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All 19 found tracks
Clan 2330, Family 2330
12330 23302330Trackselect2015-12-083DS Mario Circuit T1 (ShadowLuigi-NG-,Sucht93a) [r11,m11]
Clan 2330, Family 2479
22479 24792330Trackstock2016-03-023DS Mario Circuit Beta1 (wg93589) [r11,m11]
32480 24792330Trackstock2016-03-053DS Mario Circuit Beta2 (wg93589) [r11,m11]
42498 24792330Trackstock2016-03-243DS Mario Circuit RC1 (wg93589) [r11,m11]
52503 24792330Trackstock2016-03-283DS Mario Circuit RC2b (wg93589) [r11,m11]
62514 24792330Trackstock2016-04-053DS Mario Circuit RC2c (wg93589) [r11,m11]
72522 24792330Trackfail2016-04-133DS Mario Circuit v0.6b (wg93589,Atlas) [r11,m11,fail]
82788 24792330Trackstock2016-12-203DS Mario Circuit v0.7 (wg93589) [r11,m11]
94436 24792330Trackselect2018-07-053DS Mario Circuit v0.8 (wg93589,Atlas) [r11,m11,PhillyG]
Clan 2330, Family 5823
105823 58232330Trackstock2019-06-273DS Mario Circuit v1 (ZPL) [r21]
115876 58232330Trackstock2019-07-073DS Mario Circuit v1.5 (ZPL) [r21]
126303 58232330Trackstock2019-11-113DS Mario Circuit v2 (ZPL) [r21]
136609 58232330Trackstock2020-02-163DS Mario Circuit v2.1 (ZPL) [r21]
148353 58232330Trackstock2020-12-163DS Mario Circuit v3 (ZPL) [r21]
158503 58232330Trackselect2021-01-123DS Mario Circuit v3.1 (ZPL) [r21]
Clan 2330, Family 7148
167148 71482330Trackstock2020-04-273DS Mario Circuit v1 (Bri) [r21]
177520 71482330Trackbad2020-07-073DS Mario Circuit v1.1 (Bri) [r21,bad=kcl]
187795 71482330Trackstock2020-08-253DS Mario Circuit v1.2 (Bri) [r21]
198551 71482330Trackselect2021-01-273DS Mario Circuit v2 (Bri) [r21]

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