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CTGP Revolution v1.0
First release:2011-10-02
Current version:v1.00.0000
Distributor(s):MrBean35000vr, Chadderz
Predecessor:CTGP 4.4
Successor: CTGP Revolution v1.01
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Versus tracks (105 files total)

CupCup 9StatusTasks
9.1GBA Lakeside Park v0.63 (igorseabra4,,AndyK) new
9.2GBA Cheep-Cheep Island RC1b (MRbuttCHINSx11T7) new
9.3ASDF Course RC1 (Guilmon)
CupCup 10StatusTasks
10.1Sunset Forest RC3 (Harumyne)
10.2Sunset Desert RC1 (BigOto2)
10.3Kartwood Creek RC1 (Rich Petty)
10.4Haunted Woods v1.2 (thondam,,Wiimm)
CupCup 11StatusTasks
11.1GBA Riverside Park RC1 (MRbuttCHINSx11T7)
11.2SNES Choco Island 2 (71) new
11.3Jungle Safari RC2 (metaknight2550)
11.4Beagle Plains (72) new
CupCup 12StatusTasks
12.1DS Figure-8 Circuit RC1.1 (MRbuttCHINSx11T7) new
12.2N64 Yoshi Valley RC1 (MKDasher)
12.3DS Waluigi Pinball RC1 (MKDasher)
12.4GCN Daisy Cruiser RC1.ctgp (MKDasher,,MrBean35000vr) new
CupCup 13StatusTasks
13.1GBA Bowser Castle 4 v1 (W-K Tim)
13.2Illusion Canyon RC1 (igorseabra4)
13.3DS Wario Stadium RC1 (MRbuttCHINSx11T7) new
CupCup 14StatusTasks
14.1SNES Mario Circuit 1 RC1 (MKDasher)
14.2Green Hill Zone RC5 (Meep,metaknight2550)
14.3Sunset Circuit v1 (Vulcanus2) new
14.4DS Cheep Cheep Beach RC1 (MRbuttCHINSx11T7) new
CupCup 15StatusTasks
15.1GCN Yoshi Circuit RC1 (Takamura,Houbi,KO Teknik)
15.2Goldwood Forest RC2 (igorseabra4) new
15.3N64 Royal Raceway v1.2 (jimbo3390,,Wiimm)
15.4Putt Putt Raceway RC1 (MRbuttCHINSx11T7) new
CupCup 16StatusTasks
16.1DS Airship Fortress RC1 (metaknight2550,MKDasher,,Wiimm)
16.2Bowser Jr.'s Fort (NewCT4)
16.3N64 Choco Mountain RC1 (igorseabra4)
16.4Star Slope (igorseabra4)
CupCup 17StatusTasks
17.1Thwomp Cave Alpha (kHacker35000vr)
17.2SNES Bowser Castle 2 RC2 (MKDasher)
17.3GCN Bowser's Castle (NewCT6)
17.4Incendia Castle RC1 (MrBean35000vr,Chadderz)
CupCup 18StatusTasks
18.1Lavaflow Volcano (7A) new
18.2Unnamed Valley v1.1 (Scye,,AndyK) new
18.3Pipe Underworld v1.1 (BigOto2) new
18.4Beach Gardens RC1 (igorseabra4) new
CupCup 19StatusTasks
19.1Thunder City v1.1 (BigOto2) new
19.2Lunar Speedway RC1 (BigOto2)
19.3N64 Banshee Boardwalk v1 (Baoulettes,KO Teknik)
19.4Fishdom Island v6 (BigOto2)
CupCup 20StatusTasks
20.1SM64 Whomp's Fortress RC2.2 (Reedy94) new
20.2Punch City (80) new
20.3Delfino Island v3r2 (Vulcanus2)
20.4Six King Labyrinth Beta (MrBean35000vr,Chadderz)
CupCup 21StatusTasks
21.1GCN Luigi Circuit RC2 (Torran) new
21.2Chomp Canyon (82) new
21.3Chomp Valley RC2 (MrBean35000vr,Chadderz)
21.3Chomp Valley RC1b (MrBean35000vr,Chadderz)
21.4Daisy's Palace RC2 (Vulcanus2)
CupCup 22StatusTasks
22.2Luigi's Island v1 (Harumyne)
22.3GBA Cheep-Cheep Island RC1 (ARM1) new
CupCup 23StatusTasks
23.1Desert Mushroom Ruins (83) new
23.2Yoshi Lagoon RC2 (Yoshiller)
23.3GCN Wario Colosseum RC2.2 (MKDasher,,Wiimm) new
23.4Mushroom Peaks RC4 (MrBean35000vr)
CupCup 24StatusTasks
24.1Penguin Canyon RC6 (Sealseal)
24.2Northpole Slide RC1 (metaknight2550)
24.3Icy Mountains RC1 (Thiruon) new
24.4GCN Sherbet Land v1.1 (Tock) new
CupCup 25StatusTasks
25.1GBA Sky Garden RC1 (MKDasher,UgotHacked) new
25.2FZMV Cloud Carpet v1 (Scye) new
25.3Volcanic Skyway RC1 (BigOto2)
25.4Volcanic Skyway II v3 (BigOto2) new
CupCup 26StatusTasks
26.1Thwomp Desert RC1 (Scye) new
26.2Desert Bone (8C) new
26.3Stronghold Castle (8A) new
26.4Bowser's Fortress (8D) new
CupCup 27StatusTasks
27.1GBA Ribbon Road RC1 (DemyxIX) new
27.2DS Luigi's Mansion (93) new
27.3DK Jungle Tour (8E) new
27.4Rocky Cliff (9B) new
CupCup 28StatusTasks
28.1DS Nokonoko Beach (96) new
28.2DS Mario Circuit RC1.1 (MRbuttCHINSx11T7,,AndyK) new
28.3Faraway Land (97) new
28.4Icy Vulcan Valley (85) new
CupCup 29StatusTasks
29.1GBA Sky Garden RC1 (EC2Joshi)
29.2Sky Courtyard (8F) new
29.3Icy Mountaintop RC3 (Guilmon,,MrBean35000vr) new
29.4GBA Cheese Land RC1 (igorseabra4) new
CupCup 30StatusTasks
30.1Dry Coast RC1.7 (Putinas,,Wiimm) new
30.2SNES Bowser Castle 3 RC1.1 (Tock,,AndyK) new
30.3Underground Sky (91) new
30.4Misty Ruins v0.9.b2 (Vulcanus2) new
CupCup 31StatusTasks
31.1Snowy Circuit (9E) new
31.2Water Island (9F) new
31.3Calidae Desert RC1 (Björn) new
31.4N64 Kalimari Desert RC1 (Captain Kwark,Wiimm) new
CupCup 32StatusTasks
32.1SNES Rainbow Road (Fragezeichen,Tock) new
32.2Kinoko Cave (A3) new
32.3GCN Baby Park RC2 (MRbuttCHINSx11T7) new
32.4Rainbow Dash Road (A5) new
CupCup 33StatusTasks
33.1GBA Bowser Castle 1 (A6) new
33.2Thwomp Factory (A7) new
33.3Green Grassroad (A8) new
33.4Mikoopa's Citadel RC0.6 (Guilmon) new
CupCup 34StatusTasks
34.1SNES Rainbow Road Beta (MrBean35000vr,Chadderz,,KO Teknik) new
34.2GBA Rainbow Road RC5 (MKDasher,MrBean35000vr)
34.3GCN Rainbow Road RC2.2 (MKDasher,,AndyK)
34.4SNES Rainbow Road RC1 (MrBean35000vr,Chadderz)
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