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Arrow Course RC1 (EC2Baned) [r12,id=00315,fail,warn=itempos]
Type, Class and Id:Track / fail / 315
Track name and version:Arrow Course RC1
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Created by:EC2Baned
Family info:7 files
Clan info:9 files divided into 2 families
Record created:2017-10-20 16:18:52
Last update of record:2024-02-07 13:37:24
SZS file date and size:2011-07-26 16:00:32 / 1526509
Size of alternative formats:BZ2 88%, LZMA 64%, YBZ 88%, YLZ 64%, WBZ 80%, WLZ 58%
SHA1 checksum:f9e0304b774fade76916d4250477cd2ec98a2c25
CKPT lap counters:1
STGI lap multiplier:3
STGI speed factor:1.000
Slot info:−4.2   −6.1   −6.2
Recommended slots:Property slot 1.2 (MMM) / Music index 119 (T12, MMM)
ENPT+ITPT range:−157997..18100 / 1320..4007 / −66718..33300
Download (WBZ):
Translations:de: Pfeilkurs
es: Pista Flecha
fr: Course Flèche
it: Pista Freccia
ja: やじるしコース
nl: Pijlenbaan
us: Arrow Course

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Family 315
1315 315315TrackCustomfail2011-07-26Arrow Course RC1 (EC2Baned) [r12,fail,warn=itempos]
2316 315315TrackCustomfail2011-07-26Arrow Course RC2 (EC2Baned) [r12,fail,warn=itempos]
310137 315315TrackCustombad2022-01-01Arrow Course RC3 (EC2Baned,,Toadette Hack Fan) [r12,bad=minimap+flicker]
418780 315315TrackCustomincome2022-01-01Arrow Course RC3 (EC2Baned,,Toadette Hack Fan) [r12,7laps]
511537 315315TrackCustombad2022-08-05Arrow Course RC3.5 (EC2Baned,,Luigids) [r12,bad=flicker,issue=opencam]
618781 315315TrackCustomincome2022-08-06Arrow Course RC3.5 (EC2Baned,,Luigids) [r12,7laps]
718784 315315TrackCustomincome2024-01-15Arrow Course RC3.5.ikw (EC2Baned,,Toadette Hack Fan) [r12]

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