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Family 1739
11739 1739Trackstock2014-07-17Canyon Run Beta1 (GredMega) [r83]
21742 1739Trackstock2014-07-26Canyon Run Beta2 (GredMega) [r83]
36159 1739Trackstock2019-09-20Canyon Run Beta2.ctgp (GredMega) [r83,x1.2]
46962 1739Trackstock2015-01-12Canyon Run Beta2.wp (GredMega) [r83,2laps,Keiichi1996]
58524 1739Trackstock2021-01-14Canyon Run Beta2.hp1 (GredMega) [r83,PhillyG]
68525 1739Trackstock2021-01-14Canyon Run Beta2.hp2 (GredMega) [r83,PhillyG]
71822 1739Trackstock2014-10-26Canyon Run 85% Beta2+ (GredMega) [r83,Wiimm,lowalls]
85470 1739Trackstock2019-02-24Canyon Run Beta3 (GredMega) [r83,x1.2,Cotni]
95471 1739Trackstock2019-02-24Canyon Run 85% Beta3 (GredMega) [r83,Cotni]
105572 1739Trackstock2019-04-01Cannon Run {April 1.} v1 (Yosh) [r81]
117407 1739Trackselect2020-06-14Canyon Run v1 (GredMega) [r83,x1.2,Cotni]
128526 1739Trackstock2021-01-14Canyon Run v1.mkf (GredMega) [r83,issue=minimap,FJRoyet]

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