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Custom Track Distribution

Yosh's Battle Distribution
First release:2019-06-10
Current version:v4.0

Battle arenas (28 files total)

SlotCup 1Tasks
1.1Dawn Arena v1 (Jiyuu)
1.1Delfino House
1.1Fragezeichen v1 (Retrostyle12)
1.2Fire Crater RC1 (igorseabra4)
1.2Lecce Battle 2 v1 (4IT★Lecce)
1.2Sunny Beach v1 (Yoshivert99)
1.3Bash 'n' Dash 'n' Battle v0.1 (Wiimm)
1.3Turtle Top v0.9 (igorseabra4)
1.4N64 Big Donut
1.4Twisted Towers v1 (Bri911)
1.53DS Wuhu Town
1.5GCN Luigi's Mansion v1 (Yosh)
1.5Wild Canyon 2
SlotCup 2Tasks
2.1GBA Battle Course 2
2.1SNES Battle Course 1 Beta2 (Yoshidude4)
2.1SNES Battle Course 3
2.2GBA Battle Course 1 v0.9 (DarkFlare)
2.2GBA Battle Course 4 v1 (Retrostyle12)
2.2GCN Tilt-a-Kart
2.3DS Tart Top
2.3N64 Block Fort
2.3N64 Double Deck
2.43DS Honeybee Hive v1 (Atlas)
2.4GCN Block City
2.4GCN Nintendo GameCube
2.5DS Nintendo DS v1.2 (NintenYoshi)
2.5DS Palm Shore
2.5House Battle v1 (4IT★Lecce)

Racing tracks

SlotCup 1Tasks
1.3Heart of China v1.6.1 (Wingcapman)

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