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All 23 found tracks
Clan 143, Family 143
1143 143143Trackstock2010-12-21GCN Luigi Circuit RC1 (MRbuttCHINSx11T7) [r11,m11]
2161 143143Trackselect2011-01-26GCN Luigi Circuit RC1+ (MRbuttCHINSx11T7) [r11,m11,raised,Wiimm]
Clan 143, Family 272
38831 272143Trackstock2020-12-06GCN Luigi Circuit RC1 (Torran) [r74,with license]
4272 272143Trackstock2011-06-28GCN Luigi Circuit RC1 (Torran) [r74]
5273 272143Trackstock2011-06-28GCN Luigi Circuit RC1 (Torran) [r74]_d
68830 272143Trackstock2019-10-01GCN Luigi Circuit RC2 (Torran) [r74,with license]
7343 272143Trackselect2011-08-14GCN Luigi Circuit RC2 (Torran) [r74]
83613 272143Trackboost2012-03-10GCN Luigi Circuit RC2.boost (Torran) [r74,mkwfun]
Clan 143, Family 2649
92649 2649143Trackstock2016-07-24GCN Luigi Circuit v1 (Pointy Pighead Games) [r11,m11]
102651 2649143Trackstock2016-07-25GCN Luigi Circuit v1.1a (Pointy Pighead Games) [r11,m11]
112653 2649143Trackstock2016-07-26GCN Luigi Circuit v1.1b (Pointy Pighead Games) [r11,m11]
122748 2649143Trackselect2016-11-20GCN Luigi Circuit v2 (Pointy Pighead Games) [r11,m11]
Clan 143, Family 4088
134088 4088143Trackstock2018-03-24GCN Luigi Circuit Beta1 (Skipper93653) [r11,m11]
145041 4088143Trackselect2018-10-26GCN Luigi Circuit RC1 (Skipper93653) [r74]
Clan 143, Family 4169
154169 4169143Trackstock2018-04-27GCN Luigi Circuit v1 (Tock) [r11,m11]
164170 4169143Trackstock2018-04-27GCN Luigi Circuit v1.1 (Tock) [r11,m11]
174385 4169143Trackstock2018-06-25GCN Luigi Circuit v1.2 (Tock) [r11,m11]
184507 4169143Trackstock2018-07-07GCN Luigi Circuit v1.2j (Tock) [r11,m11,joke=tricks]
194506 4169143Trackstock2018-07-07GCN Luigi Circuit v1.3 (Tock) [r11,m11]
205606 4169143Trackstock2019-04-20GCN Luigi Circuit v1.4 (Tock) [r11,m11]
217579 4169143Trackstock2020-07-17GCN Luigi Circuit v1.5 (Tock) [r11,m11]
228277 4169143Trackstock2020-11-27GCN Luigi Circuit v1.6 (Tock) [r11,m11]
238489 4169143Trackselect2021-01-09GCN Luigi Circuit v1.7 (Tock) [r11,m11]

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