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Volcano Beach III v1 (Ermelber) [r51,4lc,id=01288,mod=2b]
Type, Class and Id:Track / stock / 1288
Track name and version:Volcano Beach III v1
Start view:
Created by:Ermelber
Family info:9 files
Clan info:26 files divided into 3 families
Record created:2017-10-20 16:18:52
Last update of record:2024-02-07 13:37:24
SZS file date and size:2013-08-10 21:33:25 / 4792965
BZ2/LZMA/WBZ/WLZ size:4149520 (86%) / 2953088 (61%) / 3587621 (74%) / 2534395 (52%)
SHA1 checksum:c1ea775a32b81064d5699f89d83fdcec2d4ba340
SHA1 alias:ac8f525dde30f16cc2e13e04b5a1ddc970a3015f
CKPT lap counters:4
STGI lap multiplier:3
STGI speed factor:1.000
Slot info:−4.2   −6.1   −6.2
Recommended slots:Property slot 5.1 (gPB) / Music index 165 (T51, gPB)
ENPT+ITPT range:−29614..73398 / 4058..22381 / −14686..93973
Download (WBZ):
Used by 14 distributions:Yosh's Track Pack DX (v1.8)
Yosh's Track Pack DX (v1.7)
Yosh's Track Pack DX (v1.6)
Yosh's Track Pack DX (v1.5.5)
Yosh's Track Pack DX (v1.4)
Yosh's Track Pack DX (v1.3)
Yosh's Track Pack DX (v1.2)
Yosh's Track Pack DX (v1.1)
Yosh's Track Pack DX (v1.0)
NGC's Custom Track Pack (v1.5)
MKW Hack Pack (v2.5)
Wine's CT Pack (v4.0)
Mario Kart Adventures (v0.8)
Diddz' Gang Custom Track Pack (DGCT) (v1.0)
Translations:cs: Lávová Pláž 3
da: Vulkanstranden 3
de: Vulkanstrand 3
el: Παραλία Ηφαιστείου 3
es: Playa Volcánica 3
fi: Tulivuoriranta 3
fr: Plage Volcanique 3
it: Spiaggia Vulcano 3
ja: ボルケーノビーチ3
ko: 화산 비치3
nl: Vulkaanstrand 3
pl: Wulkaniczna Plaża 3
pt: Praia Vulcão 3
ru: Вулканический пляж 3
sv: Vulkanstranden 3
us: Volcano Beach 3

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All 9 found tracks
Family 1288
11288 1288593TrackCustomstock2013-08-10Volcano Beach III v1 (Ermelber) [r51,4lc,mod=2b]
29420 1288593TrackCustomstock2021-04-24Volcano Beach III v1.ctgp (Ermelber,,MrBean35000vr) [r51,1lap,2lc,mod=2b,bad ckpt]
39419 1288593TrackCustomstock2020-12-21Volcano Beach III v1.ctgp (Ermelber,,MrBean35000vr) [r51,1lap,mod=2b]
49421 1288593TrackCustomstock2021-07-04Volcano Beach III v1.hp2 (Ermelber,,PhillyG) [r51,4lc,mod=2b]
52985 1288593TrackCustomstock2017-07-22Volcano Beach III v1.1 (Ermelber,,Sucht93a) [r51,1lap,mod=2b]
64476 1288593TrackCustomstock2018-07-05Volcano Beach III v1.2 (Ermelber,,PhillyG) [r51,1lap,mod=2b]
76022 1288593TrackCustomstock2019-08-21Volcano Beach III v1.3 (Ermelber,,PhillyG) [r51,1lap,mod=2b]
89292 1288593TrackCustomstock2021-06-14Volcano Beach III v1.4 (Ermelber,,PeachKia52250vr) [r51,1lap,mod=3b]
99422 1288593TrackCustomselect2021-07-04Volcano Beach III v1.5 (Ermelber,,Trainiax) [r51,1lap,mod=3b]

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