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All 12 found tracks
Clan 333, Family 333
1333 333333Trackselect2011-08-09DS Luigi's Mansion v1 (4TLPati) [r84]
23615 333333Trackboost2012-03-14DS Luigi's Mansion v1.boost (4TLPati) [r84,mkwfun]
Clan 333, Family 1164
31164 1164333Trackstock2013-04-30DS Luigi's Mansion v1 (zilly) [r84]
51167 1164333Trackstock2013-05-01DS Luigi's Mansion v1b (zilly) [r84]
61178 1164333Trackstock2013-05-13DS Luigi's Mansion v1c (zilly) [r84,Wiimm]
71296 1164333Trackstock2013-08-12DS Luigi's Mansion v1c (zilly) [r84,ctt12]
81414 1164333Trackstock2013-10-07DS Luigi's Mansion v1c.mud (zilly) [r84,Wiimm]
91910 1164333Trackselect2015-02-06DS Luigi's Mansion v1c.mud2 (zilly) [r84,Wiimm]
Clan 333, Family 7468
107468 7468333Trackstock2020-06-26DS Luigi's Mansion v1 (Tock) [r11]
117505 7468333Trackstock2020-07-04DS Luigi's Mansion v1.1 (Tock) [r53]
127578 7468333Trackselect2020-07-17DS Luigi's Mansion v1.2 (Tock) [r53]

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