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Fancy's CT Pack
First release:2018-08-09
Current version:0.55/0.6 IDK
Wiimmfi region:84
Description:Fancy's CT Pack Wiiki Page

Battle arenas (8 files total)

SlotCup 1Jobs
1.1SMB2 Beehive v0.6 (Retrostyle12)
1.3Bash 'n' Dash 'n' Battle v0.1 (Wiimm)
1.4Bumper's Battle Base Beta2c (JαmεςH)
SlotCup 2Jobs
2.1Moonview Plaza v1.2 (NintenYoshi)
2.1Moonview Plaza v1.2 (NintenYoshi)
2.2Twisted Towers v1 (Bri911)
2.4GCN Nintendo GameCube RC1 (Mariovariable3410)
2.5DS Palm Shore RC1 (Skipper93653)

Racing tracks (7 files total)

SlotCup 1Jobs
1.18-Bit Road v1.2 (Nuke+SpyKid)
1.2Luncheon Tour v1.13 (Luke Chandler)
SlotCup 2Jobs
2.1Grassy Plains v2.5 (ZPL Gaming)
SlotCup 4Jobs
4.1Sahara Hideout {nether} v1.62
4.2Toad Town v1.1 (Suigetsu,ANoob)
SlotCup 7Jobs
7.1Dry Coast v3.1c (Putinas,Bladestorm227)
SlotCup 8Jobs
8.2Green Park v2.8b (Caron)

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