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Clan 2599, Family 2599
12599 25992599Trackstock2016-06-20Sandy Strait v0.1 (Optllizer) [r11]
22605 25992599Trackstock2016-06-21Sandy Strait v0.2 (Optllizer) [r11]
32608 25992599Trackstock2016-06-22Sandy Strait v0.2b (Optllizer) [r11,hotfix]
42767 25992599Trackstock2016-12-03Sandy Strait v0.2.1 (Optllizer) [r11]
55698 25992599Trackstock2019-05-25Sandy Strait v0.2.2 (Optllizer) [r11,Huili]
66342 25992599Trackstock2019-11-26Sandy Strait v1 (Optllizer) [r51]
76565 25992599Trackselect2020-02-06Sandy Strait v1.1 (Optllizer) [r51]
Clan 2599, Family 2967
82967 29672599Trackstock2017-07-11Sandy Strait v1 (MaximilianoMK) [r11]
94456 29672599Trackselect2018-07-05Sandy Strait v1.1 (MaximilianoMK) [r11,Huili]
Clan 2599, Family 5594
105594 55942599Trackfreeze2019-04-13Sandy Strait v1 (Putinas+TheNeemo) [r31,freeze]

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