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Track selections is a concept of Registered users with a special right can create and manage different track selections. At the moment, the only sense of track selections is to list the tracks. This will change in the next months.

At this page you see all public track selections. Click the eye to list the related tracks.

All public track selections

All 2 found track selections
Last updateCreatorLinksNameN(T)
 6d, 05. 22:18 WiimmMKW-Fun 2018-12: new tracks18
New tracks of the next version of MKW-Fun40
 6d, 05. 22:20 WiimmMKW-Fun 2018-12: updated tracks19
Updated tracks of the next version of MKW-Fun40

Track list of selection »MKW-Fun 2018-12: new tracks« by »Wiimm«

New tracks of the next version of MKW-Fun

All 18 found tracks
15164 3234Trackselect2018-11-283DS Piranha Plant Slide v1.3 (Atlas) [r32,SpyKid,Cotni]
24868 1269Trackselect2018-09-20Alpha Boost Road v1.1c (Rukasudo90+JerryMKW+Gaburido90) [r21,Huili]
35136 5136Trackselect2018-11-18Chill Hill 2 v1 (TAS Rhys) [r23]
45148 4839Trackselect2018-11-22Forest Creek v1.0.4 (Okin) [r73]
55169 5016Trackselect2018-11-10GCN Bowser's Castle v1.1 (Tock) [r43]
65040 4679Trackselect2018-10-26Grassy Plains v2 (ZPL Gaming) [r21]
74886 4886Trackselect2018-09-23Kamek's Crazy Castle v1 (TAS Rhys) [r84]
84891 4891Trackselect2018-09-24Mario Circuit 5 v1 (Retrostyle12) [r81]
95171 1489Trackselect2018-11-30Nebula Lava Factory v2 (SpyKid+WiiLuigi+Florian) [r43]
105113 5008Trackselect2018-11-10New Moon Manor v1.1 (Sniki) [r84]
115112 5008Trackselect2018-11-10New Moon Manor v1.1 (Sniki) [r84]_d
125165 5165Trackselect2018-11-24Park Cruise v1 (EdwardJW) [r82]
134961 4961Trackselect2018-10-04Prison Block v1.2 (MEGAKart69) [r84]
145004 3057Trackselect2018-10-10Rainbow River 2 v2.5 (TAS Rhys) [r44,2laps]
154479 1343Trackselect2018-07-05Troy Circuit 2013 v1.1 (iNelom) [r21,Huili]
165155 4804Trackselect2018-11-23Unfinished Mario Circuit v1.1 (Jiyuu) [r81]
174801 4503Trackselect2018-09-04Volador Castle v1.4.2 (Okin) [r72]
185159 5142Trackselect2018-11-25Warp Pipe Island v1.01 (Wingcapman+Luke Chandler) [r32]