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16151 31763176Trackincome2019-09-20Rempart Road RC2 (NinYoda1) [r41]
26150 444250Trackincome2019-09-20Punch City II v2.1.ctgp (HelloImYourMind) [r33,MrBean35000vr]
36149 250250Trackincome2019-09-20Punch City RC1.ctgp (HelloImYourMind) [r33,MrBean35000vr]
46148 6125471Trackincome2019-09-19Sparkly Road v2.01 (Renegade Ciara+Wiimaster35000vr) [r44,2ktpt]
56147 4796271Trackstock2019-09-19Pipe Underworld v1.3.pre (MegaKart69) [r84]
66145 6006Trackselect2019-09-18Cataquack Beach v1.1.fix (ishiyama263) [r32,varemi]
76144 6006Trackbad2019-09-18Cataquack Beach v1.1 (ishiyama263) [r32,bad=textures,varemi]
86143 244244Trackbad2019-09-17DS Nokonoko Beach RC3 (EC2Joshi) [r51,bad=itemroute]
96142 4070Trackselect2019-09-17Underground Ruins v1.13 (SpartaYoshi) [r41,2laps,ANoob]
106133 5206Trackstock2019-02-04Sahara Hideout {nether} v1.65 [r34,2laps]
116130 613014Trackselect2019-09-16ASDF Course v1 (Guilmon+Retrostyle12) [r24,x0.5]
126129 1051Trackselect2019-09-15Lair Land v1 (JerryMKW) [r43,Oh ok]
136128 5845Trackselect2019-09-15MSUSA Alaska v1.2 (Hollend) [r23]
146127 4840Trackselect2019-09-15Containers Raceway v2.1 (Hollend) [r51]
156126 5703911Trackselect2019-09-15Water Village v2.51 (Putinas+Bearably) [r63]
166125 6125471Trackselect2019-09-14Sparkly Road v2 (Renegade Ciara+Wiimaster35000vr) [r44]
176124 1387Trackselect2019-09-13ONI Training Place v1 (Dao Ibuki) [r43,x1.5,9Paran]
186123 1387Trackstock2019-09-13ONI Training Place v1.beta (Dao Ibuki) [r43,x1.5,9Paran]
196122 1387Trackstock2019-09-13ONI Training Place v0.2 (Dao Ibuki) [r24,x1.5,Huili]
206121 37681530Trackselect2019-09-13Obsidian Lair v1.1 (NinYoda1) [r34,Huili]
216120 46571320Trackfreeze2019-09-13Rainbow Jungle v1.1 (MrDark35000vr) [r73,freeze,ZPL Gaming]
226119 6119578Trackselect2019-09-12Ermelber Circuit 1 v1 (Ermelber,Retrostyle12) [r81,5laps]
236118 38403840Trackselect2019-09-12Varemi's Circle Circuit RC1 (varemi) [r11,2laps,x1.2]
246117 6117Trackselect2019-09-11Autumn Skyway RC1 (CuberHax)
256116 1194Trackstock2019-09-11N.I.S.W.O.E. Desert RC4b (Multimariokartds) [r41,Huili]
266115 2287Trackselect2019-09-11Nuclear Power RC3b (wabajeffy) [r73,2laps,Huili]
276114 60563176Trackselect2019-09-10Rempart Road 2 v1.5b (NinYoda1) [r31,KantoEpic]
286113 653Trackselect2019-09-10Glacial Pics v4.5 (NinYoda1) [r23,Oh ok]
296112 653Trackstock2019-09-10Glacial Pics v3.3 (NinYoda1) [r23,Huili]
306111 653Trackstock2019-09-10Glacial Pics v1 (NinYoda1) [r23,RC3]
316110 60563176Trackstock2019-09-10Rempart Road 2 v1.5 (NinYoda1) [r31,Oh ok]
326109 6108716Trackselect2019-09-10Temple Bay 2 v1.5 (NinYoda1) [r21,Oh ok]
336108 6108716Trackfail2019-09-10Temple Bay 2 v1 (NinYoda1) [r21,fail=minimap+endless respawn]
346107 6106Trackselect2019-09-10Volcanic Loop RC2 (NinYoda1) [r34,Oh ok]
356106 6106Trackbad2019-09-10Volcanic Loop RC1 (NinYoda1) [r34,bad=minimap]
366105 61041530Trackselect2019-09-10Volcano Island v1.5 (NinYoda1) [r34,x1.2,Oh ok]
376104 61041530Trackstock2019-09-10Volcano Island v1 (NinYoda1) [r34,x1.2]
386103 1234Trackselect2019-09-09Land of Purple Water v2.3 (JerryMKW+Rukasudo90) [r13,Huili]
396102 84Trackselect2019-09-09Qwerty RC3 (Alphamariox) [Huili]
406101 5703911Trackstock2019-09-09Water Village v2.5 (Putinas+Bearably) [r63]
416100 6100Trackselect2019-09-08King Dedede's Castle v1 (ishiyama263)
426099 6099Arenaselect2019-09-19Maple Field v1 (Retrostyle12) [arena,lag]
436098 609856Trackselect2019-09-08GCN Yoshi Circuit v1 (ZPL Gaming) [r74]
446097 47241369Trackstock2019-09-073DS Rainbow Road {Minecraft} v1.3 (Bladestorm227) [r44,1lap]
456096 47241369Trackselect2019-09-073DS Rainbow Road v1.3 (Bladestorm227) [r44,1lap]
466095 5988Trackselect2019-09-06Magmatic Sanctuary v1.2 (ZPL Gaming+IEF◇Spyro+tZ) [r84]
476094 6090Trackfreeze2019-09-05Vanilla Lake 3 v1a (Retrostyle12) [61,x0.5,freeze]
486093 60935510Trackselect2019-09-05Cheese Road 3 v1 (Toxic Prime) [r53,5laps]
496092 60874764Trackselect2019-09-04Cheese Road 1 v1.fix (Toxic Prime) [r72]
506091 6091Trackselect2019-09-04Vanilla Lake 4 v1 (Retrostyle12) [61,x0.5]


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