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Custom Track Distribution

Wiimms MKW-Fun 2010-10
First release:2010-10-21
Current version:v4
Wiimmfi region:103
Predecessor:Wiimms MKW-Fun 2010-02
Successor: Wiimms MKW-Fun 2010-12
Track usage:Statistics

Racing tracks (32 files total)

SlotCup 1Tasks
1.1Luigi's Island v1 (Luigi45000vr)
1.2Sunset Forest RC3 (Luigi45000vr)
1.3GCN Yoshi Circuit RC1 (Baoulettes)
1.4GBA Sky Garden RC1 (MKDasher+UgotHacked)
SlotCup 2Tasks
2.1SNES Mario Circuit 2 RC2 (KO Teknik)
2.2GCN Rainbow Road RC1 (MKDasher)
2.3Haunted Woods v1 (Thondam)
2.4ASDF Course RC1 (Guilmon)
SlotCup 3Tasks
3.1Moles Garden {V}
3.2Ice Cape {T}
3.3Fishdom Island RC3 (BigOto2)
3.4Incendia Castle RC1 (MrBean35000vr+Chadderz)
SlotCup 4Tasks
4.1GBA Rainbow Road RC5 (MKDasher+MrBean35000vr)
4.2Space Road Beta (kHacker35000vr)
4.3SNES Bowser Castle 2 RC2 (MKDasher)
4.4SNES Rainbow Road RC1 (MrBean35000vr+Chadderz)
SlotCup 5Tasks
5.1Green Hill Zone RC5 (Meep+metaknight2550)
5.2Codename Bigbox v1.RC2 (Guilmon)
5.3SNES Ghost Valley 1 RC1 (metaknight2550+WPBully)
5.4N64 Royal Raceway v1 (jimbo3390)
SlotCup 6Tasks
6.1Northpole Slide RC1 (metaknight2550)
6.2GBA Cheep-Cheep Island RC1 (ARM1)
6.3N64 Yoshi Valley RC1 (MKDasher)
6.4Wario's Arena RC2.8 (Thondam)
SlotCup 7Tasks
7.1GBA Mario Circuit v1 (MrX8991)
7.2Thwomp Cave Alpha (kHacker35000vr)
7.3Jungle Safari RC2 (metaknight2550)
7.4Kartwood Creek RC1 (Rich Petty)
SlotCup 8Tasks
8.1SNES Mario Circuit 1 RC1 (MKDasher)
8.2Chomp Valley v1 (MrBean35000vr+Chadderz)
8.3DS Airship Fortress RC1 (metaknight2550+MKDasher)
8.4GBA Bowser Castle 4 v1 (WK Tim)

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