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All 9 found tracks
Clan 97, Family 97
197 9797Trackstock2010-10-26DS Dokan Course (MKDasher) [r13]
2127 9797Trackselect2010-11-23DS Dokan Course (MKDasher) [r13,raised,Wiimm]
Clan 97, Family 869
3869 86997Trackbad2012-09-08DS Dokan Course Beta (TurboYoshi) [r13,bad]
4870 86997Trackstock2012-09-08DS Dokan Course RC1 (TurboYoshi) [r13]
5886 86997Trackselect2012-09-23DS Dokan Course RC2 (TurboYoshi) [r13]
Clan 97, Family 1861
61861 186197Trackstock2014-12-12DS Dokan Course v1 (Keiichi1996) [r13,winepack]
Clan 97, Family 4980
74980 498097Trackfreeze2018-10-07DS Dokan Course Alpha1 (Wingcapman) [r13,freeze]
84981 498097Trackbad2018-10-07DS Dokan Course Alpha2 (Wingcapman) [arena,bad]
94988 498097Trackbad2018-10-08DS Dokan Course Alpha3 (Wingcapman) [arena,bad,Huili]

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