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All 8 found tracks
Clan 122, Family 122
1122 122122Trackfail2010-11-16GCN Dry Dry Desert Beta (MRbuttCHINSx11T7) [r71,fail]
2702 122122Trackfail2012-06-02GCN Dry Dry Desert Beta2 (MRbuttCHINSx11T7) [r71,fail,EvilMonster]
Clan 122, Family 880
3880 880122Trackstock2012-09-21GCN Dry Dry Desert v0.1b (sup3rsmash8) [71]
4881 880122Trackselect2012-09-21GCN Dry Dry Desert v0.1b+ (sup3rsmash8) [71,+mm]
Clan 122, Family 4192
54192 4192122Trackselect2018-05-10GCN Dry Dry Desert Alpha1 (MrDark35000vr) [r71]
Clan 122, Family 4252
64252 4252122Trackstock2018-05-24GCN Dry Dry Desert Alpha (Riidefi+Hlorenzi) [r21,itemslot]
74635 4252122Trackselect2018-07-26GCN Dry Dry Desert Alpha3 (Riidefi+Hlorenzi) [r21,x1.3,kmp.txt]
85870 4252122Trackstock2019-07-07GCN Dry Dry Desert Alpha3g (Riidefi+Hlorenzi) [r21,x1.3]

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