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16511 5016138Trackstock2020-01-23GCN Bowser's Castle v1.3.2 (Tock) [r43,original itemboxes,offline,Wiimm]
26512 5016138Trackstock2020-01-23GCN Bowser's Castle v1.3.2 (Tock) [r43,original itemboxes,online,Wiimm]
36513 5016138Trackstock2020-01-23GCN Bowser's Castle v1.3.2.rot (Tock) [r43,rotating itemboxes,offline,Wiimm]
46514 5016138Trackselect2020-01-23GCN Bowser's Castle v1.3.2.rot (Tock) [r43,rotating itemboxes,online,Wiimm]
56515 422975Trackstock2020-01-23DS Airship Fortress v1.5 (Sniki) [r43,Wiimm]
66516 422975Trackselect2020-01-23DS Airship Fortress v1.5c (Sniki) [r43,coin,Wiimm]
73492 34453445Tracknintendo2020-01-23Luigi Circuit (Nintendo) [r11,norm]_d
86501 6501Trackincome2020-01-23Stargaze Summit v1 (Ferv) [r23]
96502 4875763Trackincome2020-01-23Lava Mushrooms v3.2.fix2 (varemi) [r34]
106503 199Trackincome2020-01-23Majora's Castle Beta5 (Thiruon) [r63,varemi]
116504 6223Trackincome2020-01-23Frost Icecave RC2 (varemi) [61]
126505 6224Trackincome2020-01-23Flood Aquapark Beta3 (varemi) [r51]
136506 6032100Trackincome2020-01-23Dark Blue Speedway v1.2 (igorseabra4+Caron) [r11,m44,varemi]
146507 6507Trackincome2020-01-23Nack Speedway pre (Nack)
156508 5809Trackincome2020-01-23Windy Whirl v1.1.4 (Syst3ms) [r11,2ktpt]
166509 6225Trackincome2020-01-23Varemi's Garden 3 Beta2 (varemi) [r31,2laps]
176510 327327Trackselect2020-01-23GCN Sherbet Land v4.1 (Tock) [61,objflow,geohit,Wiimm]
186500 6500Arenaincome2020-01-23Dash-Attacking Failure Beta (varemi) [a12]
196456 4555Arenaselect2020-01-23Varemi's Circle Arena v1 (varemi) [a23,x1.4]
20199 199Trackbad2020-01-22Majora's Castle Beta (Thiruon) [r21,bad]
213795 199Trackstock2020-01-22Majora's Castle Beta3 (Thiruon) [r21,Huili]
223837 199Trackstock2020-01-22Majora's Castle Beta2 (Thiruon) [r21,9Paran]
233896 199Trackselect2020-01-22Majora's Castle Beta4 (Thiruon) [r21,Caron]
245003 4596Trackstock2020-01-21Village Passthrough v1.7 (Hman6516+MattG) [r21]
256459 5809Trackstock2020-01-21Windy Whirl v1.1.2 (Syst3ms) [r11]
266483 832832Trackstock2020-01-21N64 Luigi Raceway v2 (Zilla) [r54]
276493 6487Trackstock2020-01-21MSUSA Indianapolis v1f (Hollend) [r11,x1.2]
286494 6487Trackselect2020-01-21MSUSA Indianapolis v1.1 (Hollend) [r11,x1.2]
296495 6495Trackselect2020-01-21Gloomy Castle Beta (Bri911) [r84,2laps]
306496 4596Trackselect2020-01-21Village Passthrough v1.8a (Hman6516+MattG) [r21]
316497 4596Trackselect2020-01-21Village Passthrough v1.9a (Hman6516+MattG) [r21]
326498 832832Trackselect2020-01-21N64 Luigi Raceway v2.01 (Zilla) [r54]
336499 5809Trackselect2020-01-21Windy Whirl v1.1.3 (Syst3ms) [r11,2ktpt,KantoEpic]
34294 270270Trackselect2020-01-20DS Mario Circuit RC1.1 (MRbuttCHINS,AndyK) [r21]
353590 270270Trackboost2020-01-20DS Mario Circuit RC1.1.boost (MRbuttCHINS,AndyK) [r21,mkwfun]
364900 2576Trackstock2020-01-19Night Factory v1.1 (Gito) [r14,Huili]
375373 53733179Trackstock2020-01-19Mushroom Mountain Oasis v2.pre4 (varemi) [r13]
386250 6250Trackstock2020-01-19Niri Circuit v1 (varemi) [r21]
396373 6373Trackstock2020-01-19Forest Fortress v1 (Thed0ra7z+veremi) [r73,1lap]
406488 6373Trackselect2020-01-19Forest Fortress v1.1 (Thed0ra7z+veremi) [r73,1lap]
416489 6250Trackselect2020-01-19Niri Circuit v1.1 (varemi) [r21]
426490 53733179Trackselect2020-01-19Mushroom Mountain Oasis v2 (varemi) [r13]
436491 2576Trackselect2020-01-19Night Factory v1.2 (Gito) [r14,varemi]
446492 6492Trackfreeze2020-01-19Temple of the Lost City v1 (Mr perfect mkwii) [r24,freeze]
456487 6487Trackfreeze2020-01-19MSUSA Indianapolis v1 (Hollend) [r11,x1.2,freeze]
462750 1962Trackstock2020-01-18Autumn Forest v1.2.pre (JorisMKW) [r33,Natani]
473733 1730Trackselect2020-01-18Water Wood v2.beta (Lemon) [r32,Natani]
483790 484Trackstock2020-01-18Mushroom Valley RC1.8 (EC2Joshi) [r13,Natani]
493803 623Trackselect2020-01-18Delfino Circuit RC2 (Björn) [r63,Natani]
503817 91Trackstock2020-01-18Icy Mountaintop v0.6 (Guilmon) [r23,Natani]


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