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Family 1564
11564 1564Trackbad2014-01-06Forgotten Temple Beta (SlimShady) [r13,bad]
21581 1564Trackstock2014-01-16Forgotten Temple RC1 (SlimShady) [r13]
34894 1564Trackstock2018-09-25Forgotten Temple RC2 (SlimShady) [r13,Huili]
46328 1564Trackbad2019-11-22Forgotten Temple RC3 (SlimShady) [r13,bad=minimap,Huili]
57827 1564Trackstock2020-08-25Forgotten Temple RC4 (SlimShady) [r13,2laps,issue=opencam+bullet bill,Octanevinny,Toxic Prime]
68059 1564Trackselect2020-10-04Forgotten Temple RC5 (SlimShady) [r13,2laps,2ktpt,Octanevinny]

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