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17735 7735Trackbad2020-08-13Carrington Cove RC1 (Toxic Prime+JDS) [61,bad=itpt+textures]
27747 2646Trackincome2020-08-13Unnamed Town v1.5.1 (Bladestorm227) [r42,m63]
37748 7748Trackfreeze2020-08-13Yoshi's Deserted Home v1 (Potatoman44) [r41,5laps,freeze]
47744 7744Trackincome2020-08-13Michigan International Speedway v1 (EmmanuelBoom) [r34,x2.8]
57745 7430Trackincome2020-08-13Pokémon Field v2 (EmmanuelBoom) [r31]
67746 5809Trackincome2020-08-13Windy Whirl v1.3.beta2 (Syst3ms) [r11,2ktpt]
77740 7739Trackincome2020-08-13Ring of Fire v1 (Hman6516+Sheale) [r34]
87741 7741Trackincome2020-08-13Acidity Island RC1 (DryBowser) [r83,2laps,x0.85]
97742 7742Trackincome2020-08-13Fish v1 (EmmanuelBoom) [r32]
107743 7743Trackincome2020-08-13Burger King Drive-Thru v1 (EmmanuelBoom) [r84,7laps]
117737 7737Trackincome2020-08-13Item Tornado v1 (JimmyKaz) [r21]
127738 4349Trackincome2020-08-13Waluigi's Motocross v1.9 (wiimaster35000vr) [r64]
137739 7739Trackincome2020-08-13Ring of Fire Beta (Hman6516+Sheale) [r34]
147736 7669947Trackincome2020-08-13SNES Koopa Beach 2 v1 (Noia) [r51]
153492 34453445Tracknintendo2020-08-13Wii Luigi Circuit (Nintendo) [r11,norm]_d
167569 5809Trackselect2020-08-12Windy Whirl v1.2.4 (Syst3ms) [r11,2ktpt]
177725 5809Trackstock2020-08-12Windy Whirl v1.3.beta1 (Syst3ms) [r11,2ktpt]
187728 7728120Trackselect2020-08-12DS Waluigi Pinball v0.1 (Sniki) [r83,m64]
194175 1952Trackstock2020-08-11Desert Fort v2.1 (JorisMKW) [r41]
207670 7599Trackstock2020-08-11Rugged Island v1.1 (HackerCop+SitBar) [r83]
217726 4796271Trackstock2020-08-11Pipe Underworld v2.03 (MegaKart69) [r84,2ktpt]
227729 7599Trackstock2020-08-11Rugged Island v1.2 (HackerCop+SitBar) [r83]
237730 1952Trackselect2020-08-11Desert Fort v3 (JorisMKW) [r41]
247731 7731Trackselect2020-08-11Lyncho Lair v0.1 (Slimeserver) [r43]
257732 7599Trackselect2020-08-11Rugged Island v1.3 (HackerCop+SitBar) [r83]
267733 4796271Trackselect2020-08-11Pipe Underworld v2.03.fix (MegaKart69) [r84,2ktpt]
277734 3184Trackfail2020-08-11The Hardest Course Harder than MP v1.1 (MrBean9999vrnew) [r11,fail,SitBar]
283184 3184Trackfail2020-08-11The Hardest Course Harder than MP v1 (MrBean9999vrnew) [r13,fail]
29200 22Trackstock2020-08-10SNES Rainbow Road Beta (MrBean35000vr+Chadderz) [r44,Teknik]
301973 1203Trackstock2020-08-10Summer Starville v1 (SpyKid) [r31]
312133 2133Trackstock2020-08-10Boardwalk Booster Beta3 (ImFromTheOtherOS) [r11]
322646 2646Trackstock2020-08-10Unnamed Town Alpha (Bladestorm227) [r63]
332715 21272Trackstock2020-08-10SNES Rainbow Road {day} v3 (Wexos+MaximilianoMK) [r44]
342716 21272Trackstock2020-08-10SNES Rainbow Road {night} v3 (Wexos+MaximilianoMK) [r44]
352866 2866Trackstock2020-08-10Mushroom Park v1 (NikoPlays) [r13]
364077 3670Trackstock2020-08-10Mushroom Parkway v1.1 (BillyNoodles) [r13,2laps,Ptpix1]
376058 147Trackstock2020-08-10Battle Canyon Beta3 (Ryuk) [r24,Huili]
386919 4796271Trackstock2020-08-10Pipe Underworld v2.01.hp (MegaKart69) [r84,2laps,2ktpt,hackpack]
397137 7137Trackstock2020-08-10Cosmo Garden v1 (YoshTaku) [r82]
407239 7239Trackstock2020-08-10Garden of Dreams v1 (Jiyuu) [r82]
417422 60722Trackstock2020-08-10SNES Rainbow Road v1 (Toxic Prime) [r44]
427433 4796271Trackstock2020-08-10Pipe Underworld v2.02 (MegaKart69) [r84,2ktpt]
437546 7544Trackstock2020-08-10Spectral Station v1.02 (MrFluffy) [r42]
447548 2646Trackstock2020-08-10Unnamed Town v1.1 (Bladestorm227) [r42,m63]
457669 7669947Trackstock2020-08-10SNES Koopa Beach 2 Beta (Noia) [r51]
467705 3670Trackstock2020-08-10Mushroom Parkway v1.2 (BillyNoodles) [r13,Octanevinny]
477706 3670Trackselect2020-08-10Mushroom Parkway v1.2 (BillyNoodles) [r13,2laps,Octanevinny]
487707 7669947Trackselect2020-08-10SNES Koopa Beach 2 Beta2 (Noia) [r51]
497708 7239Trackselect2020-08-10Garden of Dreams v1.1 (Jiyuu) [r82]
507709 7709Trackselect2020-08-10SNES Choco Island 3 v1 (Toxic Prime) [r83]


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