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All 7 found tracks
Clan 1530, Family 1530
11530 15301530Trackstock2013-12-15Volcano Island Beta (Rukasudo90+VitorS) [r34]
21568 15301530Trackstock2014-01-09Volcano Island v1 (Rukasudo90+VitorS) [r34]
34953 15301530Trackselect2018-10-03Volcano Island v1.1 (Rukasudo90+VitorS) [r34,Huili]
Clan 1530, Family 3768
43768 37681530Trackstock2017-06-16Obsidian Lair v1 (NinYoda1)
56121 37681530Trackselect2019-09-13Obsidian Lair v1.1 (NinYoda1) [r34,Huili]
Clan 1530, Family 6104
66104 61041530Trackstock2019-09-10Volcano Island v1 (NinYoda1) [r34,x1.2]
76105 61041530Trackselect2019-09-10Volcano Island v1.5 (NinYoda1) [r34,x1.2,Oh ok]

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