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All 11 found tracks
Clan 164, Family 164
1164 164164Trackbad2011-01-31Star Circuit RC2 (kHacker) [r44,bad]
2165 164164Trackbad2011-01-31Star Circuit RC2.1 (kHacker) [r44,bad]
34644 164164Trackfail2018-07-28Star Circuit RC2.2 (kHacker) [r44,fail,Huili]
Clan 164, Family 761
4761 761164Trackbad2012-07-27Star Circuit RC2.1 (Alphamariox) [r44,bad]
5762 761164Trackbad2012-07-27Star Circuit RC2.1b (Alphamariox) [r44,bad]
Clan 164, Family 2877
62877 2877164Trackstock2017-04-20Star Circuit v1 (Bulzeeb) [r44,5laps]
73370 2877164Trackstock2017-04-20Star Circuit v1 (Bulzeeb) [r44,norm]
82897 2877164Trackstock2017-05-13Star Circuit v1b (Bulzeeb) [r44,5laps]
93374 2877164Trackstock2017-05-13Star Circuit v1b (Bulzeeb) [r44,norm]
103207 2877164Trackstock2017-10-25Star Circuit v1c (Bulzeeb) [r44]
115311 2877164Trackselect2019-01-06Star Circuit v1d (Bulzeeb) [r44,Huili]

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