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Clan 1064, Family 1064
11064 10641064Trackfreeze2013-02-23SMS Delfino Plaza v1 (BCphoton) [r63,freeze]
21153 10641064Trackselect2013-04-20SMS Delfino Plaza Alpha1 (BCphoton) [r63]
34348 10641064Trackfail2018-06-11SMS Delfino Plaza Alpha2 (BCphoton) [r63,fail=endlesss respawn,Huili]
Clan 1064, Family 7778
47778 77781064Trackstock2020-08-18SMS Delfino Plaza Alpha (ChisSilver64+ANoob) [r11,2lc]
57934 77781064Trackselect2020-09-07SMS Delfino Plaza Alpha2 (ChisSilver64+ANoob) [r11,Warwick92xD]

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