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Family 712
1712 712Trackstock2012-06-17Underwater Slide v1 (WiiLuigi) [r32]
21839 712Trackstock2014-11-21Underwater Slide v2 (WiiLuigi) [r32]
31872 712Trackstock2014-12-21Underwater Slide v2+ (WiiLuigi) [r32,Wiimm]
44845 712Trackselect2018-09-18Underwater Slide v2.1 (WiiLuigi) [r32,Huili]
56399 712Trackstock2019-12-23Underwater Slide v2.2 (WiiLuigi) [r32,Inkling35000vr]
66319 712Trackstock2019-11-19Underwater Slide v2.2 (WiiLuigi) [r32,x0.9,Inkling35000vr]

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