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All 5 found tracks
Clan 1240, Family 1240
11240 12401240Trackbad2013-07-10Waterway Alpha (FloMaster+xBlue98) [r32,3lc,bad]
21252 12401240Trackstock2013-07-19Waterway Beta (FloMaster+xBlue98) [r32,3lc]
31253 12401240Trackselect2013-07-20Waterway Beta1.2 (FloMaster+xBlue98) [r32,3lc]
Clan 1240, Family 3206
43206 32061240Trackstock2017-10-25Waterway v1 (MysterE99) [62]
53646 32061240Trackselect2017-11-17Waterway v1 (MysterE99) [62,2laps]

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