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Track selections is a concept of Registered users with a special right can create and manage different track selections. At the moment, the only sense of track selections is to list the tracks. This will change in the next months.

At this page you see all public track selections. Click the eye to list the related tracks.

All public track selections

All 2 found track selections
Last updateCreatorLinksNameN(T)
 6d, 05. 22:18 WiimmMKW-Fun 2018-12: new tracks18
New tracks of the next version of MKW-Fun40
 6d, 05. 22:20 WiimmMKW-Fun 2018-12: updated tracks19
Updated tracks of the next version of MKW-Fun40

Track list of selection »MKW-Fun 2018-12: updated tracks« by »Wiimm«

Updated tracks of the next version of MKW-Fun

All 19 found tracks
15164 3234Trackselect2018-11-283DS Piranha Plant Slide v1.3 (Atlas) [r32,SpyKid,Cotni]
24943 4647Trackselect2018-10-02Boshi Skatepark v1.1 (Luke Chandler) [r82]
34967 1590Trackselect2018-10-05Castle Raceway RC5 (WhiteMEX+Rukasudo90) [r84,Huili]
44922 954Trackselect2018-09-27Concord China Town v1.1 (RemyInTheSky,NinYoda1) [r63,texture,Huili]
55080 4055Trackselect2018-11-07CTR Slide Coliseum v1.1 (MysterE99) [r64,Huili]
64828 4293Trackselect2018-09-13Delfino Bay v1.2b (BillyNoodles) [r63,KantoEpic]
74982 4143Trackstock2018-10-07Dragon Burying Grounds v2 (Multimariokartds) [r84,2laps]
85156 2119Trackselect2018-11-24Icepeak Mountain v1.1 (4TLPati+Florian) [r23,Cotni]
95129 3015Trackselect2018-11-17Lava Lake v2.1 (JorisMKW) [r34]
104900 2576Trackselect2018-09-26Night Factory v1.1 (Gito) [r14,Huili]
114919 373Trackselect2018-09-27Rocky Cliff v2.4 (MrApple,Sniki) [r12,Huili]
125107 404Trackselect2018-11-09Rooster Island v1.2 (Jefe) [r31,Huili]
135157 1010Trackselect2018-11-24Rush City Run beta5 (GRedMega) [r63,Cotni,Tock]
144985 2624Trackselect2018-10-07SBK Ninja Land {C} v1.1 (Sniki) [r33,cannon,Huili]
155149 3987Trackselect2018-11-22Shadow Woods v1.2 (Sniki) [31]
164845 712Trackselect2018-09-18Underwater Slide v2.1 (WiiLuigi) [r32,Huili]
175085 3037Trackselect2018-11-07Wacky Rooftop Run v1.3 (SpyKid+rusoX) [r81,2laps,Huili]
185167 660Trackprivate2018-11-29White Garden v2.4-test1 (SpyKid+riidefi) [r53]
195042 2496Trackselect2018-10-27Yoshi's Magic Yarn Basket v1b (Cotni+Trushi) [r21,Huili]