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Castle of Hope v1.02 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
Type, Class and Id:Track / stock / 6193
Track name and version:Castle of Hope v1.02
Created by:Lovelifeandtpose024
Family info:10 files
Record created:2019-10-06 20:26:16
Last update of record:2020-08-04 06:42:46
SZS file date and size:2019-10-06 20:08:32 / 3436192
WBZ file date and size:2019-10-06 20:26:35 / 2590332
SHA1 checksum:477cc9b8910b132f974bd072b56074a025de7eaf
SHA1 alias:38b310fb298069f01d631486fda6f698164c7c92
CKPT lap counters:1
STGI lap multiplier:2
STGI speed factor:1.000
Slot info:−4.2   −6.1   −6.2
Recommended slots:Property slot 8.2 (dPG) / Music index 179 (T82, dPG)
ENPT+ITPT range:−30482..43205 / 9760..14205 / −59135..42356
Download (WBZ):
Used by 2 distributions:Chis Kart Wii (v3.5)
Chis Kart Wii (v3.1)

All versions of the track

All 10 found tracks
Family 6190
16190 6190Trackbad2019-10-06Castle of Hope v1 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps,bad=textures]
26192 6190Trackstock2019-10-06Castle of Hope v1.01 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
36193 6190Trackstock2019-10-06Castle of Hope v1.02 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
46207 6190Trackstock2019-10-10Castle of Hope v1.1 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
56209 6190Trackstock2019-10-10Castle of Hope v1.2 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps,Wiimm]
66216 6190Trackstock2019-10-12Castle of Hope v1.21 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
77693 6190Trackstock2020-08-04Castle of Hope v1.5 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
87694 6190Trackstock2020-08-04Castle of Hope v1.5.01 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
97695 6190Trackstock2020-08-04Castle of Hope v1.5.02 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
107704 6190Trackselect2020-08-05Castle of Hope v1.5.03 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]

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