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19862 9861Trackincome2021-10-16Albero Bello v1.1 (Shorky) [r63,5laps,FJRoyet]
29864 3075Trackincome2021-10-16Final Grounds v2.42 (MEGAKart69) [r43,2laps,FJRoyet]
39858 9392102Trackincome2021-10-16Thwomp Factory v1.2 (KiwiPowerGreen+Toxic Amaranth) [r72,2ktpt,FJRoyet]
49859 9556213Trackincome2021-10-16GBA Lakeside Park v1.1 (Flint+Hman6516) [r73,FJRoyet]
59860 9628Trackincome2021-10-16Mushroom Grove v1.1 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r13,FJRoyet]
69861 9861Trackincome2021-10-16Albero Bello v1 (Shorky) [r63]
79863 8570Trackincome2021-10-16Minecraft Kart v2.1 (KiwiPowerGreen) [r13,FJRoyet]
87525 7525Trackselect2021-10-16Tilted Altar on an Island v1 (JimmyKaz) [r13,1lap,issue=ultra-short-cuts]
99857 9857Trackincome2021-10-16Tilted Altar v1 (JimmyKaz) [r72]
109853 9506Trackincome2021-10-16Pauline Circuit v0.9b (SquireTurnbolt) [31+71,2laps,FJRoyet]
119854 9854Trackincome2021-10-16Canyon Craft v1.1 (CarryOn) [r12,FJRoyet]
129855 9854Trackincome2021-10-16Canyon Craft v1 (CarryOn) [r12]
139856 8577Trackincome2021-10-16Lilypad Lake v1.3 (Sheale) [r52,FJRoyet]
149852 9414Trackincome2021-10-16Castaway Isle Beta2 (cpfusion) [r73,FJRoyet]
157426 7426Trackbad2021-10-16CTTR Track and the Beanstalk v1 (razero) [r11,bad=kcl+prision]
169847 5479Trackincome2021-10-16PMWR King's Kourse Beta.mkd (Oh ok) [r81,FJRoyet]
179848 2936Trackincome2021-10-16VVVVVV Circuit 3 v1.mkd (TheZACAtac) [r72,FJRoyet]
189849 7426Trackincome2021-10-16CTTR Track and the Beanstalk v1.1 (razero) [r11,FJRoyet]
199850 97983729Trackincome2021-10-16WiiU Sunshine Airport Beta1 (Diego Vapy) [r21,2laps]
209851 97983729Trackincome2021-10-16WiiU Sunshine Airport Beta2 (Diego Vapy) [r21,2laps,OrangeYoshi]
219841 2936Trackincome2021-10-16VVVVVV Circuit 3 {N} v1.1 [r72,Custom Item Boxes,FJRoyet]
229842 2936Trackincome2021-10-16VVVVVV Circuit 3 {C} v1.1 [r72,Custom Item Boxes,FJRoyet]
239843 9843926Trackincome2021-10-16SSBB Mario Circuit v1 (Diego Vapy) [r11]
249844 9843926Trackincome2021-10-16SSBB Mario Circuit v1.fix (Diego Vapy) [r11]
259845 9802Trackincome2021-10-16GBA Sunset Wilds v1.1 (Flint) [r12,FJRoyet]
269846 9795Trackincome2021-10-16WiiU Toad Harbor RC3 (TheGamingBram) [31+71,FJRoyet]
279835 9835Trackincome2021-10-16Casino Zone (Race) v1 (Krummers) [r74,x0.7,coob-r]
289836 9836Trackincome2021-10-16Spooky Toys (Race) v1 (Krummers) [r74,x0.7,coob-r]
299837 9837Trackincome2021-10-16Velvet Plaza (Race) v1 (Krummers) [r74,x0.7,coob-r]
309838 9838Trackincome2021-10-16Wuhu Plaza (Race) v1 (Krummers) [r74,x0.7,coob-r]
319839 5479Trackincome2021-10-16PMWR King's Kourse {nt} Beta2 (Oh ok) [r81,no thwomps,FJRoyet]
329840 5479Trackincome2021-10-16PMWR King's Kourse Beta2 (Oh ok) [r81,FJRoyet]
339833 9823Trackincome2021-10-16Thump Bump Forest v1.2 (SquireTurnbolt) [r53]
349834 9823Trackincome2021-10-16Thump Bump Forest v1.3 (SquireTurnbolt) [r53]
359827 9826563Trackincome2021-10-16GBA Boo Lake v1.1 (Slimeserver) [r53]
369828 9672208Trackincome2021-10-16DS Cheep Cheep Beach v2 (SquireTurnbolt) [r51]
379829 9672208Trackincome2021-10-16DS Cheep Cheep Beach v2.1 (SquireTurnbolt) [r51]
389830 97161097Trackincome2021-10-16SNES Vanilla Lake 1 v1.1 (SquireTurnbolt) [r61,5laps]
399831 95895Trackincome2021-10-16GBA Rainbow Road v1.2 (SquireTurnbolt) [r44,2laps]
409832 9823Trackincome2021-10-16Thump Bump Forest v1.1 (SquireTurnbolt) [r53]
419824 9824Trackincome2021-10-16WiiU Rainbow Road v1.b1 (Squadaloo) [r44]
429825 9824Trackincome2021-10-16WiiU Rainbow Road v1 (Squadaloo) [r44]
439826 9826563Trackincome2021-10-16GBA Boo Lake v1 (Slimeserver) [r53]
449821 98213452Trackincome2021-10-03Wii Moonview Highway v1 (TL) [r12]
459822 5207Trackincome2021-10-03Space Odyssey v1.2 (Yoshivert99) [r44,1lap,HackStarz]
469823 9823Trackincome2021-10-03Thump Bump Forest v1 (SquireTurnbolt) [r53]
471929 1929Trackselect2021-10-02Wolf Castlegrounds v1 (SpyKid) [r84]
489818 1929Trackstock2021-10-02Wolf Castlegrounds v1.1 (SpyKid) [r84]
49849 622622Trackselect2021-10-01DKR Ancient Lake v1+ (DJ Lowgey) [r83,m52,+minimap,Wiimm]
501079 1079622Trackstock2021-10-01DKR Ancient Lake v2-5B (Mewtwo2000) [r83,m52,all ballons]


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