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Custom Track Distribution

Cam, Tom and Troy's CTGP Pack
First release:2013-08-12
Current version:v1.2
Distributor(s):Camewel, SwordofSeals, TWD98, Torran, RemyInTheSky, MrBean35000vr

Racing tracks (32 files total)

SlotCup 1Tasks
1.1Seaside Circuit
1.2Bouncy Farm II v2 (4TLPati)
1.3Wetland Woods v1.ctt (Vulcanus2)
1.4Candy Coaster
SlotCup 2Tasks
2.1DKR Jungle Falls v2 (MrKoeikoei+Mewtwo2000)
2.2Concord Town v3.4 (RemyInTheSky)
2.3Heart of China Beta.1.5.1 (Wingcapman)
2.4Sunset Raceway
SlotCup 3Tasks
3.1Kirio Raceway
3.2Summer Starville {day} RC1 (SpyKid)
3.3DKR Star City v1 (Mewtwo2000)
3.4Volcanic Skyway 4
SlotCup 4Tasks
4.1Rush City Run Beta3 (Gredmega)
4.2Halogen Highway v0.2c (BigOto2)
4.3Subspace Factory
4.4District 65
SlotCup 5Tasks
5.1DS Cheep Cheep Beach v1.2 (sup3rsmash8)
5.2SNES Mario Circuit 2 v1.4 (NiAlBlack)
5.3GBA Peach Circuit v1 (NiAlBlack)
5.4DS Luigi's Mansion
SlotCup 6Tasks
6.1SNES Vanilla Lake 1 RC1.ctt (James)
6.2GP Mario Beach
6.3DS Shroom Ridge v1.1i (SuperMario64DS)
6.4GBA Bowser Castle 2 v1.ctt (Kazuo+MrKoeikoei)
SlotCup 7Tasks
7.1DS Mario Circuit
7.2N64 Yoshi Valley
7.3DS Waluigi Pinball v3.1 (Yoshidude4+Turbo Yoshi)
7.4GBA Rainbow Road
SlotCup 8Tasks
8.1DS Wario Stadium
8.2GBA Yoshi Desert
8.3DS Bowser Castle
8.4SNES Rainbow Road

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