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All 14 found tracks
Clan 1085, Family 1085
11085 10851085Trackstock2013-03-06GBA Yoshi Desert Beta (metaknight2550) [r71]
21089 10851085Trackstock2013-03-11GBA Yoshi Desert RC1 (metaknight2550) [r71]
33283 10851085Trackstock2013-08-12GBA Yoshi Desert RC1.ctt (metaknight2550) [r71,norm]
41301 10851085Trackstock2013-08-12GBA Yoshi Desert RC1.ctt (metaknight2550) [r71,x1.2]
58241 10851085Trackstock2020-11-10GBA Yoshi Desert RC1.ctgp (metaknight2550) [r71]
68520 10851085Trackselect2021-01-14GBA Yoshi Desert RC1.opt (metaknight2550) [r71,Optllizer]
Clan 1085, Family 1871
71871 18711085Trackstock2014-12-20GBA Yoshi Desert RC1 (MysterE99) [r71]
81907 18711085Trackstock2015-02-02GBA Yoshi Desert RC2 (MysterE99) [r71]
98511 18711085Trackstock2021-01-12GBA Yoshi Desert RC2.hp (MysterE99) [r71,PhillyG]
101932 18711085Trackstock2015-02-20GBA Yoshi Desert 90% RC2.mkfunun (MysterE99) [r71,Wiimm]
112926 18711085Trackstock2017-05-30GBA Yoshi Desert RC3 (MysterE99) [r71]
123703 18711085Trackselect2017-06-11GBA Yoshi Desert 90% RC3.mkfun (MysterE99) [r71,Wiimm]
Clan 1085, Family 2250
132250 22501085Trackselect2015-10-04GBA Yoshi Desert v1 (ChaosShadow23) [r71]
Clan 1085, Family 8465
148465 84651085Trackselect2021-01-06GBA Yoshi Desert v1.beta (ZPL) [r41]

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