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17704 6190Trackincome2020-08-05Castle of Hope v1.5.03 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
27703 4349Trackincome2020-08-05Waluigi's Motocross v1.5.5 (wiimaster35000vr) [r64,SpyKid]
37702 7702Trackincome2020-08-05Unsuspicious Lair RC1 (DryBowser)
47701 5878Trackincome2020-08-04Seaside Scoot v0.5 (KartoffelKorps) [r33,SlipperyMAc]
57700 7700Trackincome2020-08-04Castle in the Clouds Beta2 (Gaming32) [r44]
67699 6288Trackincome2020-08-04Secluded Island v1.01 (Caron) [r32]
77698 7698Trackincome2020-08-04Rockside Garden Beta (Potatoman44) [r82]
87697 769685Trackincome2020-08-04SNES Donut Plains 2 Beta v1.alt (DryBowser) [r73,CuberHax]
97696 769685Trackincome2020-08-04SNES Donut Plains 2 Beta v1 (DryBowser) [r73]
107695 6190Trackstock2020-08-04Castle of Hope v1.5.02 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
117694 6190Trackstock2020-08-04Castle of Hope v1.5.01 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
127693 6190Trackstock2020-08-04Castle of Hope v1.5 (Lovelifeandtpose024) [r82,2laps]
137692 76901097Trackincome2020-08-03SNES Vanilla Lake 1 Beta RC1 (CuberHax) [r61,5laps]
147691 76901097Trackstock2020-08-03SNES Vanilla Lake 1 Beta RC1 (CuberHax) [r81,5laps]
157690 76901097Trackbad2020-08-03SNES Vanilla Lake 1 Beta Pre (CuberHax) [r81,5laps,bad=lap-not-count]
167689 769Trackincome2020-08-03Powerpuff Funpark v1.2 (Syce+SpyKid) [r81,Octanevinny]
177688 769Trackstock2020-08-03Powerpuff Funpark v1.1 (Syce+SpyKid) [r81]
187687 7189Trackincome2020-08-03Flameice Lagoon v1.1 (Bulzeeb) [61,2laps,Octanevinny]
197686 1948Trackincome2020-08-03Big World Way v1.8.le (lgmb) [r44,1lap,lex,Octanevinny]
207685 1948Trackincome2020-08-03Big World Way v1.8 (lgmb) [r44,1lap,Octanevinny]
217684 755Trackselect2020-08-03Benzene Valley v1 (Alphamariox) [r53,x1.5]
227683 7682174Trackselect2020-08-03SNES Donut Plains 1 Beta RC2 (DryBowser) [r81,5laps,x1.2,Jasperr]
237682 7682174Trackstock2020-08-03SNES Donut Plains 1 Beta RC1 (DryBowser) [r73,5laps,x1.2]
247681 5043Trackfreeze2020-08-02Icestone Shaft v1.5.3 (Rinorocks) [r23,freeze]
257680 7635Trackselect2020-08-02Super Island Speedway Beta6 (Potatoman44) [r11]
267679 7635Trackbad2020-08-02Super Island Speedway Beta5 (Potatoman44) [r11,bad=minimap]
277678 7635Trackbad2020-08-02Super Island Speedway Beta4 (Potatoman44) [r11,bad=minimap]
287677 7677Trackselect2020-08-02The Spiral Sandpit RC1 (DryBowser) [x1.2]
297676 3680Trackselect2020-08-02Overnight Road v2.3 (BillyNoodles) [r44,2laps,2ktpt,SlipperyMac]
307675 7675627Trackselect2020-08-02GBA Snow Land v1 (ZPL Gaming) [r23]
317674 7639Trackselect2020-08-01Old Churches {light} v1.1 (Toxic Prime) [r82]
327673 7639Trackselect2020-08-01Old Churches {dark} v1.1 (Toxic Prime) [r82]
337672 7635Trackfreeze2020-08-01Super Island Speedway Beta3 (Potatoman44) [r11,freeze]
347671 4349Trackfreeze2020-08-01Waluigi's Motocross v1.5.4 (wiimaster35000vr) [r64,freeze]
357670 7599Trackselect2020-07-31Rugged Island v1.1 (HackerCop+SitBar) [r83]
367669 7669947Trackselect2020-07-31SNES Koopa Beach 2 Beta (Noia) [r51]
377668 7609Trackselect2020-07-31Coastal Pathway v1.1.2.5 (Potatoman44) [r11]
387667 7666Trackselect2020-07-31Sandy Citadel Beta+ (JDS+SlipperyMac) [r51]
397666 7666Trackstock2020-07-31Sandy Citadel Beta (JDS+SlipperyMac) [r51,bad=nolap]
407665 3225Trackselect2020-07-30Water Speedway RC1.2 (SpyKid) [62,Oh ok]
417664 159Trackselect2020-07-30Rocky Roadway RC4 (Sgtpepperlulz) [r83,Oh ok]
427663 78Trackselect2020-07-30Bowser's Dark Castle RC6 (WP Twister) [r72,2laps,Oh ok]
437662 7167Trackselect2020-07-30Coin Heaven v1.1 (TacoJosh) [r13]
447661 7660Trackbad2020-07-30Vaporwave Voyage v1 (KartoffelKorps) [r44,bad=minimap]
457660 7660Trackfail2020-07-30Vaporwave Voyage Beta (KartoffelKorps) [r44,fail=ktpt,lag++]
467659 7659Trackselect2020-07-30A Drive Through Miniville v1 (DryBowser)
477658 7658Trackselect2020-07-30Viennese Piantas Concert Beta (Hollend) [r22]
487657 1586Trackselect2020-07-30Celestial Ruins v2.3 (ChaosShadow23) [r13]
497656 475475Trackselect2020-07-30N64 Frappe Snowland v1.3 (Captain Kwark,Wiimm) [61,m23]
507655 475475Trackselect2020-07-30N64 Frappe Snowland {Xmas} v1.3 (Captain Kwark,Wiimm) [61,m23]


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