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Wiimms MKW-Boost 2012-03
First release:2012-03-17
Current version:v2
Wiimmfi region:115

Track List (33 files total)

SlotCup 1Jobs
1.1Digitally Enhanced v1.1 (Guilmon,Wiimm)
1.2GBA Luigi Circuit RC1.boost (MRbuttCHINS)
1.3DS Luigi's Mansion v1.boost (4TLPati)
1.4Thwomp Factory v2.boost (igorseabra4,Wiimm)
SlotCup 2Jobs
2.1SNES Koopa Beach 1 RC1.boost (AndyK)
2.2Snowy Circuit II v2.2.boost (Putinas)
2.3GCN Sherbet Land v1.2b.boost (Tock)
2.3GCN Sherbet Land v1.2b.boost (Tock)
2.4Volcanic Skyway v2.2.boost (BigOto2,Wiimm)
SlotCup 3Jobs
3.1GCN Luigi Circuit RC2.boost (Torran)
3.2Water Island RC4.boost (LuigiCTGPMaster)
3.3Haunted Woods v1.3.boost (Thondam,Wiimm)
3.4DS Airship Fortress RC1+.boost (metaknight2550+MKDasher)
SlotCup 4Jobs
4.1Desert Bone RC2.boost (Putinas,AndyK)
4.2GCN Bowser's Castle RC2.4.boost (Baoulettes)
4.3Kartwood Creek RC1.boost (Rich Petty)
4.4SNES Rainbow Road beta.boost1 (Teknik)
SlotCup 5Jobs
5.1Fishdom Island {N} v4.boost (BigOto2)
5.2Thunder City v1.1.boost (BigOto2)
5.3N64 Banshee Boardwalk v1.1.boost (Baoulettes,Wiimm)
5.4DS Wario Stadium RC2.boost (MRbuttCHINS,Reedy)
SlotCup 6Jobs
6.1N64 Yoshi Valley RC1.boost (MKDasher,Tock)
6.2GCN Yoshi Circuit RC1.boost (Baoulettes)
6.3Delfino Island v3r2.boost (Vulcanus2)
6.4GCN Wario Colosseum RC2.1.boost (MKDasher)
SlotCup 7Jobs
7.1N64 Kalimari Desert v1.boost (C.Kwark,Wiimm)
7.2Lunar Speedway RC1.boost (BigOto2)
7.3SNES Vanilla Lake 2 RC1.1.boost (igorseabra4,AndyK)
7.4N64 Royal Raceway v1.2.boost1 (Jimbo)
SlotCup 8Jobs
8.1DS Mario Circuit RC1b.boost (MRbuttCHINS,AndyK)
8.2Unnamed Valley v1.1.boost (Scye,AndyK)
8.3Wario's Lair RC3.boost (Thondam)
8.4GCN Mushroom Bridge RC1.boost (Torran)

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