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Custom Track Distribution

MKWii CT Origins
First release:2020-06-21
Current version:v0.1.3
Description:A compilation of some classic custom tracks combined with some quick, primitive looking and slightly buggy tracks.

Racing tracks (32 files total)

SlotCup 1Tasks
1.1Underground Sky: 1 Lap Edition v0.7 (EC2Joshi)
1.2Heart of China v1.6.1 (Wingcapman)
1.3Mushroom Peaks RC5 (MrBean35000vr)
1.4Rezway II v2.2 (Trent Rez,Jefe,Wiimm)
SlotCup 2Tasks
2.1Sunset Forest v1 (KevinVG207+Riidefi)
2.2Surfing Road v1.1 (Yoshivert99)
2.3Christmas Dream v2.3 (iNelom+Scalene)
2.4Grassland Mountain
SlotCup 3Tasks
3.1Puerto's Bathroom 2 v1 (EmmanuelBoom)
3.2Aquadrom Stage 2
3.3Sunset Ridge
3.4Six King Labyrinth v1.2 (MrBean35000vr+Chadderz)
SlotCup 4Tasks
4.1Mountain Crazyness RC1 (NBKevin98x)
4.2Wii Moonview Highway (Nintendo)
4.3Volcano Beach
4.4Rainbow River
SlotCup 5Tasks
5.1Waterslide v1.2 (Yoshivert99)
5.2Kinoko Cave v1.beta2 (Sucht93a+Wingcapman) _d
5.3Undiscovered Offlimit v1.8 (Keiichi1996)
5.4Rainbow Ride v1 (KevinVG207)
SlotCup 6Tasks
6.1N64 Sherbet Land (Nintendo)
6.2GBA Shy Guy Beach (Nintendo)
6.3Putt Putt Raceway
6.4N64 Wario Stadium v1.1.kcl (C.Kwark+Wiimm+Tock)
SlotCup 7Tasks
7.1A SketchUp Track Beta (Man-O-Wii)
7.2Lost Fortress
7.3Saltwater Swamp v1 (Bear+MK Mier)
7.4Sky Speedway RC1 (igorseabra4)
SlotCup 8Tasks
8.1GK2 Rainbow Shortroad
8.2Waterslide Park v0.1 (TheNeemo)
8.3Mushroom Cliff
8.4Haunted Woods v1.4.alt1 (Thondam,Wiimm)

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