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Custom Track Distribution

Man-O-Wii's Unused CT Distribution
First release:2020-04-02
Current version:v1.2
Predecessor:Man-O-Wii's Unused CT Distribution

Racing tracks (32 files total)

SlotCup 1StatusTasks
1.1Academic Raceway v1.02 (smeeno)
1.2Carefree Crossing v2 (Joe)
1.3Mushroom City RC3 (4TLPati)
1.4Easy RC3a (KevinVG207)
SlotCup 2StatusTasks
2.1Fr33ze Circuit Alpha3.1 (Skipper93653)
2.2Spassraum Beta1.2 (JBA800)
2.3Icestone Shaft v1.5.1 (Rinorocks)
2.4Galaxy Chain Chomp Road v1 (Kazuki)
SlotCup 3StatusTasks
3.1New Moon Highway Beta2.1 (DarkWolf658)
3.2Shell Speedway v0.9 (Hman6516)
3.3Space Raceway RC2 (HackStarz)
3.4Fire Base v1.1 (Ugotowned35000vr+HeraX)
SlotCup 4StatusTasks
4.1Lethal Lava Land RC1 (TB 358)
4.2Pac-Track v1 (ANoob)
4.3Koopa Paratroopa Castle v6 (Kinopiokuppa)
4.4Colorful Paint RC1 (varemi)
SlotCup 5StatusTasks
5.1Temple of the Lost City v1.1 (Mr perfect mkwii)
5.2Puzzle Plank Pass v1 (NintenYoshi)
5.3Boo Circuit RC1 (MRbuttCHINSx11T7)
5.4Nintendo Raceway Beta2 (Bulzeeb)
SlotCup 6StatusTasks
6.1Sherbet Circuit RC3 (Rex)
6.2Kamek Beach RC2 (HackStarz)
6.3Negative Land RC2 (Supershyguy)
6.4Vaporwave Vibeway v1 (ChisSilver64)
SlotCup 7StatusTasks
7.1Withered Fortress v1.1 (S4M)
7.2Castle Moat v1.1 (Yoshivert99)
7.3Eroded Temple v1.1 (Scaleneparkour)
7.4Luigi Park Beta2 (DJ Dylan)
SlotCup 8StatusTasks
8.1Cartoon City v1 (TokukuMKW)
8.2Circuit A v1 (Retrostyle12)
8.3Up We Go RC3 (KevinVG207)
8.4GK2 Bowser's Castle v5 (Kinopiokuppa)
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