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13492 34453445Tracknintendo2020-10-22Wii Luigi Circuit (Nintendo) [r11,norm]_d
23039 2680Trackstock2020-10-21Glimmer Express Trains v1.3 (Sniki) [r24,2laps]
35242 18791879Trackstock2020-10-21Alpine Peak v1.2 (MysterE99) [r23]
45844 929Trackstock2020-10-21DKR Jungle Falls v2.2 (MrKoeikoei) [r73,2ktpt,Wiimm]
57244 1474370Trackstock2020-10-21GBA Cheese Land v3 (ChaosShadow23) [r12]
67408 74085Trackstock2020-10-21GBA Rainbow Road RC1 (kHacker35000vr) [r44]
77673 7639Trackstock2020-10-21Old Churches {dark} v1.1 (Toxic Prime) [r82]
87674 7639Trackstock2020-10-21Old Churches {light} v1.1 (Toxic Prime) [r82]
98122 8122Trackselect2020-10-21Quaking Mad Cliffs v1.0 (MrFluffy) [r83]
108123 929Trackselect2020-10-21DKR Jungle Falls v3 (MrKoeikoei) [r73]
118124 2680Trackselect2020-10-21Glimmer Express Trains v1.4 (Sniki) [r24,2laps,Zachruff]
128125 8125Trackselect2020-10-21Mookie's Room v1 (EmmanuelBoom) [r72]
138126 8126Trackfail2020-10-21Kiwi's GBA Castle Beta1 (KiwiPowerGreen) [r72,fail=routes+respawn+minimap]
148127 18791879Trackselect2020-10-21Alpine Peak v1.3 (MysterE99) [r23,KouraRiku]
158128 8128Trackbad2020-10-21Bowser's Molten Castle v1 (Luigi Story) [r72,bad=routes,warn=self-it]
168129 8128Trackfreeze2020-10-21Bowser's Molten Castle v1.1 (Luigi Story) [r72,freeze,warn=self-it]
178130 7639Trackselect2020-10-21Old Churches v1.5 (Toxic Prime) [r82]
188131 1474370Trackselect2020-10-21GBA Cheese Land v3.1 (ChaosShadow23) [r12]
198132 74085Trackselect2020-10-21GBA Rainbow Road v1 (kHacker35000vr) [r44]
208133 8133Trackselect2020-10-21WiiU Wi-Fi Test v1 (EmmanuelBoom) [r44]
217539 3903Trackstock2020-10-16CTR N. Gin Labs v1.3 (MysterE99) [r72,cheat=coob-r,Riidefi]
227559 3903Trackstock2020-10-16CTR N. Gin Labs v1.31 (MysterE99) [r72,cheat=coob-r,Bladestorm227]
237560 3903Trackselect2020-10-16CTR N. Gin Labs v1.4r (MysterE99) [r72,cheat=coob-r,Demonz]
247561 3903Trackstock2020-10-16CTR N. Gin Labs v1.4k (MysterE99) [r72,cheat=coob-k,Demonz,kHacker35000vr]
257562 3903Trackselect2020-10-16CTR N. Gin Labs v1.4k2 (MysterE99) [r72,cheat=coob-k,kHacker35000vr]
267607 50265015Trackstock2020-10-16Block Plaza v2b (JαmεςH) [r81,ma11,x0.7,cheat=coob-r]
277608 50265015Trackselect2020-10-16Block Plaza v2c (JαmεςH) [r81,ma11,x0.7,cheat=coob-r]
288058 7855Trackselect2020-10-16WP Wii Tanks v1.4 (Brawlboxgaming) [r42,cheat=coob-r]
291899 17111711Trackstock2020-10-133DS Bowser's Castle RC2 (MysterE99) [r43]
308070 8070Trackstock2020-10-13Doodle Land v1 (Potatoman44) [r11]
318080 8080152Trackstock2020-10-13Fiery Kinoko Cave R v1 (marionose1) [r13]
328117 8070Trackselect2020-10-13Doodle Land v1.01 (Potatoman44) [r11]
338118 8081152Trackfail2020-10-13Fiery Kinoko Cave v1.1 (marionose1) [r13,fail=endless respawn,Trainiax]
348119 8080152Trackselect2020-10-13Fiery Kinoko Cave R v1.le (marionose1) [r13,2ktpt,Trainiax]
358120 81203439Trackselect2020-10-13Vanilla Bay v1 (Bruh de la Boi) [r51.T]
368121 17111711Trackselect2020-10-133DS Bowser's Castle RC2.1.hp (MysterE99) [r43,Huili]
376727 1778Trackstock2020-10-12Ocean Circuit v1.3.hp (Wine+Keiichi1996) [r32]
386794 1778Trackselect2020-10-12Ocean Circuit v1.3.hp.le (Wine+Keiichi1996) [r32,2ktpt,Trainiax]
396795 1778Trackstock2020-10-12Ocean Circuit v1.3.le (Wine+Keiichi1996) [r32,2ktpt,Trainiax]
406970 1778Trackstock2020-10-12Ocean Circuit (Wine+Keiichi1996) [r32,timetrial]
418081 8081152Trackfreeze2020-10-12Fiery Kinoko Cave v1 (marionose1) [r13,freeze]
423165 3165Trackstock2020-10-11Mountain Adventure v1 (TheGamingBram) [r83,1lap]
434865 1663Trackstock2020-10-11Luigi's Ghost Castle v1.2 (Flohrian) [r53,Huili]
445231 3572Trackstock2020-10-11Toxic Labs v1.2b (BillyNoodles+Riidefi) [r22,1lap,2lc,KantoEpic]
455767 5412Trackstock2020-10-11Nocturnal Coast v1.2 (Yoshivert99) [r42,1lap]
466590 1765Trackstock2020-10-11Top City v2.2 (Wexos) [r34,lex,Trainiax]
476842 6100Trackstock2020-10-11King Dedede's Castle v3 (ishiyama263) [r14,2laps]
487388 1724Trackstock2020-10-11Rural Raceway v1.2 (NewSuperMoiWii) [r74,Octanevinny]
497613 7197Trackstock2020-10-11Castle Adventure v1.2 (TAS Rhys) [r82,2laps]
507894 3162Trackstock2020-10-11Peach's Castle Raceway v1.4.1 (Yoshivert99) [r11,1lap,Octanevinny]


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