StatusTasks
45.1Refresh Road v1.1 {sections} (NinYoda1)
45.2Ocean Circuit v1.3 (Wine,Keiichi1996)
45.3Jungle Island v1.2.hp (SuperMario64DS,,PhillyG)
45.4Paradize Canyon v1 (NinYoda1)
CupCup 46StatusTasks
46.1N64 Rainbow Road: MK8 Inspiration
46.2Sunset Desert v1 (MEGAKart69)
46.3GCN Wario Colosseum v1.1+ (MKDasher,,Wiimm,NiAlBlack)
46.4Misty Caveway
CupCup 47StatusTasks
47.1Night Mountain v2 (Multimariokartds,,Keiichi1996)
47.2DK Jungle Tour II RC1.2b (Strobenz,,Keiichi1996)
47.3Crossingville v1a (xBlue98)
47.4Nocturne Circuit RC1 (Soarin MKWII)
CupCup 48StatusTasks
48.1Spike Desert v1 (Pepo2000,SpyKid)
48.2Big World Way
48.3Blackrose Castle v1 (SpyKid)
48.4Nebula Lava Factory
CupCup 49StatusTasks
49.1Digitally Enhanced v2.1 (TacoJosh,,Keiichi1996)
49.2Lakeside Cliff Beta (Thed0ra7z)
49.3Royal Canyon v1 (Thed0ra7z)
49.4Dash Cannon Woods RC3.6 {canon} (Keiichi1996)
CupCup 50StatusTasks
50.1Land of Purple Water v1b (Rukasudo90)
50.2Delfino Park RC1 (NinYoda1)
50.3Lost Fortress v2.4 (MEGAKart69)
50.4Alpine Skyway v1.1 (xBlue98)
CupCup 51StatusTasks
51.1Jungle Cliff RC1 (Wine,Keiichi1996)
51.2Color Course
51.3LEGO Racers Imperial Grand Prix Beta++.wp (Segatendo,,Keiichi1996)
51.4Traffic Lights
CupCup 52StatusTasks
52.1Daisy's Palace RC2 (Vulcanus2)
52.2The Chamber RC1.pre.hp (Sucht93a,,PhillyG)
52.3Resistance to Fate
52.4Festival Track
CupCup 53StatusTasks
53.1Cold Circuit
53.2Nivurbia v1.1 (SpyKid)
53.3Forsaken Mansion v2 (SpyKid)
53.4Petite Park v1.2 (Baoulettes,WorldsBoss,Tock,,Wiimm)
CupCup 54StatusTasks
54.1Area 28 Alpha (Keiichi1996)
54.2Undiscovered Offlimit v1 (Keiichi1996)
54.3Water Rock World v1 (Thed0ra7z,,Keiichi1996)
54.4Kinoko Valley 2014
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