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All 34 found tracks
Clan 94, Family 94
194 9494Trackstock2010-10-25N64 Rainbow Road RC1 (Guilmon) [r42,tolong]
2167 9494Trackselect2011-02-06N64 Rainbow Road RC2 (Guilmon) [r42,3lc,tolong]
3204 9494Trackstock2011-03-31N64 Rainbow Road RC3.test (Guilmon) [r42,tolong]
Clan 94, Family 441
4441 44194Trackstock2011-10-29N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1 (BigOto2) [r44]
5491 44194Trackstock2011-12-19N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar RC1 (BigOto2) [r44,1lap,3lc]
68419 44194Trackstock2020-11-13N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.1.ctgp1 (BigOto2) [r44,3lc,MrBean35000vr]
77044 44194Trackstock2019-09-20N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.1.ctgp2 (BigOto2) [r44,1lap]
88410 44194Trackstock2020-11-07N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.1.ctgp3 (BigOto2) [r44,2laps,x1.5]
9511 44194Trackstock2011-12-23N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.0r (BigOto2) [r44,1lap,3lc,Wiimm]
10609 44194Trackstock2012-03-12N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.1 (BigOto2) [r44,1lap,3lc]
11901 44194Trackstock2012-10-03N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.0r+ (BigOto2) [r44,1lap,3lc,+minimap,Wiimm]
122257 44194Trackstock2015-10-11N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.2 (BigOto2) [r44,1lap,Wiimm]
132258 44194Trackstock2015-10-11N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.2.1L (BigOto2) [r44,1lap,3lc]
142645 44194Trackstock2016-07-18N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.21 (BigOto2) [r44,1lap,4tbMyles8110mkwii]
158623 44194Trackstock2021-02-06N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.21.hp (BigOto2) [r44,1lap,PhillyG]
163054 44194Trackselect2017-09-27N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.3 (BigOto2) [r44,1lap,Myles5x5]
173055 44194Trackselect2017-09-27N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar v1.3 (BigOto2) [r44,1lap,x1.2,Myles5x5]
Clan 94, Family 1434
181434 143494Trackselect2013-10-14N64 Rainbow Road Beta (Rukasudo90) [r44,3lc]
Clan 94, Family 1550
191550 155094Trackstock2013-12-26N64 Rainbow Road v1 (Torran) [r44,1lap]
206940 155094Trackstock2014-10-17N64 Rainbow Road v1 (Torran) [r44,2laps,x2]
211551 155094Trackselect2013-12-26N64 Rainbow Road v1.1L (Torran) [r44,1lap,3lc]
221635 155094Trackselect2014-02-26N64 Rainbow Road v1.1L (Torran) [r44,1lap,alt]
234003 155094Trackstock2017-09-18N64 Rainbow Road v1.1 (Torran) [r44,2laps,200-distrib]
Clan 94, Family 1864
241864 186494Trackstock2014-12-15N64 Rainbow Road Mario Kart 8 Inspiration (Thed0ra7z) [r44,1lap,x1.5,winepack]
253303 186494Trackstock2014-12-15N64 Rainbow Road Mario Kart 8 Inspiration (Thed0ra7z) [r44,1lap,norm,winepack]
263187 186494Trackstock2017-10-24Trainbow Road pre (Thed0ra7z) [r44,2laps,x1.5]
273405 186494Trackstock2017-10-24Trainbow Road pre (Thed0ra7z) [r44,2laps,norm]
283739 186494Trackstock2017-11-26Trainbow Road v1 (MysterE99) [r44]
293746 186494Trackstock2017-11-26Trainbow Road v1 (MysterE99) [r44,1lap]
304283 186494Trackselect2018-05-31Trainbow Road v1a (MysterE99) [r44,2laps,x1.75]
Clan 94, Family 4091
314091 409194Trackstock2018-03-24N64 Rainbow Road Beta1 (Skipper93653) [r44,1lap]
325367 409194Trackstock2019-02-03N64 Rainbow Road RC1 (Skipper93653) [r44,1lap]
336010 409194Trackstock2019-08-18N64 Rainbow Road v1 (Skipper93653) [r44,1lap]
348532 409194Trackselect2021-01-27N64 Rainbow Road v1b (Skipper93653) [r44,1lap,FJRoyet]

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