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River of Dreams v1.2 (xBlue98) [r32,4lc,mod=7bkd]
Type, Class and Id:Track / stock / 1714
Track name and version:River of Dreams v1.2
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Created by:xBlue98
Family info:28 files
Clan info:31 files divided into 2 families
Record created:2017-10-20 16:18:52
Last update of record:2022-10-14 11:03:53
SZS file date and size:2014-05-30 17:11:18 / 4030002
BZIP2/LZMA/WBZ/WLZ size:3571193 (88%) / 2450591 (60%) / 3464929 (85%) / 2381127 (59%)
SHA1 checksum:70081fba2ddc2286b8a4e378f245d63faabd6b9f
CKPT lap counters:4
STGI lap multiplier:3
STGI speed factor:1.000
Slot info:−4.2   −6.1   −6.2
Recommended slots:Property slot 3.2 (KC) / Music index 133 (T32, KC)
ENPT+ITPT range:−55085..101275 / 8277..107606 / −108490..82753
Download (WBZ):
Translations:br: Rio dos Sonhos
de: Fluss der Träume
el: Ποτάμι των Ονείρων
es: Río de Sueños
fi: Unien joki
fr: Rivière des Rêves
it: Fiume dei Sogni
ja: ドリームリバー
ko: 리버 오브 드림
mx: Río de los Sueños
nl: Rivier der Dromen
pt: Rio de Sonhos
ru: Река грез
sv: Drömmarnas Flod
us: River of Dreams

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All 28 found tracks
Family 1665
11665 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-03-23River of Dreams v1 (xBlue98) [r44,4lc,mod=5bkd]
21714 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-05-30River of Dreams v1.2 (xBlue98) [r32,4lc,mod=7bkd]
31780 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-09-08River of Dreams v1.3 (xBlue98) [r32,1lap,2lc,mod=7bkd,ctgp]
41781 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-09-08River of Dreams v1.3 (xBlue98) [r32,1lap,2lc,mod=6bkd,ctgp]_d
51782 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-09-08River of Dreams v1.3 (xBlue98) [r32,4lc,mod=7bkd]
61783 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-09-08River of Dreams v1.3 (xBlue98) [r32,4lc,mod=6bkd]_d
71784 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-09-09River of Dreams v1.3.1 (xBlue98) [r32,1lap,2lc,mod=7bkd,ctgp]
81785 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-09-09River of Dreams v1.3.1 (xBlue98) [r32,1lap,2lc,mod=6bkd,ctgp]_d
91786 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-09-09River of Dreams v1.3.1 (xBlue98) [r32,4lc,mod=6bkd]_d
101787 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-09-09River of Dreams v1.3.1 (xBlue98) [r32,4lc,mod=7bkd]
111818 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-10-25River of Dreams v1.3.3 (xBlue98) [r32,1lap,2lc,mod=6bkd,ctgp]_d
121819 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-10-25River of Dreams v1.3.3 (xBlue98) [r32,1lap,2lc,mod=7bkd,ctgp]
131820 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-10-25River of Dreams v1.3.3 (xBlue98) [r32,4lc,mod=7bkd]
141821 16651665TrackCustomstock2014-10-25River of Dreams v1.3.3 (xBlue98) [r32,4lc,mod=6bkd]_d
151990 16651665TrackCustomstock2015-04-09River of Dreams v1.3.4 (xBlue98) [r32,1lap,2lc,mod=5bkd,ctgp]
161991 16651665TrackCustomstock2015-04-09River of Dreams v1.3.4 (xBlue98) [r32,1lap,2lc,mod=5bkd,ctgp]_d
171992 16651665TrackCustomstock2015-04-09River of Dreams v1.3.4 (xBlue98) [r32,4lc,miss=b,mod=5bkd]
181993 16651665TrackCustomstock2015-04-09River of Dreams v1.3.4 (xBlue98) [r32,4lc,mod=5bkd]_d
192016 16651665TrackCustomstock2015-05-10River of Dreams v1.3.5 (xBlue98) [r51,4lc,miss=b,mod=5bkd]
202017 16651665TrackCustomstock2015-05-10River of Dreams v1.3.5 (xBlue98) [r51,4lc,mod=5bkd]_d
212014 16651665TrackCustomstock2015-05-10River of Dreams v1.3.5 (xBlue98) [r51,1lap,2lc,mod=5bkd,ctgp]
222015 16651665TrackCustomstock2015-05-10River of Dreams v1.3.5 (xBlue98) [r51,1lap,2lc,mod=5bkd,ctgp]_d
233523 16651665TrackCustomstock2015-10-11River of Dreams v1.3.5 (xBlue98) [r51,1lap,4lc,miss=b,mod=5bkd,mkwfun]
243524 16651665TrackCustomstock2015-10-11River of Dreams v1.3.5 (xBlue98) [r51,1lap,4lc,mod=5bkd,mkwfun]_d
2517785 16651665TrackCustomstock2023-11-12River of Dreams v1.3.5.hp (xBlue98,,PhillyG) [r51,4lc,mod=2bk]
265685 16651665TrackCustomstock2019-05-20River of Dreams v1.3.6 (xBlue98,,Wiimm) [r51,1lap,4lc,2ktpt,miss=b,mod=5bkd]
275686 16651665TrackCustomstock2019-05-20River of Dreams v1.3.6 (xBlue98,,Wiimm) [r51,1lap,4lc,2ktpt,mod=5bkd]_d
2817786 16651665TrackCustomselect2023-11-12River of Dreams v1.3.6.ctgpr (xBlue98,,Zeem) [r51,1lap,2lc,2ktpt,miss=b,mod=5bkd]

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