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16313 6313Trackincome2019-11-17The Vortex Cortex v1 (TacoJosh)
23492 34453445Tracknintendo2019-11-17Luigi Circuit (Nintendo) [r11,norm]_d
33636 3636Trackselect2019-11-16Rooms v1 (BillyNoodles)
46309 6305162Trackincome2019-11-16Daisy's Palace v1.1 (Vulcanus2+JorisMKW) [r33,gobj]
56310 3636Trackincome2019-11-16Rooms v1.1 (BillyNoodles) [Huili]
66311 3636Trackincome2019-11-16Rooms v1.2 (BillyNoodles) [Huili]
76312 774Trackincome2019-11-16Bowsers Challenge v2 (Torran+HIYM+SpyKid) [r84,x1.15,JoshuaMK]
84457 2012Trackstock2019-11-14Sandcastle Beach v1.1 (wabajeffy) [62,2laps,Huili]
96297 6271434Trackstock2019-11-14N64 Koopa Troopa Beach v1.1 (RotationRex) [r32]
106306 95Trackbad2019-11-14Daisys Garden RC2b (Twister+EC2Joshi) [r82,bad=flicker+routes,Huili]
116307 6271434Trackselect2019-11-14N64 Koopa Troopa Beach v1.2 (RotationRex) [r32]
126308 2012Trackselect2019-11-14Sandcastle Beach v1.2.rc1 (wabajeffy) [62,2laps,Huili]
1395 95Trackfail2019-11-14Daisys Garden RC1 (Twister+EC2Joshi) [r82,fail]
14170 95Trackselect2019-11-14Daisys Garden RC2 (Twister+EC2Joshi) [r82]
156305 6305162Trackselect2019-11-11Daisy's Palace v1 (Vulcanus2+JorisMKW) [r33,gobj]
1673 39Trackstock2019-11-11Luigis Cave RC2 (Alphamariox) [r21]
17134 129Trackstock2019-11-11Goldwood Forest RC2 (igorseabra4) [r33]
18994 994Trackfreeze2019-11-11Heart of China Beta1 (Wingcapman) [r13,2lc,freeze=respawn]
191315 994Trackstock2019-11-11Heart of China Beta.1.5.1 (Wingcapman) [r13,ctt12]
201431 994Trackstock2019-11-11Heart of China Beta.1.5.3 (Wingcapman) [r13]
211893 994Trackstock2019-11-11Heart of China v1.5.3b (Wingcapman) [r13]
222517 994Trackstock2019-11-11Heart of China v1.6.1 (Wingcapman) [r13]
232724 27241091Trackstock2019-11-11Stunt Circuit v2 (MaximilianoMK+AlphaMariox) [r11]
244069 4069Trackstock2019-11-11Jungle Jives Beta (ValcorMKW) [r73]
254904 162162Trackstock2019-11-11Daisy's Palace RC4 (Vulcanus2) [r33,Huili]
265634 42514251Trackstock2019-11-11Crazy Chasm v1.51 (Hman6516) [r84,Skipper93653]
275853 58534251Trackstock2019-11-11Crazy Chasm v1.6 (Hman6516+BillyNoodles+tZ) [r84]
285876 58232330Trackstock2019-11-113DS Mario Circuit v1.5 (Fatality94+ZPL Gaming) [r21]
296271 6271434Trackstock2019-11-11N64 Koopa Troopa Beach v1 (RotationRex) [r32]
306294 4069Trackselect2019-11-11Jungle Jives Beta2 (ValcorMKW) [r73,Huili]
316295 58534251Trackselect2019-11-11Crazy Chasm v1.7 (Hman6516+BillyNoodles+tZ) [r84,Huili]
326296 27241091Trackselect2019-11-11Stunt Circuit v2.1 (MaximilianoMK+AlphaMariox) [r11,Huili]
336298 129Trackselect2019-11-11Goldwood Forest RC2.1 (igorseabra4) [r33,Huili]
346299 129Trackselect2019-11-11Goldwood Forest RC2.ctgp (igorseabra4) [r33,MrBean35000vr]
356300 39Trackselect2019-11-11Luigis Cave RC2.1 (Alphamariox) [r21,Huili]
366304 6304Trackbad2019-11-11Pyramid Strip v1 (Potatoman44) [bad=no minimap]
376301 994Trackselect2019-11-11Heart of China v2 (Wingcapman) [r13,2ktpt]
386302 994Trackselect2019-11-11Heart of China {fun} v2 (Wingcapman) [r13,2ktpt]
396303 58232330Trackselect2019-11-113DS Mario Circuit v2 (Fatality94+ZPL Gaming) [r21]
40129 129Trackstock2019-11-09Goldwood Forest RC1 (igorseabra4) [r12]
4139 39Trackstock2019-11-09Luigis Cave RC1 (Alphamariox) [r21]
4235 1515Trackstock2019-11-08Green Hill Zone RC5 (Meep+Mk255o) [r51]
4370 40Trackstock2019-11-08Koopa Canyon RC2 (XLR8MKWii) [r32]
444224 3657Trackstock2019-11-08Acid Factory v1.1 (BillyNoodles) [r14]
455972 5553Trackstock2019-11-08LCP Floor It 1 v1 (RotationRex) [r81,5laps]
466289 5553Trackselect2019-11-08LCP Floor It 1 v1.1 (RotationRex) [r81,5laps]
476290 62902264Trackselect2019-11-083DS DK Jungle v1 (Skipper93653) [r73]
486291 1515Trackselect2019-11-08Green Hill Zone RC6 (Meep+Mk255o) [r51,Huili]
496292 3657Trackselect2019-11-08Acid Factory v1.2 (BillyNoodles) [r14,Huili]
506293 40Trackselect2019-11-08Koopa Canyon RC3 (XLR8MKWii) [r32,Huili]


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