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16499 5809Trackselect2020-01-21Windy Whirl v1.1.3 (Syst3ms) [r11,2ktpt,KantoEpic]
26498 832832Trackselect2020-01-21N64 Luigi Raceway v2.01 (Zilla) [r54]
36497 4596Trackselect2020-01-20Village Passthrough v1.9a (Hman6516+MattG) [r21]
46496 4596Trackselect2020-01-20Village Passthrough v1.8a (Hman6516+MattG) [r21]
56495 6495Trackselect2020-01-20Gloomy Castle Beta (Bri911) [r84,2laps]
66494 6487Trackselect2020-01-20MSUSA Indianapolis v1.1 (Hollend) [r11,x1.2]
76493 6487Trackstock2020-01-20MSUSA Indianapolis v1f (Hollend) [r11,x1.2]
86492 6492Trackfreeze2020-01-19Temple of the Lost City v1 (Mr perfect mkwii) [r24,freeze]
96491 2576Trackselect2020-01-19Night Factory v1.2 (Gito) [r14,varemi]
106490 53733179Trackselect2020-01-19Mushroom Mountain Oasis v2 (varemi) [r13]
116489 6250Trackselect2020-01-19Niri Circuit v1.1 (varemi) [r21]
126488 6373Trackselect2020-01-19Forest Fortress v1.1 (Thed0ra7z+veremi) [r73,1lap]
136487 6487Trackfreeze2020-01-18MSUSA Indianapolis v1 (Hollend) [r11,x1.2,freeze]
146486 5751Trackselect2020-01-17Honeybee Hideout v1.3.1 (TacoJosh) [r33]
156485 4337291Trackselect2020-01-17Sunset Circuit v3 (Vulcanus2,Natani) [r52,5laps,x1.75]
166484 4337291Trackstock2020-01-17Sunset Circuit v3.ctgp (Vulcanus2,Natani) [r52,7laps,x2]
176483 832832Trackstock2020-01-17N64 Luigi Raceway v2 (Zilla) [r54]
186482 2549Trackstock2020-01-16PMWR Cloud Garden 120% v1.07.hackpack (Atlas) [r73,Sniki]
196481 1411Trackstock2020-01-16Molten Mountainway v2.hackpack (kHacker35000vr) [r83,2laps]
206480 1466Trackselect2020-01-16Refresh Road v2.2.hackpack (NinYoda1) [r32,KantoEpic]
216479 2907Trackselect2020-01-16Glacial Bay v2.hackpack (NinYoda1) [2laps]
226478 1052Trackselect2020-01-15Lava Castle Road RC2.4 (NinYoda1) [r43,2laps,Huili]
236477 5958Trackselect2020-01-13MSUSA Philadelphia v1.4 (Hollend) [r51]
246476 6386Trackselect2020-01-13MSUSA Grand Canyon v1.jhfr (Hollend) [r71]
256475 5845Trackselect2020-01-13MSUSA Alaska v1.31 (Hollend) [r23]
266474 62902264Trackselect2020-01-123DS DK Jungle v1.1 (Skipper93653) [r73]
276473 2907Trackstock2020-01-12Glacial Bay RC4 (NinYoda1) [r23,Keiichi1996]
286472 2822Trackselect2020-01-12Custom Track Offices v1.1 (SpyKid) [r54,m22,Huili]
296471 2907Trackstock2020-01-12Glacial Bay RC3 (NinYoda1) [r23]
306470 2907Trackstock2020-01-12Glacial Bay RC2 (NinYoda1) [r23]
316469 5988Trackselect2020-01-12Magmatic Sanctuary v1.4 (ZPL Gaming+Jasperr+Vulpixx) [r84]
326468 61Trackselect2020-01-11Sky Heaven RC2 (jrcolonial98) [61,x1.5,Oh ok]
336467 220Trackselect2020-01-11Rainbow Dream (Alphamariox+Reedy94) [r44,Oh ok]
346466 3677Trackselect2020-01-11Rainbow Mountain RC2 (Red Flame) [r44,2laps,Oh ok]
356465 5615108Trackselect2020-01-10Mushroom Mountain v1.03 (Ferv) [r13,2laps]
366464 6376Trackstock2020-01-07Tsukuba Circuit {std,rain} v1.1 (lgmb) [r54,2laps,x1.5]
376463 6376Trackselect2020-01-07Tsukuba Circuit {fun,rain} v1.1 (lgmb) [r54,2laps,x1.5]
386462 6462Trackselect2020-01-10Crate Factory v1 (Jaymerzi) [r22]
396461 6362612Trackselect2020-01-10Lava Road {red} v3.1 (Renegade Ciara) [r43]
406460 6460Trackselect2020-01-10Rainbow Track 1 v1 (Retrostyle12)
416459 5809Trackstock2020-01-09Windy Whirl v1.1.2 (Syst3ms) [r11]
426458 5708Trackselect2020-01-08Galvarny Falls v1.5.3 (wiimaster35000vr+Baoulettes) [r83]
436457 6457Trackselect2020-01-07Keegs Road v1 (JoshuaMK) [r44,x1.2]
446456 4555Arenaselect2020-01-21Varemi's Circle Arena v1 (varemi) [a23,x1.4]
456455 6429Trackselect2020-01-06Sky High Island v1.01 (Jasperr) [r32,2laps]
466454 4059Trackselect2020-01-06Tinyway v3 (varemi) [r81]
476453 360Trackselect2020-01-06Faraway Land v1 (Guilmon) [62,ZPL Gaming]
486452 5309Trackselect2020-01-06Cascade Jungle v1.1 (JDS) [r73,2laps,ZPL Gaming]
496451 1051Trackstock2020-01-05Lair Land v1.alt (JerryMKW) [r43,Huili]
506450 6437Trackselect2020-01-05Relic Fortress {night} v1.1 (ZPL Gaming) [r71]


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