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Clan 45, Family 45
145 4545Trackbad2010-08-25Red Sector A Beta1 (Trent Rez) [bad=routes]
25957 4545Trackbad2019-08-06Red Sector A Beta2 (Trent Rez) [r14,bad=routes,ZPL]
Clan 45, Family 5963
35963 596345Trackselect2019-08-07Red Sector A v1 (Trent Rez,Retrostyle12) [1lap,x0.8]
Clan 45, Family 9312
49312 931245Trackfail2021-06-15Red Sector A Alpha (BillyNoodles) [r44,fail=endless respawn]
59313 931245Trackstock2021-06-15Red Sector A v1 (BillyNoodles) [r44,Elemental]
611433 931245Trackselect2022-07-18Red Sector A v1.1 (BillyNoodles) [r44,Fissin]
Clan 45, Family 9597
79597 959745Trackfreeze2021-08-02Red Sector A Beta (Mystora) [r44,freeze]

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