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Family 965
1965 965887Trackstock2012-11-233DS Wuhu Loop Beta1 (Rukasudo) [r71,3lc]
2966 965887Trackstock2012-11-233DS Wuhu Loop Beta2 (Rukasudo) [r71,3lc]
31150 965887Trackstock2013-04-183DS Wuhu Loop Beta3 (Rukasudo) [r71,3lc]
41180 965887Trackstock2013-05-153DS Wuhu Loop Beta4 (Rukasudo90) [r71,3lc]
57054 965887Trackselect2014-12-163DS Wuhu Loop Beta4.wp (Rukasudo90) [r71,1lap]
67053 965887Trackstock2014-11-123DS Wuhu Loop (Rukasudo90) [r71,3lc,timetrial]

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