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Yeet Kart Wii
First release:2018-07-22
Current version:v1.2
Distributor(s):BillyNoodles & Hman6516
Wiimmfi region:89
Predecessor:Yeet Kart Wii
Successor: Yeet Kart Wii
Track usage:Statistics

Racing tracks (53 files total)

SlotCup 1StatusTasks
1.1Seaside Hill
SlotCup 2StatusTasks
2.1Yeet Kart Villagenew
SlotCup 4StatusTasks
4.4Overnight Road v2new
SlotCup 7StatusTasks
7.1Desert Coursenew
7.2Jake Paul's Castle
SlotCup 9StatusTasks
9.1Abandoned Pipeyard
9.2Acid Factory
9.3Anthro Valley
9.4Cannon Courseupdate
SlotCup 10StatusTasks
10.1Birthday Present
10.2Bowser Multiverse
10.3Bowser's Castle 9001
10.4Bowser's Courtyard
SlotCup 11StatusTasks
11.1Bowser's Lava Park
11.2Bowser's Spaceway
11.4Copy Paste Circuit
SlotCup 12StatusTasks
12.1Crazy Chasm
12.2Delfino Bay
12.3Dry Island
12.4Bowser's Stronghold
SlotCup 13StatusTasks
13.1Hman's Evening Cross
13.2Fuego Castle
13.3George Clooney
13.4Gingivitis is Bad
SlotCup 14StatusTasks
14.1Grass Blast
14.2Grass Loop
14.3House Loop
14.4Isle Loop
SlotCup 15StatusTasks
15.1Jungle Jives
15.2Kartwood Creek
15.3Rocky Hills
15.4Magma Chamberupdate
SlotCup 16StatusTasks
16.1Mushroom Parkway
16.2Mushroom Valleynew
16.3Nature's Run
16.4Overnight Road
SlotCup 17StatusTasks
17.1Pirahna Plant Plains
17.2Planetary Ruins
17.3Rainbow Speedway
17.4Dawn Township
SlotCup 18StatusTasks
18.1Rainbow Ray Road
18.2River Plains
18.3Riverside Circuit
18.4Tomb of Anubisnew
SlotCup 19StatusTasks
19.1Dinner Dash
19.2Something Circuit
19.3Space Mountain
19.4Cliffside Court
SlotCup 20StatusTasks
20.1Sunset Raceway
20.2Toxic Labs
20.3Underpass & Highway
20.4Water Circuit
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