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MKWii CTs from 2010
First release:2021-07-01
Current version:v1.0
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Versus tracks (32 files total)

CupCup 1StatusTasks
1.1Daisy's Garden RC2 (Twister,EC2Joshi)
1.2Bowser's Dark Castle RC3 (WP Twister)
1.3Wii Mushroom Gorge (Nintendo) filler
1.4Wii Toad's Factory (Nintendo) filler
CupCup 2StatusTasks
2.1Wii Mario Circuit (Nintendo) filler
2.2Wii Coconut Mall (Nintendo) filler
2.3Wii DK Summit (Nintendo) filler
2.4Lizard Maze v5 (Michiel M-Soft)
CupCup 3StatusTasks
3.1Wii Daisy Circuit (Nintendo) filler
3.2Wii Koopa Cape (Nintendo) filler
3.3Wii Maple Treeway (Nintendo) filler
3.4Wii Grumble Volcano (Nintendo) filler
CupCup 4StatusTasks
4.1Wii Dry Dry Ruins (Nintendo) filler
4.2Wii Moonview Highway (Nintendo) filler
4.3Wii Bowser's Castle (Nintendo) filler
4.4Wii Rainbow Road (Nintendo) filler
CupCup 5StatusTasks
5.1Meep's Mansion RC1 (Meep)
5.2Proxmia Road RC1 (Guilmon,,Kiki)
5.3Icy Mountaintop RC2 (Guilmon)
5.4N64 Mario Raceway (Nintendo) filler
CupCup 6StatusTasks
6.1Northpole Slide RC1 (metaknight2550)
6.2SNES Rainbow Road RC1 (MrBean35000vr,Chadderz)
6.3GBA Rainbow Road RC5 (MKDasher,MrBean35000vr)
6.4N64 Wario Stadium RC1 (thondam)
CupCup 7StatusTasks
7.1N64 Royal Raceway v1 (jimbo3390)
7.2Lunar Speedway RC1 (BigOto2)
7.3N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (Nintendo) filler
7.4Green Hill Zone RC4 (Meep,metaknight2550)
CupCup 8StatusTasks
8.1GCN Rainbow Road RC2 (MKDasher)
8.2Darky Cliff RC1.hp (kHacker35000vr,,PhillyG)
8.3GBA Bowser Castle 4 v1 (W-K Tim)
8.4GCN Daisy Cruiser RC1 (MKDasher)
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