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16019 2122Trackstock2019-08-20The Haunted Mansion 2 v1.2 (Super-Daisy55) [r53,Huili+ZPL Gaming]
23051 3051Trackstock2019-08-19DK's Trick Joint v1 (Retrostyle12) [r13,1lap]
36014 3051Trackselect2019-08-19DK's Trick Joint v2 (Retrostyle12) [r13,x0.6]
45819 5818Trackstock2019-08-19Hollend's Track 2 v1.fix (Hollend) [r74]
55961 5958Trackstock2019-08-19MSUSA Philadelphia Beta+ (Hollend) [r51,Wiimm]
66015 6015Trackselect2019-08-19Fiery Path Beta (ANoob) [lag+]
76016 60161088Trackselect2019-08-19Love Circuit v1 (Retrostyle12) [r23,x0.8]
86017 5818Trackselect2019-08-19Hollend's Track 2 v1.1 (Hollend) [r74]
96018 5958Trackselect2019-08-19MSUSA Philadelphia v1 (Hollend) [r51]
103161 3161Trackstock2019-08-18Kioh Katach v1 (TAS Rhys) [r33]
114715 47159Trackstock2019-08-18SNES Mario Circuit 1 v1 (ZPL Gaming) [r81]
125367 409194Trackstock2019-08-18N64 Rainbow Road RC1 (Skipper93653) [r44,1lap]
135990 59902Trackstock2019-08-18SNES Rainbow Road v1 (Bearably+ZPL Gaming) [r44]
145994 4424535Trackstock2019-08-18DS DK Pass v1 (Skipper93653) [r23,itemslot]
155995 4424535Trackstock2019-08-18DS DK Pass v1.ctgp (Skipper93653) [r23]
166008 4424535Trackselect2019-08-18DS DK Pass v1.01 (Skipper93653) [r23,itemslot]
176009 4424535Trackselect2019-08-18DS DK Pass v1.01.ctgp (Skipper93653) [r23]
186010 409194Trackselect2019-08-18N64 Rainbow Road v1 (Skipper93653) [r44,1lap]
196011 3161Trackselect2019-08-18Kioh Katach v1.1 (TAS Rhys) [r33,Toxic Prime]
206012 59902Trackselect2019-08-18SNES Rainbow Road v2 (Bearably+ZPL Gaming) [r44]
216013 47159Trackselect2019-08-18SNES Mario Circuit 1 v2 (ZPL Gaming) [r81]
226004 60042264Trackselect2019-08-183DS DK Jungle RC1 (Bri) [r73]
236005 60052Trackstock2019-08-18SNES Rainbow Road v0.9 (Bri) [r44,geohit]
246006 6006Trackselect2019-08-18Cataquack Beach v1 (ishiyama263) [r32,lag]
256007 60052Trackselect2019-08-18SNES Rainbow Road v0.9.fix (Bri) [r44,objflow,geohit]
263468 3422Tracknintendo2019-08-17Bowser's Castle (Nintendo) [43,norm]
273469 3422Tracknintendo2019-08-17Bowser's Castle (Nintendo) [43,norm]_d
283470 3424Tracknintendo2019-08-17Coconut Mall (Nintendo) [22,norm]
293471 3424Tracknintendo2019-08-17Coconut Mall (Nintendo) [22,norm]_d
303472 3426Tracknintendo2019-08-17DK Summit (Nintendo) [23,norm]
313473 3427Tracknintendo2019-08-17DS Delfino Square (Nintendo) [63,norm]
323474 3428Tracknintendo2019-08-17DS Desert Hills (Nintendo) [71,norm]
333475 3429Tracknintendo2019-08-17DS Peach Gardens (Nintendo) [82,norm]
343476 3430Tracknintendo2019-08-17DS Yoshi Falls (Nintendo) [52,norm]
353477 3431Tracknintendo2019-08-17Daisy Circuit (Nintendo) [31,norm]
363478 3431Tracknintendo2019-08-17Daisy Circuit (Nintendo) [31,norm]_d
373479 3433Tracknintendo2019-08-17Dry Dry Ruins (Nintendo) [41,norm]
383480 3433Tracknintendo2019-08-17Dry Dry Ruins (Nintendo) [41,norm]_d
393481 34351799Tracknintendo2019-08-17GBA Bowser Castle 3 (Nintendo) [72,norm]
403482 3436Tracknintendo2019-08-17GBA Shy Guy Beach (Nintendo) [62,norm]
413483 3437Tracknintendo2019-08-17GCN DK Mountain (Nintendo) [83,norm]
423484 3438Tracknintendo2019-08-17GCN Mario Circuit (Nintendo) [74,norm]
433485 3439Tracknintendo2019-08-17GCN Peach Beach (Nintendo) [51,norm]
443486 3440Tracknintendo2019-08-17GCN Waluigi Stadium (Nintendo) [64,norm]
453487 3441Tracknintendo2019-08-17Grumble Volcano (Nintendo) [34,norm]
463488 3441Tracknintendo2019-08-17Grumble Volcano (Nintendo) [34,norm]_d
473489 3443Tracknintendo2019-08-17Koopa Cape (Nintendo) [32,norm]
483490 3443Tracknintendo2019-08-17Koopa Cape (Nintendo) [32,norm]_d
493491 34453445Tracknintendo2019-08-17Luigi Circuit (Nintendo) [11,norm]
503492 34453445Tracknintendo2019-08-17Luigi Circuit (Nintendo) [11,norm]_d


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