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19037 9037126Trackstock2021-04-14SNES Mario Circuit 4 HD v2 (Cats4Life) [r81]
29038 9038Trackfreeze2021-04-14Grumble Rock v1 (JadenMKW) [r34,freeze]
39040 904014Trackselect2021-04-14A.S.D.F. City v1 (Bruh de la Boi) [r54]
49044 90413047Trackselect2021-04-14Bullet Tower Cris v2 (CrisDark64) [2laps,FJRoyet]
59045 9037126Trackstock2021-04-14SNES Mario Circuit 4 HD v2.1 (Cats4Life) [r81,HackStarz]
69046 9037126Trackselect2021-04-14SNES Mario Circuit 4 HD v2.1.mkw (Cats4Life) [r81,FJRoyet]
79047 90479028Trackfail2021-04-14Galaxy Colosseum v1 (TheNinjaKingOW+Ro) [r44,fail=routes]
89048 90481369Trackstock2021-04-14Ice Moon Galaxy v1 (Cats4Life) [r44,1lap]
99049 90481369Trackstock2021-04-14Ice Moon Galaxy v1 (Cats4Life) [r44,2laps]
109050 9050595Trackselect2021-04-14SNES Koopa Beach 2R v1 (MarkAlbertsma03) [r51]
119051 90481369Trackselect2021-04-14Ice Moon Galaxy v1.1 (Cats4Life) [r44,1lap]
129052 90481369Trackselect2021-04-14Ice Moon Galaxy v1.1 (Cats4Life) [r44,2laps]
139053 90533445Trackstock2021-04-14Quag Circuit v1 (IronDragonNet) [r11,T]
149054 90533445Trackselect2021-04-14Quag Circuit v1.1 (IronDragonNet) [r11,T,marionose1]
159055 90553456Trackselect2021-04-14N64 Bowser's Castle v1.boost (KiwiPowerGreen) [r84]
169056 9056Trackfail2021-04-14Hellscape v1 (JadenMKW) [r53,1lap,fail=start+routes]
179057 9057Trackselect2021-04-14Yoshii's Birthday Cake Is All Blue¿ v1 (JadenMKW) [r11]
189058 9058Trackbad2021-04-14I_Had to Hurry-Scurry to Make This Crap v1 (JadenMKW) [r44,bad=minimap]
199059 9059Trackfail2021-04-14Lake Bridge v1 (Kowbi) [r14,fail=respawn+routes+flicker]
209060 9060197Trackselect2021-04-14Blue Ruin Labyrinth v1 (Caron) [r41,1lap,issue=itpt-height]
213492 34453445Tracknintendo2021-04-14Wii Luigi Circuit (Nintendo) [r11,norm]_d
229039 9039Trackfail2021-04-14Birdo Lagoon v1 (JadenMKW) [r13,fail=endless-respawn]
239041 90413047Trackstock2021-04-14Bullet Tower Cris v1 (CrisDark64) [2laps,issue=BulletBill]
249042 90413047Trackstock2021-04-14Bullet Tower Cris v1.1 (CrisDark64) [2laps,issue=BulletBill]
259043 90413047Trackfreeze2021-04-14Bullet Tower Cris v1.2 (CrisDark64) [2laps,freeze,FJRoyet]
264841 4836Arenastock2021-04-14Zelda OoT Sacred Forest Meadow v1.1 (Retrostyle12) [arena]
278992 4836Arenaselect2021-04-14Zelda OoT Sacred Forest Meadow v1.2 (Retrostyle12) [arena,FJRoyet]
289028 90289028Arenafreeze2021-04-14Galaxy Colosseum v1 (TheNinjaKingOW+Ro) [a25,freeze]
299035 9035660Arenabad2021-04-14White Garden v1 (TheNinjaKingOW+Ro) [arena,bad=coins]
309036 9036516Arenafail2021-04-14Petite City v1 (TheNinjaKingOW+Ro) [a23,fail=coins+minimap+routes]
318862 4409Trackstock2021-04-13Torrential Flood Lake v2.2 (Bri911) [r51,2ktpt,xpf]
329027 4409Trackselect2021-04-13Torrential Flood Lake v2.3 (Bri911) [r51,2ktpt,xpf]
339029 90299028Trackfreeze2021-04-13Galaxy Colosseum v1 (Yosh) [5laps,freeze]
349030 9030Trackstock2021-04-13Sweet Galaxy Canyon Beta (KiwiPowerGreen) [r81,lag+]
359031 9030Trackselect2021-04-13Sweet Galaxy Canyon Beta.mkf (KiwiPowerGreen) [r81,FJRoyet]
369032 9032Trackselect2021-04-13Miniature Paradise v1 (Man-O-Wii) [r32]
379033 9033Trackselect2021-04-13Adrastea Station Alpha (Riidefi+zatchi) [r44]
389034 9034Trackselect2021-04-13Ocean Circuit Defi v1.1 (Keiichi1996+NinYoda1) [issue=BulletBill]
39402 402Trackstock2021-04-13Water Island RC2 (LuigiM) [r31]
40403 402Trackstock2021-04-13Water Island RC3 (LuigiM) [31]
41443 402Trackstock2021-04-13Water Island RC4a (LuigiM) [r31]
42446 402Trackstock2021-04-13Water Island RC4 (LuigiM) [r31]
431744 17441744Trackstock2021-04-133DS Toad Circuit RC1 (SKmaric) [r31]
441751 17441744Trackselect2021-04-133DS Toad Circuit v1 (SKmaric) [r31]
453592 402Trackboost2021-04-13Water Island RC4.boost (LuigiM) [r31,mkwfun]
464474 402Trackstock2021-04-13Water Island RC7 (LuigiM) [r31,PhillyG]
474585 17441744Trackfreeze2021-04-133DS Toad Circuit v1.1 (SKmaric) [r31,freeze,PhillyG]
485269 5269Trackselect2021-04-13Mystic Falls v1 (TAS Rhys+Mystic) [r13]
495438 5438Trackfreeze2021-04-13Carefree Crossing v1 (Joe) [r32,freeze]
505444 5438Trackstock2021-04-13Carefree Crossing v1.1 (Joe) [r32]


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