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All 11 found tracks
Clan 14, Family 14
114 1414Trackstock2010-03-27ASDF Course RC1 (Guilmon) [r24]
27031 1414Trackstock2019-09-20ASDF Course RC1 (Guilmon) [r24,5laps]
32709 1414Trackstock2016-10-16ASDF Course RC2 (Guilmon) [r24,5laps,maczkopeti]
42710 1414Trackselect2016-10-16ASDF Course RC2 (Guilmon) [r24,maczkopeti]
52711 1414Trackstock2016-10-16ASDF Course {XP} RC2 (Guilmon) [r24,5laps,maczkopeti]
62712 1414Trackstock2016-10-16ASDF Course {XP} RC2 (Guilmon) [r24,maczkopeti]
Clan 14, Family 6130
76130 613014Trackstock2019-09-16ASDF Course v1 (Guilmon+Retrostyle12) [r24,x0.5]
86811 613014Trackfreeze2020-03-30ASDF Course v2 (Guilmon+Retrostyle12) [r24,freeze]
97099 613014Trackstock2020-04-16ASDF Course v2.05 (Guilmon+Retrostyle12) [r24,issue=bullet bill]
107100 613014Trackselect2020-04-16ASDF Course v2.05a (Guilmon+Retrostyle12) [r24]
Clan 14, Family 6833
116833 683314Trackselect2020-04-01Beyond the Course v1 (Toxic Prime) [r24,serendipity]

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